25 things to do in Toledo (Spain)

There are many interesting places to see in Toledo, one of the most beautiful cities in Spain. It is known as the city of three cultures due to the coexistence of Jews, Christians and Muslims during the Middle Ages. As you can imagine, the cultural legacy of that time is invaluable. Strolling through its cobbled streets full of ramps will make you go back in time. We tell you 25 things to do in Toledo so you can enjoy the city to the fullest. Where to stay in Toledo: best areas and hotels On the map you will find the location of all the things to see and do in Toledo.

25 Things To See And Do In Toledo

Stroll through the streets of La Judería

The Jewish quarter, one of the most magical places to see in Toledo
The Jewish quarter, one of the most magical places to see in Toledo

Within the walls of Toledo, the Jewish quarter has a special charm. It is a historic area full of very well preserved buildings. If you look closely, you will find blue tiles with Hebrew characters scattered around the Jewish quarter. They represent the words “life”, “Sefarad” (the name that the Jews gave to the Iberian Peninsula) and the seven-branched candelabrum, a symbol of Jewish tradition. You can book a guided tour of the Jewish quarter to learn all the historical details and legends about the arrival and departure of the Jews in Toledo.

Learn about the life and work of El Greco, something essential to do in Toledo for art lovers

One of the most famous residents of Toledo was El Greco. If you like art you cannot miss the Museo del Greco. It is located in an old house from the 16th century, which was bought by a marquis at the beginning of the 20th century to create the museum dedicated to the artist. There you will find many of his works and other pieces that recall what Toledo was like at that time. The entrance to the Museo del Greco costs €3. How to go from Madrid to Toledo

See The Burial of the Count of Orgaz in the Church of Santo Tomé

The church of Santo Tomé, in the heart of Toledo
The church of Santo Tomé, in the heart of Toledo

El Greco’s most famous work is not in the museum, but in the Church of Santo Tomé. The church was rebuilt in the 14th century by order of Gonzalo Ruiza de Toledo, the lord of the town of Orgaz. Beyond its architectural value, it stands out for housing the famous painting El entierro del Conde de Orgaz. The work represents how miraculously, Saint Stephen and Saint Augustine help to place it in his grave. The entrance to the Church of Santo Tomé costs €3.

Visit the synagogue of Santa María la Blanca

Something unique to see in Toledo is one of the oldest synagogues in Europe. It was built at the end of the 12th century and, with the expulsion of the Jews from the Peninsula, it was converted into a church. Likewise, it has had very diverse uses throughout the centuries. After being a monastery and later a warehouse, it is now a very special cultural space. Its interior retains its incredible original attributes. Admission to the synagogue of Santa María la Blanca costs €2.80. If you want to visit the main monuments to see in Toledo, we recommend you buy the Toledo Card. Includes skip-the-line entrance to all of them. Visit Toledo in one day: visit itinerary

Learn about the history of the Jews in Spain at the Tránsito Synagogue

The Tránsito Synagogue is considered the world’s best-preserved medieval synagogue. It has a Mudejar style and all its geometric details are impressive. It is without a doubt one of the most recommendable visits to do in Toledo. Inside the synagogue you can learn about the history of the culture of the Jews in Spain in the Sephardic Museum. Beyond their expulsion in the 15th century, the museum looks at where they fled and how they have created communities around the world. The entrance to the Tránsito synagogue costs €3.

Get to know the Alcázar de Toledo, an emblematic building to see in Toledo

The imposing Alcazar of Toledo
The imposing Alcazar of Toledo

On the highest hill in the city stands a fortification from Roman times. Due to its defensive nature, it has suffered fires and sieges throughout its history. In fact, after the Civil War it had to be completely rebuilt. It currently serves as the Army Museum, where you can see all kinds of artifacts and military clothing. The entrance to the Alcázar of Toledo costs €5.

Enter the Primate Cathedral, an essential thing to see in Toledo

Toledo has one of the most beautiful cathedrals in Spain. Many consider it the quintessential Gothic work, although it has elements of Mudejar art as an example of the diversity that existed in Toledo at the time. Construction began in 1227 and it took more than 250 years to complete. Its spacious interior houses plenty of works of art. Entrance to the cathedral costs €12.50. On Sundays there is a reduced ticket of €2.50 for Spaniards. If you don’t want to miss a single detail about its history, you can book a guided tour of the cathedral. Next to the cathedral, a free guided tour starts every day to learn about the history of Toledo. It takes place three times a day and you only have to reserve your place online.

Eat like a king, something very typical to do in Toledo

Castilian gastronomy is to lick your fingers. Take advantage of your visit to Toledo to try some typical dishes such as carcamusa, a delicious beef stew. Other typical Toledo delicacies are roasted partridge, cochifrito, Toledo-style rice or cocido. All very forceful, Toledo cuisine is not compatible with the regimen. 15 best excursions from Madrid

See the tallest marzipan figure in the world at the Obrador de Santo Tomé

It seems incredible that it is made of marzipan!
It seems incredible that it is made of marzipan!

Continuing with typical Toledo foods, marzipan is the sweet star. One of the most original things to see in Toledo is a statue of Don Quixote made of marzipan. It measures more than 3.5 meters and is made with 600 kilos of marzipan, almost nothing! Once inside the Obrador de Santo Tomé, surely you will not be able to resist buying some of the delicious sweets that they sell.

Be amazed at the Santa Cruz museum

One of the most important museums to see in Toledo
One of the most important museums to see in Toledo

It is hard to believe that this wonderful museum was a hospital in its day. The 16th century building is a work of art in itself. As if observing this Renaissance genius were not enough, inside you will find ceramic pieces, paintings, sculptures, armor and other historical objects. The entrance to the Santa Cruz museum costs €4.

Discover the Roman baths

Toledo is a place steeped in history, even long before the Middle Ages. In 1986, the remains of Roman baths from the end of the first century were discovered in the subsoil. At that time, Toledo had a sophisticated system to supply water to public buildings made with lime concrete. The visit to these historical remains is free. If you are interested in knowing other hidden corners underground, you can book an underground route through Toledo.

Freak out with sword shops

In the center of Toledo you will find shops of all kinds, but the windows full of swords, knives and machetes win by a landslide. During the Modern Age the manufacture of swords was one of the main sources of income for the city. Toledo was even considered the European center for the production of bladed weapons. Today that tradition is kept in a symbolic way.

Visit the monastery of San Juan de los Reyes, one of the most attractive places to see in Toledo

This imposing convent was built by order of the Catholic Monarchs to commemorate their achievements. The decoration is beautiful in every corner of the building, from the façade to the cloister, passing through the church chapel. The entrance to the monastery of San Juan de los Reyes costs €2.80.

Take the perfect photo from the Mirador del Valle, one of the most outstanding things to do in Toledo

Toledo from the Mirador del Valle. Spectacular!
Toledo from the Mirador del Valle. Spectacular!

This viewpoint is one of the most beautiful places to see in Toledo. From this high point you can see the entire historic center surrounded by the Tagus River, a beautiful image. Ending the day at Mirador del Valle was one of our favorite things to do in Toledo. If you have the opportunity, we recommend going at sunset to see how the lights of the city begin to turn on. It is a magical moment. It can be reached on foot for half an hour from the center or with the tourist train from Toledo. Once the sun has gone down you can take part in a guided tour about the mysteries and paranormal phenomena of Toledo. It is a chilling thing to do in Toledo to get to know the most mysterious facet of the city.

Have a drink in Plaza de Zocodover

The central and colorful square of Zocodover
The central and colorful square of Zocodover

Since 1465, this square has been the center of Toledo. Its name comes from the Arabic expression that means “market of beasts of burden” because this exchange of animals was celebrated there in the past. For centuries the Plaza de Zocodover has hosted the most important events : bullfights, parties and even public executions during the Inquisition. Now it’s losing that authenticity in favor of big chain stores and restaurants. Similarly, sitting on a terrace to contemplate this historic place is something highly recommended to do in Toledo.

Go through the Puerta del Sol, one of the most emblematic buildings to see in Toledo

One of the most beautiful doors to see in Toledo
One of the most beautiful doors to see in Toledo

This 14th century gate gave access to the medina, within the walls. Its appearance recalls that Nasrid influence due to the shape of the arch and the decoration. It is a historical stop to do in Toledo.

Photograph the imposing Puerta Nueva de Bisagra

The Puerta Nueva de Bisagra is another impressive access point to see in Toledo. Its origin is Arabic, but little remains of its original appearance. The current reconstruction has two different bodies with a parade ground between them. The first shows the coat of arms of the imperial city, a huge double-headed eagle, while the second has two towers with the coat of arms of Carlos V.

Admire works of art in an old hospital

The Tavera Hospital was created to cure the sick by order of Cardinal Juan Tavera in 1541. The building is spectacular, following the style of a Renaissance palace with two beautiful interior patios. Today it has a very different function, it is a museum with works by great artists such as El Greco, Titian or Tintoretto. The entrance to the Tavera hospital costs €6.

Visit the Jesuit Church

In 1558 the Jesuits received permission to settle in Toledo. After more than a century of construction, in 1718 the Jesuit church was inaugurated. Its official name is Iglesia de San Ildefonso because it is dedicated to the archbishop and patron saint of the city. Legend has it that the church stands on the former archbishop’s house. Admission is free and it is worth entering to contemplate its interior.

Enjoy the views from the tower of the Jesuit Church, one of the best things to do in Toledo

From the tower of the Church of the Jesuits there are magnificent views of Toledo. You have to climb 138 steps to have the city at your feet, but the tiredness will pass quickly when you see the beautiful panorama. The entrance to the Jesuit church costs €3.

Enter the city through the Puente de San Martín, one of the best things to do in Toledo

The San Martín bridge is one of the gateways to the historic area of Toledo. It was built with stone in the 12th century and has two defensive towers that served to control access to the city.

FlyToledo, a different activity to do in Toledo

A much more original way of crossing the Tagus is by jumping on a zip line. Did you know that Toledo has the longest urban zip line in Europe ? It is priced at €10 per jump and is definitely a fun thing to do in Toledo.

Visit the Mosque of Cristo de la Luz

During the Middle Ages there were 10 mosques in Toledo. Today only one remains: the Mosque of Cristo de la Luz. It was originally built in the year 999 and two centuries later it became a hermitage. Currently it is not a religious space, but a monument that shows the influence of the various cultures in the city. The entrance to the Mosque of Cristo de la Luz costs €3. If you are interested in knowing in depth the history of Islamic Toledo, you can book a guided tour.

Cross the Alcántara bridge

To end our list of things to see and do in Toledo, we suggest you cross the river over the Puente de Alcántara. It is a stone bridge with two arches that gives access to the historic center and has beautiful views. It served as inspiration to build the San Martín bridge a few meters further. You will cross it if you arrive on foot from the train station.

Go up to the Castle of San Servando

Across the Tagus is the Castillo de San Servando, a Mudejar military fortification from the 11th century. It was built to control access to the city from the Alcántara bridge. After many restorations, it currently serves as a hostel and conference center. Likewise, it is worth going up because from the castle there is a beautiful view of Toledo.

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