7 restaurants where you can eat cheap in Dubai

Eating cheap in Dubai is easy. The capital of the United Arab Emirates has a reputation for being an expensive city due to its luxury, but in reality it is not. As in most places, luxury is expensive. But if you are looking for places to eat well and cheaply in Dubai, you should not worry too much. It is a cosmopolitan city, so you will find all kinds of cuisines and at all prices. In this post we present 7 restaurants where you can eat cheaply in Dubai, a spectacular city.

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Restaurants To Eat Cheap In Dubai

Damascus Hoops

You cannot go to a destination without trying its traditional food. It is true that in Europe we are very well accustomed to the Mediterranean diet, but Middle Eastern cuisine is also very tasty. This Lebanese food restaurant, located on the Dubai Creek, is one of the best options for eating cheaply in Dubai : for its quality, and above all for its ridiculous prices. The portions are abundant and very cheap. For example, a good plate of white rice costs €2, a very complete kebab €7 and an impressive steak will cost you about €10. The service is very attentive and courteous. Far from the luxuries of the city, but an option to eat well and cheaply in Dubai. Bring cash just in case, because sometimes they don’t charge by card. Tips to save money Get a debit card to save yourself the bad exchange rates and commissions of conventional banks. We recommend using the Bnext card. Is free! We always use it to travel and it represents a great saving. If you want dirhams in cash for the trip, you can exchange currency from home at a discount through Ria Cambio de Divisas. They have a great exchange rate and send your money home safely.

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Cider Restaurant & Cafe

This is another of the traditional restaurants most recommended by locals. It is located near the Jumeirah Mosque. It offers a wide variety of dishes at a good price. The portions are very abundant, we especially recommend trying the falafel. One of the only downsides to the restaurant is that you will have to put up with the smell of the sisha, as smoking is allowed throughout the premises. Although it is not very comfortable, the restaurant is worth it. To situate yourself, for €10 you eat like a king.

Fratelli La Bufala

In Dubai there is no shortage of international food chains, and that is why there is a Fratelli restaurant. It is a chain that is present, mostly in Italy, where you can eat all kinds of pasta, pizzas, salads and meat. In Italy we have rarely eaten there, since it is usually a little more expensive than the average (in Italy you eat well and cheap almost everywhere), but in Dubai it is appreciated to have a restaurant with this type of food if the traditional does not convince you. To get an idea, a plate of pasta will cost you around €10. It is a great idea to have dinner there after visiting the Dubai Marina. Without a doubt, an option to consider where to eat cheaply in Dubai.

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Vapiano, our favorite restaurant for cheap eats in Dubai

If you follow us regularly you will know that we are great lovers of this chain of Italian food restaurants. In Dubai there were a couple of places, so we tried it. It must be said that we did not like it as much as in Europe, although it was still spectacular. We recommend the Dubai Mall, which after some shopping is always good to recharge your batteries with an exquisite plate of pasta or a pizza. For example, the dish can cost you between €8 and €11. There is usually free water in a dispenser. A great option to eat in Dubai.

Massimo’s Italian Restaurant

Continuing with Italian cuisine, for us the best in the world, we present this renowned restaurant. It is located in the Dubai Marina and is a somewhat more expensive option than the others. However, a delicious pizza will not set you back more than €11, so a little effort is worth it. Its terrace has wonderful views that will be difficult for you to forget and the place has a very lively atmosphere. A day is a day.

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Ravi’s Restaurant

If you are looking for something cheaper to eat in Dubai, this Pakistani food restaurant is another great option. Although the place does not invite you to enter, let yourself go, since the food is worth it. We ate a lot and paid just over €10 for everything. The recommendation we give is that you be careful with the spicy, since they normally abuse it. We are not used to this type of food in Europe, and even if they reduce the quantity a little at your request, it will still be very spicy. So memorize this: “no spicy, please”.

Paul Bakery & Restaurant, a good option to eat cheaply in Dubai

Surely if you have traveled to Paris at some time in your life, you will know this chain. It is known worldwide for its butter, cheese, and ham sandwiches, but they also have salads, tortillas, and a wide variety of products. The restaurant is located in the Dubai Mall. Although you have many options to choose from, this place is great for eating cheaply in Dubai. A Parisian corner in the luxury and ostentation of the United Arab Emirates

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