Abu Dhabi desert safari

After a very intense day of travel we are already in Abu Dhabi. Yesterday we made an 8-hour stopover in Düsseldorf very well used and as soon as we landed in the United Arab Emirates we launched ourselves to discover its beautiful desert thanks to the courtesy of the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari company .

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We have had an hour of travel in a 4×4 until we reach the desert. We have been accompanied by a very nice Argentine family that has made the journey very pleasant for us by sharing traveling adventures. Before entering the dunes we have made a 10-minute stop to get some air before starting an hour of crazy driving.

If you come to Abu Dhabi, leave Ferrari World if you want strong emotions, extreme driving through the dunes is a pure adrenaline rush. Hold on tight because drivers go crazy. At first it is scary to see how the windows fill with sand as you go down sideways. But as soon as you go up and down four times the fun begins. We ended up quite dizzy, but what you laugh in the car makes up for everything. Luckily we have stopped a couple of times to take photos and that we had not eaten much.

After about an hour of rollercoastering through the dunes we have reached an Arab-style camp. We have spent the rest of the afternoon there until nightfall. Albert has not had enough to be in the back seat of the 4 × 4 and he has driven a quad through the dunes while I was recovering from dizziness. Then we started with a camel ride when the sun was starting to set, a super nice experience.

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In the camp there were a lot of tents to do different activities: put on a traditional Arab costume, drink tea, smoke shisha, get a henna tattoo, drink tea or surf the dunes with a board. To end the day, we have seen a couple of traditional Arab dance shows: a girl who danced belly dance and a boy who spent literally 10 minutes spinning to the rhythm of the music in a very pompous costume. Spectacular! To end the day, we have dined there from a buffet that was quite arranged. There was not a lot of variety of things, but the mixture between the Arab food loaded with spices and more international dishes has been a success to please everyone.

If someone is encouraged to do a desert safari of this type, we highly recommend that it be in the afternoon. The sunset in the dunes is pure beauty. We are not very fond of organized tours, but we have loved the experience because it is not something we could do on our own. In addition, the driver-guide was nice but without being annoying talking all the time, something that makes us very nervous.

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In short, a very different day that we would repeat tomorrow. But we already have another plan, visit the impressive Sheikh Zayed Mosque. We have seen it from the bus that has brought us to the center from the airport and from a distance we have already been amazed by its greatness.

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