15 best destinations to travel in October

15 best destinations to travel to in October 2022

Best October Vacations If you don’t know where to travel in October, you are in the right place! After your summer vacation, surely you want to enjoy an autumn getaway. Traveling during the fall can be very special: you won’t have to deal with the crowds, high temperatures and price premiums of summer. In addition, … Read more

Abu Dhabi desert safari

Abu Dhabi desert safari

After a very intense day of travel we are already in Abu Dhabi. Yesterday we made an 8-hour stopover in Düsseldorf very well used and as soon as we landed in the United Arab Emirates we launched ourselves to discover its beautiful desert thanks to the courtesy of the Abu Dhabi Desert Safari company . Also Read: 12 … Read more

Dubai, The City of Luxury

20 curiosities of Dubai

Dubai is a city full of contraststhat is increasingly inclined to luxury without measure.It is one of the main destinationsto see in the United Arab Emirates.It is a place like no other thatknows no middleground, you either love it or you hate it.If you want to know more about this extravagant city, stay to read … Read more