Ask for free water in restaurants in the UK

Today I wanted to tell you that one of the best ways to save on your trip to London is to ask for tap water instead of bottled water in the city’s restaurants.

Tap water in London is drinkable and free. Many restaurants already ask if you want a pitcher of water, and many also put a free pitcher of water on the table without asking.

Other restaurants and cafes in London have a small table with full jugs of water and glasses, so you can take what you want. Normally if it’s summer they serve pitchers of ice water and lemon slices.

And you will say… why are you telling us this? Well simple. Because many people visit London (or the people who live here) and go to eat in a restaurant, and many people ask for water thinking that it is cheaper than a soft drink for example, since we all always want to save a little bit, but what What many people don’t know is that bottled water is very expensive… (up to £3 for a small bottle) and… if you ask for a pitcher or a glass of tap water it’s free.
And how do I ask? A jug of tap water please or a glass of tap water please

If instead you want bottled water, you can ask for a bottle of mineral water. And you already know, as we said in another article, that they will ask you if you want still or sparkling water.

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