Best Places to visit in Pattaya

Pattaya attractions are located in a very civilized city one of the best in Thailand It is popular all over the world!!! That’s where it’s worth to visit Pattaya. Near to travel to Sriracha , exactly, that admin has selected to review today. It is very popular. There are some places that are The Best of the world!!! Oh wow, who’s coming to visit Pattaya, can’t wait any longer. Let’s travel to Pattaya together.

Ramayana Water Park Pattaya

Ramayana Water Park
Ramayana Water Park

Ramayana Water Park pattaya travel The largest water park in Thailand, one of the attractions in Pattaya. Not to be missed is a water park project built in Southeast Asia with an area of over 106 rai. It is one of the 10 largest in the world, located in Pattaya. Attractions in Chonburi Opening-closing time: Open daily from 10.00-18.00 hrs. It is decorated in a replica of the ancient city in Ramayana theme. The charm of ancient sculptures and walls surrounds the surrounding area beautifully. And most importantly, you can still feel the real nature with this tourist attraction of Pattaya. Among green hills, lakes, rivers and many other amazing things.

Great&Grand Sweet Destination

Great&Grand Sweet Destination in Pattaya Nickname: Wonderland, Land of Sweets This unique ice cream shop is a new landmark in Pattaya that is suitable for tourists of all ages. Located on Road No. 36, Highway No. 36, Krating Lai Intersection (Pattaya – Rayong Tourist Attractions ), in front of Pattaya Sheep Farm, opposite Regent International School On an area of over 14 rai and parking for more than 200 cars Great&Grand Sweet Destination, one of the tourist attractions in Pattaya. This place is divided into 3 parts which are Ice Cream Shop, Milk Bar and Giant Dessert Town, which will find giant ice cream trees, sliders, stone cakes (simulated from Stonehenge), gingerbread houses, giant donuts. , Cake Waterfall, Dessert Fountain, Ice Cream Tower and many more zones. There is a cafe ice cream (ice cream parlor) which is homemade ice cream. Great and Grand’s special recipe. All 48 flavors. You can choose to eat with Waffle. The other side is Milk Bar. the inner atmosphere of pattaya travel This is a pink-toned milk bar with a variety of drinks. Made from quality milk that we select for everyone. And our signature desserts are Bundlt cake and Naked Caked. There are many photo angles here. There is also a corner to take pictures. Once you enter, you will find many photo angles. It’s called walking two steps. I had to stop taking pictures all the time. Suitable for family trips.

Tiger Park Pattaya

A new attraction in Pattaya that has a cute tiger for us to take photos. and play closely You can just stop by and sit and sip coffee and watch the tigers. There is no entrance fee at Amazon Cafe’ or you can stop by to eat at Tiger Park, starting at only 50 baht, very cheap. with the tiger You can buy a special price ticket at the counter. Or take a tram to watch the tigers, it’s only 199 baht per person! And before going home, you can buy a tiger doll to go back to sleep and hug. Opening hours of Pattaya attractions are 10.00 – 18.00 open for free admission.

Chak Ngaew Chinese Market, Pattaya

Chak Ngaew Chinese Market Pattaya is located at Huay Yai Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District. Chonburi travel If anyone who comes to Pattaya must think of this tourist attraction first. It is an old Chinese community. Settled together since the time of immigration from mainland China, more than 100 years to the present. Still maintaining the condition of wooden row houses lined up along the road. A way of life and culture that combines Thai-Chinese identity with a unique identity. more special is every Saturday evening This will become a cultural pedestrian street as well.

Floating Market 4 Regions

Floating market, ancient nakhon nueang khet market
Floating market, ancient nakhon nueang khet market

Pattaya Floating Market is located on Sukhumvit Road. away from South Pattaya towards At Sattahip, about 2.5 kilometers, notice that there is a big boat in front, so you can turn right in. The parking lot will be on the side and behind the floating market. There are a lot of new good activities such as amphibious boats that are only here in Thailand. You can buy a ticket in front of the entrance in front or behind it. Price is only 150 baht. Importantly, food. inexpensive products There are a hundred and one that can be eaten at three restaurants, plus some have souvenirs to take home again. It’s another tourist attraction in Pattaya. that must be visited

Underwater World Pattaya

Pattaya attractions full of various aquatic animals That has been in service for more than 14 years!!! Walking into the first zone is the Touch Pool zone. This zone is a zone that simulates the coastal ecosystem. which we will be able to touch the aquatic animals live In this tank will be a large starfish. Any youngsters who have never seen Or if you want to know what a starfish skin looks like, come and try to catch it. But do not lift aquatic animals above the water surface. And there are many other activities. If anyone who comes to Pattaya, do not come here, miss it very much.

Cape Dara Resort

This hotel has a wide variety of rooms to choose from. Can answer all types of guests The room price ranges from thousands to hundreds of thousands. cheapest but it can be called Everything is functional, including free WiFi, mini bar, toiletries, work desk and more. It also has a sea view, a bathtub and a balcony. And there is a wow according to the price, whether it’s a room that sees both the sea view and the city view at the same time. Whirlpool bathtub. private pool Let me tell you that the quality is more than the price. Anyone who comes to visit Pattaya must use the service once.

Art in Paradise Pattaya

Art in paradise, a popular tourist attraction in Pattaya, Art in paradise is a must-visit 3D painting museum in Pattaya. Enjoy the most imaginative 3D art paintings in this Art in paradise museum where visitors can touch, touch, touch in order to act in different ways for taking pictures as well. He’s not jealous. For anyone who has ever traveled Other places to visit in Pattaya, I recommend here. Definitely not disappointed because Pattaya travels. There are many activities here and there are changes or additions to new paintings as well.

Koh Larn

Koh Larn, a place to visit in Pattaya, where everyone comes, must be spellbound. sea near bangkok Beautiful, clear water of Pattaya Traveling near Bangkok, just 2 hours, as well as Koh Kood , which is a place to visit in Trat , it is considered that this island is a popular island of tourists who like the top. or seek pristine white sand beaches The turquoise sea is like the Andaman Sea. Therefore, there are many tourists who come to visit Pattaya uninterruptedly. Koh Larn is 7 km from the coast of Pattaya. There are many beautiful beaches in Chonburi . Most of them are bustling with tourists who come to swim. because of the sea This Koh Lan travel destination is very clear and has accommodation in Koh Lan . beautiful and inexpensive There are many fun water activities such as parachute boats, ski boats, scooters, accommodation, restaurants, cafes, good atmosphere to sit and chill. It can be said that when you come to one island, you can fully relax in a variety of styles.

Koh Sichang

Koh Sichang, tourist attractions in Pattaya, near Bangkok attractions It is a small island with historical significance, one of Thailand’s islands, easy to access, delicious fresh seafood. pocket-friendly price Sit by the sea In addition to being of historical significance, Koh Si Chang also has clear waters. Beautiful beaches and places to visit in Pattaya many interesting Until being chosen as a filming location for many dramas, music videos, today GangTravel would like to take friends to invade Koh Sichang. It’s a simple day trip, comfortable and comfortable. I guarantee that you will come to Pattaya on this trip. You will definitely not be disappointed.

Pattaya Off Road Safari

Located at Pornprapanimit 30, Pattaya, few people know that Pattaya also has extreme activities like this. When I first heard it, I felt what it would look like. Because we ourselves have never been to play once. But when I try to play it, I can tell you that it’s really fun. Tomorrow is a holiday plan. That you have to have fun with your friends at Pattaya Off Road Safari, drive a fun car through the nature.

Lan Pho Market

Located in North Pattaya area pattaya travel one more place This is a fresh market. Including fresh seafood such as shrimp, squid, crab, shellfish, crayfish, fish or even lobster, each season will have different species more or less depending on the season. In front of the market, there are also various dry goods for you to buy as souvenirs, including vegetables and fruits, we have all of them. It can be said that coming here is complete and finished in one place. Come to Pattaya, Lan Pho Market, you must get food. The sea will definitely go home with you.

The Glass House Pattaya

comfortable restaurant private beach clean white restaurant It’s a clear glasshouse. located in the midst of the pine forest beautiful seaside New seafood restaurant on the beach Nearly 100-year-old pine forests line the wide sandy beach by the sea. With golden fine sand, as far as the eye can see, the gentle breeze blowing is the most wonderful way to eat seafood!!! the taste of food pattaya travel It’s very delicious here. Brilliant flavor, delicious to the heart. Food served quickly. have a drink Many desserts such as coconut cakes look very appetizing.

InterContinental Pattaya Resort

Located in South Pattaya, near Pratumnak Hill, is a 5-star resort that is considered to be the best Landscape in Pattaya. It is a resort of relaxation and recharge 100% for every baht you pay. will be rewarded with pure and attentive service A room where you can sleep well. Meticulously prepared food and facilities that are beyond the word complete beyond that This resort has the best landscape and the most beautiful sunset view in Pattaya.

Ocean Sky Pattaya

The shop is located on a boat in the Pattaya sea at Pattaya Bay. You can find a car deposit at the pier. and then walk to get on a speedboat at Cape Maleehai Speedboats depart every 20 minutes. It is recommended that if you come to the restaurant, make a reservation between 5-6 PM to get the atmosphere when taking photos on the boat. The most romantic evening atmosphere on the Ocean sky boat has 3 floors, which are 1-2, intended for rainy season There will be a bar and a stage to welcome you. On the 3rd floor, the rooftop has the best atmosphere. As for the food menu, here are some great dishes. Hokkaido Scallop Topped Pizza on Indian Garlic Naan Flour. This dish should not be missed. Fried French Fries and Deep Fried Squid are very delicious. The ham and cheese spring rolls came out better than expected. The shrimp salad and the scallop tendon salad came out very well and were very mellow. As for the recommended drink, Red Ocean Ocean Sky KiWI APPLE TWIST is well made and takes beautiful photos. The more people go together, the more worthwhile it is. You can eat many menus and use the government’s privileges. In one word, if you come to Pattaya and not come to Ocean Sky, it’s like you haven’t arrived in Pattaya at all.

Pattaya Beach

The first place that should not be missed on the list of places. Things to do in Pattaya is Pattaya Beach, the best beach in Pattaya. The beach stretches for more than 4 kilometers, surrounded by leading hotels. There are also many restaurants and shops. Each section of the beach has a different atmosphere. If anyone is looking for a place to help relax. can head to the north of the beach for a calm and relaxing atmosphere It is also known for hosting water sports activities such as parasailing, jet skiing and many other sports, as well as a nightlife for the party-going. as well

Papa Beach Pattaya

The shop has a good atmosphere, great view, and a lot of beautiful photo angles. Feels like being in Bali like this. Cafe Hopping, don’t miss it!!! The shop is spacious. There are many zones to choose to sit and take photos. Balinese style bird’s nest Let me tell you that the photo is still beautiful. And can also see the sea view in 180 degrees. So happy. Some food and drink menus. There are drinks, savory and sweet dishes. Recommended menu here!! Signature menu like Pink Paradise, cold drink Drinking is refreshing, suitable for a comfortable atmosphere like this. Anyone who visits Pattaya Let me tell you that do not overlook this cafe.

Grand Canyon Chonburi

Cool photo spot “Grand Canyon Khiri”, a tourist attraction in Pattaya Located in a great location near Bangkok, inside the pond has emerald green water. and the area around the pond is also surrounded by white mountains snowy mountain In fact, it was a mountain of rocks and dust. It contains asbestos, and when it gets into a lot of rainwater it becomes what it looks like. But be warned that this mineral is dangerous. And here there are also shops selling drinks and food. You can sit and relax, drink water, and enjoy the view of the mine.

EasyKart Pattaya

The most beautiful outdoor kart track in Thailand. And the length of the course is over 800 meters, which is considered one of the longest go-kart courses in Asia. Let’s come to visit each other. We open every day from 10:00 to 23:00 with a starting price of only 399 baht. There are 2 fields together. Located in the heart of Pattaya pattaya travel This is equipped with full facilities. Suitable for all people, genders, ages, details of prices and driver qualifications, we divided into 2 categories.

  • The first category is people aged 15 years and over, height not less than 150 cm. The package starts at 16 minutes (2 driving cycles), the price is now 999 baht (discounted from 1,300 baht), speed 70 km/h.
  • Type 2 for children aged 7-12 years old and 130 and over can drive a child. Price 399 baht (discounted from 500 baht), drive 8 minutes, speed 25 km/h.
  • Category 3 for children aged 12 years and over until an adult and height over 140 cm. can drive a normal car at a speed of 40 km/h, priced at 399 baht (discounted from 600 baht), can drive 8 minutes.
  • Category 4, 2-seater car (can control both steering wheels), the driver must be aged 20 years or over, the passenger is aged 1 year or more (110 cm tall or more) or can be an adult + an adult. For anyone looking for leisure activities to do with family. I recommend it here. Fun, fun, absolutely awesome!!!

Pattaya Sheep Farm

One of the places to visit in Pattaya that is not only good for sheep There are also new photo zones, such as fairy tale towns, various cute animals, restaurants, and lots of activity fields. Ensure that children And adults will definitely be impressed. Western style restaurant The menu in this restaurant focuses on steaks. For the sheep that we will visit. It will be in the Pet Farm zone, where there are not only sheep. But there are other animal friends as well, such as horses, alpacas, goats and many other animals. pattaya travel this place friends You can feed the sheep too.

Squid Fishing Cafe Pattaya Takotrip

Squid Fishing Cafe Pattaya by Amantara The first large squid fishing cafe on Phrae in the middle of the sea in Pattaya. Let me tell you that this activity is very popular. of tourists who come to visit Pattaya in a chill atmosphere Ink on a large raft who certifies safety Definitely not seasick With a speedboat to pick-up from the shore. Anyone interested in traveling to Pattaya This place, try calling the raft at all. Secretly whispering that they accept only 200 customers per day only.

Frost magical ice of siam

Pattaya Ice City or frost magical ice siam, a tourist attraction in Pattaya Mai is the largest ice sculpture city in ASEAN. Inside is an ice sculpture related to the story of Thailand. where we go to dabble under the cold with a temperature of -10 degrees Celsius!!! pattaya travel There is an admission fee for adults 350 baht / 1 ticket. You can exchange for a sweater + soft drink in a glass of ice too.

Sanctuary of Truth

Sanctuary of Truth, a place to visit in Pattaya Don’t miss out!!! It is the largest wooden castle in Thailand. It is the largest wooden castle in the world. It is located at Cape Ratchawet, Na Kluea Subdistrict, Bang Lamung District. Chonburi The castle was built entirely of wood. No metal or mortar gets mixed in. except for the concrete base The castle is a tetrahedron, 100 meters high, 100 meters wide, beautifully carved in patterns. both outside and inside It is said to be as beautiful as the god Narumit. reflecting abstract concepts to be exposed to concrete to be touched conveys the importance of Eastern religion and philosophy

Wat Yannasangwararam

Wat Yansangwararam Beautiful temple near Bangkok It is a first-class royal monastery. Woramahawihan type is located at Bang Lamung District, Chonburi Province Important things in Wat Yansangwararam, the Ubosot inside enshrines the principal Buddha image named Somdej. Phra Phuttha Yannaresuan The head contains the Buddha’s relics Phra Borommathat Chedi Maha Chakri Phiphat Built for Nomklao Dedicated to His Majesty King Buddha Yodfa Chulalok the Great, the first King of the Chakri dynasty And the royal family is another tourist attraction in Pattaya. which allows us to absorb the beauty with the worship that can not be found anywhere else

Million Years Stone Park and Pattaya Crocodile Farm

Million Years Stone Park and crocodile farm pattaya travel It is a tourist destination that both Thais and foreigners are interested in. Whoever comes must be engraved in the splendor. with natural sculptures created On an area of more than 175 rai, let me tell you that you can enjoy watching it all day without getting bored. It’s good to be a family There are many interesting activities in the park. and see species that are hard to find Taking pictures with tamed animals Secretly whispering that it’s very cute. Don’t be afraid The place has a specialist to take care of closely. It’s not enough. There is also a crocodile show. It’s amazing how many times you can scream from Add. Really enjoyed the whole park. Plus create imagination and create happiness for people to visit to see the million-year stone. various shapes that will never forget

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