Bang Tao Beach, Cherngtalay, Phuket

Hello everyone, we’ve come back to meet again with the Roi-Chang Phuket page, where we meet again, as always, who will bring good knowledge about Bang Tao Beach for everyone. Today, admin doesn’t disappoint everyone. Because today, admin has brought a lot of keyboard knowledge. I can assure you that anyone who reads it today will definitely not be able to sit again!!! Many people would like to know what admin will tell you today. Don’t wait, follow and add everyone.

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Map of Bang Tao Beach, Cherngtalay, Phuket, Thailand

Bang Tao Beach, A Popular Tourist Destination Not Coming Is A Big Mistake

Bang Tao Beach
Bang Tao Beach

Bang Tao Beach is located on the west coast of Phuket. The beach is approximately 8 km long and is the second longest beach in Phuket after Karon Beach.. The history of Bang Tao Beach itself is not unusual either. Because this used to be a tin mining area, which was an important trading source of Phuket, but later on, the ore began to decline and it was no longer worth investing in mining. thus canceling the mining in the end But it has become Bang Tao Beach, Phuket, a beautiful tourist destination, clear water, sea, full of atmosphere suitable for relaxation, sure enough. And since then, the beach has been renovated until it is tourist attraction The famous of Phuket, whether it is the renovation of hotels and resorts on the beach and restaurant services, various activities to facilitate tourists. There are many types of accommodation that meet every lifestyle of each person, whether it is a quiet hotel. or a warm and jolly accommodation, there are many to choose from, designed to improve the style to satisfy the customers in particular. If you don’t come to visit, then I feel sorry for everyone. People, of course. But before you know tourist attraction The popular activity that people who visit this place do it. Admin would like to take everyone to explore Bang Tao Beach.Let’s go a little before.

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Center Of BeacCenter of Bang Tao Beach

In the heart of Bang Tao Beach, it can be called a charted location for accommodation. Because it is full of beauty of sandy beaches, streams and spectacular views. It’s no wonder why this location is here. Therefore, it is a popular place for many tourists. In the daytime, we will see tourists’ boats and jet skis sailing in the middle of the sea. Indulge in the ultimate accommodation and the most relaxing atmosphere. Rest assured, everyone will be able to enjoy jet skiing tourists. Do various activities as food for the eyes, like the admin himself secretly went to look at it as well.

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North Of Bang Tao Beach

North Of Bang Tao Beach
North Of Bang Tao Beach

The north of Bang Tao Beach is less bustling than the middle of the beach and far south as it retains the traditional way of life of the local villagers. Come to stay in the north of Bang Tao Beach. It’s quiet, peaceful, fully relaxing, definitely satisfying people who love peace. We can also enjoy fresh seafood from the fishermen or get on a boat to see their way of life.

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South Of Bang Tao Beach

South Of Bang Tao Beach
South Of Bang Tao Beach

To the south of Bang Tao Beach, there is a very beautiful sea, but still very quiet compared to the center of the beach. There are also many rooms that are friendly for the money. It is also suitable for taking pictures as well. If anyone who likes tranquility not too busy This is another place that definitely answers the question for you. And here’s the story that everyone floats around, hey!!! Waiting for this beautiful admin today Will take everyone to a tour of Bang Tao Beach, Phuket, sure enough. Let me tell you that everyone will definitely not be able to sit next to a chair again. For what reason??? Because this is the best tourist destination!!!! Knowing this, prepare to sit tight in the chair, lean back against the sofa, and most importantly, prepare your mind for the majesty of this Phuket beach, because from now on you will need to Definitely get up and pack your luggage for a visit.

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Activities At Bang Tao Beach

Of course, these questions must arise in the minds of many people for sure. adventurous You definitely won’t be disappointed here. Because there are many activities to do here. Let’s start with the first activity.

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Phuket Let’s Go ( Boat Tours And Water Sports )

Let’s start with the most popular activity at Bang Tao Beach. Lots of activities to do I guarantee that there is no way to be bored for sure. Both boat tours and water sports are available. You will have fun and relax. with a horse trail on a golden meadow Provided by professional trainers who will look after, help and guide you on horseback riding To make horse riding easy, fun and safe for everyone, golf courses, sparse forests and a 9km stretch of white sand are all geared towards horseback riding. In addition, if you are looking for good memories. on this beautiful island Horseback riding along the beach with your partner in a romantic setting. of the sunset Moments that can fill life What is so romantic When soaking in the atmosphere until it is already full. Of course, everyone will definitely not be satisfied with the atmosphere if you are hungry!!!! This beautiful admin will take everyone to go to the paradise of pregnancy.

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Bang Tao Beach Restaurant

Talking about food, many people will be salivating at the same time, haha. Let’s not wait any longer, let’s take a look at the first restaurant !!!!!

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Simmy Bar & Restaurant

If anyone who likes a pub-bar style restaurant, sit and drink, chill, relax, and relax, I recommend this restaurant. It’s very responsive. There are delicious food. There are many styles to choose from. For an impressive meal You can’t miss this restaurant near Bang Tao Beach.

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Sea Sea Restaurant

Let’s come together at Shop No. 2 as well as Shop No. 1 as well. The main highlight of this shop is that it has a peaceful, shady atmosphere that is very relaxing. You can also watch the sunset from this restaurant. Oh wow, I don’t know where to go. Anyone who has a couple can sweeten each other until the food is completely overwhelmed. But if anyone is lonely, single, don’t worry about it. Because the satisfaction of this restaurant will definitely make you feel lonely because there are seafood dishes that are fresh, big shrimps, fresh squid, seafood flavors, delicious to your heart, and there are also delicious local dishes such as the underwater chicken menu. The hottest menu, number one of the place. Not lonely, sad for sure. Just the food is spectacular. Wow, wow, wow.

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Tony Restaurant

It is another restaurant that is equally hot with mercury. This restaurant has a food price of only a hundred, but the atmosphere is up to a million. It is a restaurant located on the edge of Bang Tao Beach. You can look at the water , the sea, the clear color contrasts with the blue sky and the sound of the sea waves crashing on the shore. Look and listen. Very comfortable. And here there are activities to do as well. Fun and delicious beyond words. The food of this restaurant includes Thai food and fusion food. and the most special Can’t miss it is that there are half of each person. Everyone has to go grilling once, everyone. Admin has taken everyone to dabble in food. when there is something fishy Of course, there must be desserts, right? Which stores will there be? Follow me next to each other.

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Cafe, Coffee Shop , Bang Tao Beach

Origami Café

It is a very nice cafe to sit and have a private pool. with rubber ring. We can take beautiful and cute photos as well. Enjoy a variety of cakes to choose from. The bottom of the cake is a cake maker. As for the topping of the cake, it’s soft, raspberry, oh wow, it’s too satisfying for words. There are many menus to choose from together, full, satisfying, sweet for sure. The drinks here are made from real fruits, no leavening agents, fresh, delicious, safe, of course, you must hurry.

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Asap Coffee

It is another cafe that has been carefully selected for everyone, which is not far from Bang Tao Beach. The decoration style is minimal, simple but elegant. The highlight of this place is Premium grade coffee, smooth, mellow or intense. I like the drip line for sure. Here, there are many desserts to choose from, such as cookies, cakes, brownies, etc. They are decorated in cute, delicious, and smooth ways. It has already ended. For the good knowledge that this beautiful admin has taken everyone to the tour today. If anyone is still sitting in the chair Show that you close your eyes and read. Add told me that after reading it, I can’t sit still. Because of the place that Add has brought to tell. too much for words You must try to experience it for yourself. Let’s meet again with the Roi Chang Phang Nga page here. Same time. Next time, there will be more knowledge and knowledge to share. Don’t miss following.

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