Bed and Breakfast in London

The Bed and Breakfast is a form of traditional accommodation, in which it was originally a house with less than 10 rooms and was rented by the night with breakfast included.

Thus, unlike a hotel in a bed and breakfast, you are supposed to arrive to spend the night, have breakfast and leave the next morning. And if you were going to come back, you didn’t come back until the afternoon. Little by little, bed and breakfasts have evolved into a unique form of accommodation.

Since we live in London, every time we go out to visit some part of the UK we go straight to a bed and breakfast, as there are very authentic ones, and the feeling is totally different from staying in a hotel. Normally it is a very personal treatment with the owners of the house. Nowadays there are very different bed and breakfasts, and even now they are categorized as hotels, there may be luxury bed and breakfasts. It has generally always been a cheaper way to stay, but now it’s not uncommon to find bed and breakfasts much better than some hotels, and of course cheaper!

Types of bed and breakfasts in the United Kingdom

Today we find several types of bed and breakfast in the United Kingdom:

  • Those with the sole purpose of making the stay pleasant but cheap
  • It can be a building with several rooms, and these are rented per night with breakfast included the next morning.
  • Very typical are the bed and breakfasts in rural areas, many of them very authentic, some are farms, with an area where they have rooms for rent, and others are old farms or rural buildings renovated for the purpose of a bed and breakfast. Truly a fantastic experience.

B&Bs in the UK

  • To see a list of Bed and Breakfasts in London take a look at Booking . and click on ´bed and breakfast´ in the search filter.
  • farm stay
  • Finest B&B

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