The 10 Best Beaches In Bali (Indonesia)

Bali has cool beaches, although we don’t think they are its strong point or the main reason for visiting this wonderful Indonesian island. Some are really pretty, but they are more scenic than practical for bathing. If you are looking for beaches with crystal clear water and calm tides, Bali is not the best destination. Even so, in this post we have compiled the 10 best beaches in Bali.

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Best Beaches In Bali – Indonesia

Nusa Dua, a perfect area to relax and enjoy the beach

Nusa Dua Beach, Indonesia
Nusa Dua Beach, Indonesia

If you want a beach vacation, there is nothing better than spending a few days in Nusa Dua . It is the most famous beach area in Bali. That is why there you will find many luxurious resorts where you can enjoy a few days of sun, water and sand . They are not paradisiacal beaches but they are really good: clean and quiet, perfect for unwinding.

It is also an ideal destination if you travel as a family. In most resorts you will not lack for anything and there you will find restaurants for all tastes and budgets.

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Padang Padang, one of the best beaches in Bali

Padang Padang Beach, Indonesia
Padang Padang Beach, Indonesia

If we compare it with most beaches in Bali, we can say that Padang Padang is quite a small beach. That has more drawbacks than advantages, especially in summer. There are a lot of tourists and for a few years it has become a paid beach. To access it you will have to pay 1000IDR (approximately €1).

It has gained its popularity because in 2010 the movie “Eat, Pray, Love” starring Julia Roberts was recorded. However, if we take into account its beauty, it is one of the best beaches in Bali . Try to go early in the morning to see the sunrise without too many people and to be able to enjoy it as it deserves.

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Seminyak, a perfect beach to watch a sunset with atmosphere

Seminyak Beach, Indonesia
Seminyak Beach, Indonesia

Near the capital there are more famous beaches than Seminyak but it was the one we liked the most. Especially for its great atmosphere during sunset. The beach is not the best for bathing: it does not have particularly beautiful water, there is a strong current and there are usually many people. So if you prioritize tranquility, it’s not one of the best beaches in Bali .

However, it is perfect for having a cocktail while enjoying a beautiful sunset . Along its kilometers of fine sand you will find several beach bars where you can cool off and watch a sunset to remember. And then take the opportunity to have dinner and enjoy the pleasant nightlife of Seminyak. Without a doubt, one of the best beaches in Bali to watch the sunset and to learn to surf. It is also a great area to sleep in Bali.

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Jimbaran Bay, one of the best beaches in Bali for dining

Jimbaran Bay, Indonesia
Jimbaran Bay, Indonesia

This long beach is located south of the Bali airport. It is much quieter than Kuta and is a beautiful place to watch the sunset and dine on local food. Precisely in Jimbaran it is where the local fishermen sell the fresh products that they have caught during the morning. So if you are looking for a romantic seafood dinner, Jimbaran is the place to be.

Regarding the water, it is nothing to write home about. Don’t expect crystal clear waters. The southern beaches are much more beautiful for bathing.

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Dreamland Beach, one of the most beautiful waters

Dreamland Beach, Indonesia
Dreamland Beach, Indonesia

In Bali you will have a hard time finding beaches with crystal clear waters. For this it is much better that you visit the Gili Islands. However, this is one of the beaches with the most beautiful water. Tourists like it a lot, which makes it a beach quite saturated with people. That is why it is mandatory to pay a symbolic entrance fee (approximately 1,000 or 2,000 IDR).

You enter through a private property and when you pay the entrance they bring you to the beach with some quite old buses. When the tide is calm it is a beautiful beach . The negative is that if you are looking for a place to relax, it is not the best idea. First because there are a lot of people and second because it is full of street vendors who try to sell you everything they can. Without a doubt, one of the best beaches in Bali.

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Kuta Beach, the most famous in Bali and a surfer’s paradise

Kuta Beach, Indonesia
Kuta Beach, Indonesia

You may think that it is unfair that this beach is among the best beaches in Bali. And if we tell you the truth, we didn’t like it too much either because we don’t like surfing and we’re not too partying either. But we mention it because it is a true institution on the island and it is worth getting to know it. Also, in Kuta there are a lot of hotels and it is a good place to stay in the southern part of Bali. There are some of the best hotels in Bali without spending a lot of money .

If you like surfing , there you will find a lot of Aussies who come to spend their holidays in Bali in search of waves (and lower prices). And at night the panorama changes. There are many places in its surroundings to go out dancing and have a drink. Without a doubt, it is one of the best beaches in Bali if you want to have fun.

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Pemuteran Beach, one of the best beaches in Bali for snorkeling and diving

Pemuteran Beach, Indonesia
Pemuteran Beach, Indonesia

Pemuteran Beach is not one of the best known on the island. And that is home to the largest reef area in Bali . So if you’re looking to see all kinds of fish, you can’t miss it. Obviously the beach is much more attractive below the water than above, since if you look at it from the outside it is not very pretty.

But if you take your snorkel goggles and have a bit of luck you will be able to see everything from sea turtles to manta rays. And if you’re lucky, the occasional shark! Without a doubt, one of the best beaches in Bali if you like snorkeling or are passionate about diving.

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Balangan, another of the best beaches in Bali for surfers

Balangan, Indonesia
Balangan, Indonesia

Generally the beaches in southern Bali are the best for surfing . That means that if you are looking to bathe in a calm way in Balangan, surely the current will not allow it. Bali’s beaches are more beautiful from above than from in the water. We would never recommend Bali as an ideal destination to enjoy the beach.

It’s a pretty authentic beach. Fairly quiet and with some traditional warungs. Even so, we do not recommend it if you do not plan to surf.

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Sundays Beach Club , in search of exclusivity

Sundays Beach Club, Indonesia
Sundays Beach Club, Indonesia

If crowds are not your thing, we have a good solution for you. In the south of Bali you will find this famous club with a private white sand beach . The turquoise water is really beautiful and if you like to snorkel, you will find a good reef with fish of a thousand colors.

It is also an ideal beach for kayaking or paddle surfing. And also to enjoy live music!

Admission costs 300,000 IDR per person (about €18). But in reality the access would only cost 150,000 IDR, since the other half is exchanged for food and drinks, which is really good. Without a doubt, perfect to enjoy one of the best beaches in Bali.

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Lovina Beach, one of the best beaches in Bali to see dolphins

Lovina Beach, Indonesia
Lovina Beach, Indonesia

This beach is much less known than the previous ones and its black sand is very curious. In fact they are lava remains of the Agung volcano. Unlike the southern beaches, there is much less surf. So it is perfect if you want to bathe quietly. And it is also a perfect place to see dolphins at dawn .

If you are looking for more paradisiacal beaches, we advise you to go to the Gili Islands . The water is turquoise but you will have to wear booties because of its coral-filled bottom. The good part is that you will be able to see a lot of marine fauna while diving.

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