16 best beaches in Barcelona

Barcelona is our home, and we couldn’t feel more fortunate! The city is beautiful and we can also enjoy life by the sea. We recommend the 16 best beaches in Barcelona and its surroundings so that you can enjoy the good weather in a wonderful setting. We also suggest 10 best viewpoints in Barcelona.

Best Beaches In Barcelona City


We couldn’t start the list of the best beaches in Barcelona with any other! La Barceloneta is the most famous and oldest beach in the Catalan capital . With more than a kilometer of golden sand and a promenade full of restaurants, you will not lack entertainment to spend a whole day at the beach. Even at night, because there is a wide range of nightlife in the neighborhood. La Barceloneta has all kinds of amenities : showers, toilets, volleyball nets, ping pong tables, playgrounds and even a beach library. For all that, it is the favorite beach for tourists and it is always full of people . It can be easily accessed by metro, getting off at the Ciutadella or Barceloneta stops.

La Barceloneta Beach
La Barceloneta Beach

Sant Sebastia

Next to Barcelona is the Sant Sebastià beach, also with a long tradition. It is further away from the Barceloneta neighborhood, so there is not as much movement. But there is also no shortage of beach bars, restaurants and even the luxurious Hotel W at one end of the beach. While Barceloneta has a younger audience, in Sant Sebastià the atmosphere is calmer without giving up comfort and easy access from the Barceloneta metro stop. As a curiosity, this beach is the headquarters of some prestigious sports clubs such as the Club Natació Atlètic-Barceloneta. We recommend 9 restaurants to eat well and cheaply in Barcelona


Somorrostro beach had been a neighborhood of barracks where almost 20,000 people lived . It was removed in order to give a good image of the city when Franco traveled to Barcelona in 1966.

Since then, it has become one of the busiest Barcelona beaches . It is between Barceloneta beach and the Olympic Port , two large leisure areas. Next to the beach is the imposing Hotel Arts , which has great views. Discover the 15 best hotels with views of Barcelona

Llevant + Nova Mar Bella, the best beaches in Barcelona to relax

The beaches of Barcelona city are usually packed with people. If you are looking for a bit of tranquility, you should go to the north end of the city. Nova Mar Bella beach was created during the urban remodeling prior to the 1992 Olympic Games . Llevant beach is even more recent, from 2006. Both have all kinds of amenities, but without as many people as on the beaches closest to the city center . You can get there with line 4 of the metro, getting off at the Selva de Mar station.

Llevant Beach
Llevant Beach

Best Beaches In Barcelona Province


Garraf is among the best beaches in Barcelona to get away from large urban centers. This small town with just 500 inhabitants is only half an hour by train from the center of Barcelona. But it gives the feeling of having gone much further, because the beach is surrounded by green mountains. The wooden huts painted in the sand give it an even more special touch. Formerly fishermen used them to store their tools, but now they are simply decorative. There is no lack of any type of service: there are several restaurants and even a hotel. The only drawback is that, being a small beach, it tends to get crowded during the summer. The ideal is to arrive very early to have a good place.

Garraf Beach
Garraf Beach


The great advantage of Castelldefels beach is its accessibility and size . Even if you go on a Sunday at 12 noon, you will find a place to lie quietly on the sand. It is about 5 kilometers long ! In addition, its promenade is very pleasant and is full of restaurants to recharge your batteries after enjoying the beach. Without a doubt, it is one of the best beaches in Barcelona if you want to get there easily from the capital . The R2 train line leaves approximately every 15 minutes from Estación de Francia, Paseo de Gracia and Estación de Sants. You must get off at the “Castelldefels Platja” stop, do not get confused with “Castelldefels” just plain.


Sitges is one of the best excursions from Barcelona . And not only for its beaches! This coastal city has a lot of wonderful modernist villas like the Palau de Maricel or Cau Ferrat , the home-workshop of the painter Santiago Rusiñol. In addition, there is a great nightlife and many charming shops to take a souvenir back home. Discover 10 essential things to do in Sitges In addition to all that, you can choose between the 17 beaches that Sitges has . Sant Sebastià beach is the most famous for its postcard views of the cathedral. Get away from the center if you prefer quiet. In any case, it is indisputable that Sitges has some of the best beaches in Barcelona.

Sitge Beach
Sitge Beach

Moorish Cove

Between Castelldefels and Sitges there is a nudist cove hidden under a cliff . There is only one restaurant, but otherwise you feel like you are on a wild beach because of the beautiful surroundings. Cala Morisca is on the Garraf coast road, making it only accessible by car. They take advantage of this by charging the parking at a fairly high price . Spending a whole morning or afternoon costs around €10. That means that it is not very crowded, since many people prefer to go to free beaches.

Vilanova i la Geltru, one of the best beaches in Barcelona to go with children

Ribes – Roges beach in Vilanova is ideal for families . The sand is very fine, with hardly any slope, and the water does not cover it . Perfect for little ones to splash around on the shore! There is nothing like a paellita in a restaurant on the seafront to finish off an ideal day. It takes about 45 minutes by train from Barcelona with the R2 line.

El Prat, one of the best beaches in Barcelona to watch planes

One of the most special Barcelona beaches is close to El Prat airport. Not the best place to relax in the sun because of the noise of the planes. But it is a privileged viewpoint to see planes passing very close by.

The Remolar, Viladecans

The Remolar beach is also close to the airport, but in addition to planes you will see a lot of birds . And it is that it is next to the Delta del Llobregat Natural Park . El Remolar is a very extensive beach, with access through a dirt road and without services . For this reason, it is always practically deserted. Despite the noise of the planes, it is one of the best beaches in Barcelona to relax. The easiest way is to get there by car. If you don’t have a vehicle, you can walk about 40 minutes from Terminal 1 of the airport or go by bike. We tell you how to go from the city center to Barcelona airport by public transport.

Ocata Beach in El Masnou

We are going to the north of the Catalan capital! El Masnou is one of the least exploited towns on the Maresme coast at a tourist level. But that does not mean that its beaches are not worth it. Ocata beach is more than 2 kilometers long , so there are no crowds. Its fine sand and warm water are the ideal combination to spend a summer day. Also, there is a boardwalk with many beachside restaurants.

Tres Micos Beach in Caldes d’Estrac

Caldes d’Estrac has one of the best beaches in Barcelona. The one known as Playa de los Tres Monos (curious name!) is very nice and clean . Its golden sand is ideal for tanning. In addition, it has all kinds of services: showers, bathrooms, beach bars… And it is right next to the Caldetes train station , which you can reach in 40 minutes from Barcelona with the R1 train line.


Calella is one of the favorite summer resorts for Barcelonans . Its beach is wide and with all the comforts . In addition, the city center is very lively: there are shops, restaurants and also a wide range of nightlife. Like the previous beaches, Calella can be reached with the R1 train line.

Sant Pol de Mar, among our favorite Barcelona beaches

It is said the better has to wait. And it is the beaches of Sant Pol de Mar are very high in our ranking of Barcelona beaches. Despite being considered urban, they have a quiet atmosphere without a large promenade or a thousand restaurants piled up on the sand . In a way, they retain the typical charm of fishing villages. If you want to see a picture of a postcard, go to Las Barcas beach . There you will find beautiful little boats on the sand.

Pont del Petroli Beach in Badalona

Badalona’s beaches are nothing to write home about, but a pier that juts out 250 meters into the sea is striking . Like the Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles , but without fairground attractions or glamor. The Pont del Petroli was created to unload oil tankers, hence its name. But now it serves as a recreational area and scientific study of the seabed. In addition, next to the beach is the historic Anís del Mono factory . This mythical liqueur began to be manufactured in 1868. Now, the modernist-style building is considered historical heritage. You can take guided tours to discover the factory in depth.

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