10 best cities in Portugal

Portugalis one of our favorite countries in Europe.It hasmany beautiful places: dream beaches, landscapes where you can disconnect from the world and cities full of magic.Do you want to discover themost beautiful cities in Portugal?We recommend thebest cities in Portugalfor tourism based on their beauty, historical and artistic value.

Best Cities In Portugal

Lisbon, indisputable among the best cities in Portugal

We couldn’t start anywhere else.Lisbon not only seems to us to be one of the best cities in Portugal, but in all of Europe.It has it all: historical attractions, impressive architecture, good weather, delicious food, affordable prices, charming neighborhoods… Each Lisbon neighborhood has its own history, architectural style and atmosphere.Thesteep alleys of historic Alfamaare perfect for losing yourself among tiled facades and discovering the sea of romantic viewpoints.TheBaixa neighborhoodhas grandiose squares that demonstrate the splendor of the city.Belem proudly boasts of its history so related to navigation, in addition to being the place of origin of the delicious pastelitos de nata!To go from one district to another, you can ride the typicaltramsthat cross Lisbon.


Very close to the capital is another of the best cities in Portugal at a tourist level.Sintra is known for being home to thecolorful Palacio da Pena.But we assure you that there is life beyond this architectural marvel.This city was thesummer resort of the nobility during the 19th century.That is why it preservesnumerous palaces, mansions, gardens and castles that make Sintra a fairytale place.


Porto is another classic among themost beautiful cities in Portugal.It is the second largest city in the country by inhabitants, but in beauty it is not far behind.It has a decadent air that falls in love.It is full of historical monuments such as itscathedral, the Clérigos Tower, the Bento station with its thousands of tiles or the University of Porto.But it seems to us that the best plan is to wander aimlessly through its streets and enjoy its atmosphere. Bathed by the Duero River, we recommend you takethe Six Bridges cruiseto get to know the city from a different perspective.The colorful facades ofthe Ribeira neighborhoodcreate a postcard image.After seeing the various bridges that cross the river, don’t forget to cross the most emblematic one on foot, theDom Luís I bridge.It leads to Vilanova da Gaia, where you can visit many wineries.


Évora is among thebest cities in Portugal for its historical value.ItsRoman originis still very present in thecenter of Évora, considered a World Heritage Site.The city preserves part of its walls of Roman origin and you can also visit the ruins of the Roman temple.Later, other constructions worth seeing were built, such as theChapel of Bonesor theRomanesque-Gothic Cathedral.We recommend you go up to its terrace to have the best view of Évora. It is thecapital of the Alentejo region, famous for its cork and wine production.So you cannot leave Évora without trying some of its wines.They are the perfect accompaniment for the delicious typical Portuguese dishes.


We are going to the beautifulAlgarveregion , in the south of Portugal, to talk about Tavira.It seemed to us the only city in the region that is not yet overexploited at a tourist level, maintaining a special charm that takes you back to another era.It is asmall city where it is nice to get lost.Itswhitewashed buildings typical of the Algarve with reddish roofs, small tiled shops and charming little squares.At the top of the hill, the castle and the church of Santa Maria do Castelo watch over the city. In addition to strolling through the center, you should visit the wonderful beaches of Tavira.Just 5 minutes by ferry from the city isIlha de Tavira, with 11 kilometers of fine-sand beaches and bird-watching areas.A natural paradise!


On the banks of the Mondego River, Coimbra is one of themost beautiful cities in Portugal.It is considered theintellectual capital of the country, since the oldest university in Portugal is located there.The university was born in Lisbon in 1290 and later moved to Coimbra.Since then, it has been one of the oldest continuously operating universities in the world.You cannot leave without visiting itsJoanina Library, a jewel worthy of Harry Potter. As you can imagine, the students bring a lot of life to the city.But the university is not his only attraction.In the center you can visit several churches.And if you are looking for a corner to disconnect, thebotanical gardenis very cool. You can easily get to Coimbra from Lisbon and Porto, as it is located exactly halfway between the two most important cities in the country.


Known as “the birthplace of Portugal”, Guimaraes is an essential stop for history buffs.It was thebirthplace of the country’s first king and the first Portuguese capital in the 12th century. Its historic center is considered a World Heritage Site.Its streets are charming to stroll leisurely and stop to enjoy the historical monuments.There are still many well-preserved remains from medieval times.Do not miss the castle or the palace of the Dukes of Braganza, the two most characteristic buildings in Guimaraes.

Braga, one of the best cities in Portugal at a historical level

Very close to Guimaraes is Braga, another of thebest cities in Portugal.In fact, many people visit both from Porto in the same day.Like most Portuguese cities,Braga perfectly combines the old and the modern.It is known for being an important destination for religious tourism thanks to its more than 30 churches. The Cathedral of Braga has practically 1000 years of historyand will leave you speechless.But the most photographed place in the city is the entrance to thesanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte, with a beautiful baroque-style staircase.Beyond its historical and religious attractions, it is auniversity citywith a very good atmosphere.


Tomar is a rather unknown little town in the center of Portugal.It was the seat of theOrder of the Templars, which is why its main attractions are still theTemplar castle and the impressive Convent of Christ.Beyond these historical monuments, the city center also preserves the medieval style. Its cobbled streets are perfect for a leisurely stroll, stopping to discover the small shops.It is essential to stop at a patisserie to try the typical sweets of Tomar: almond and pumpkin queijadas or Fatias de Tomar, beaten egg yolks cooked in a bain-marie with sugar.

Funchal, one of the best cities in Portugal for nature lovers

To end our list of the best cities in Portugal, we leave the Iberian Peninsula.Funchal is the capital of the island of Madeira, which deserves a separate visit.It is a highly recommended trip if you like nature, because it has incredible landscapes.Even the city of Funchal issurrounded by green, with banana and tropical fruit plantations on the hills.It is alsowashed by the Atlantic Ocean. Not only is it amazing in terms of landscape, but you canvisit historical monuments and contemplate its reddish roofs from various viewpoints.Do not forget to try the delicious typical dishes and wines of Madeira.

Location Of The Most Beautiful Cities In Portugal

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