Best Time to Visit Dubai

Traveling to Dubai is always a good idea. This modern city enjoys endless hours of sunshine throughout the year and hardly any threat of rain. But traveling in summer can be unbearable due to the heat and its sandstorms! In this post we analyze when is the best time to travel to Dubai and enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t forget your travel insurance with a 5% discount to visit Dubai.

When Is The Best Time To Travel To Dubai

Like any destination, there is no best time to travel to Dubai for everyone. Everything will depend, to a large extent, on the type of trip you are looking for. But it is key to understand the characteristics of the climate in Dubai to see when it is better to travel to the city.

Weather in Dubai

Dubai’s climate is desert hot and sunny due to its position near the line of the Tropic of Cancer. The city is located in the middle of the desert. The rains are very infrequent and the sun is always the main protagonist. In Dubai you will always feel hot, although depending on the dates , the heat can be extreme and it is not advisable to walk down the street at certain temperatures. So despite only having one season. It is an ideal destination to recharge vitamin D at any time of the year! But although in this case there is not a rainy and a dry season, two seasons can be distinguished: one hot (winter) and another extremely hot (summer).

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Winter (November to April), the best time to travel to Dubai

Winter is the best time to travel to Dubai. It covers the months of November to April and is an ideal period to enjoy its beaches and outdoor activities. Obviously it is very hot, we must remember that we are in the desert, but it has nothing to do with the climate of Dubai in summer. Obviously, it also has its cons. It’s high season and hotel prices are slightly more expensive, although in Dubai that shouldn’t worry you. Although it has the reputation of being an expensive city, there really are hotels for all budgets. During these months, we recommend taking advantage of the nights in Dubai as there is a bit of a cool wind that makes the temperatures pleasant.

Summer (May to October)

Summer in Dubai starts around the last week of April and runs through the first week of October. The weather in Dubai during these dates is extremely hot, with very high humidity and very hot winds that cause temperatures to easily rise to 40ºC during the day and the minimum is around 26ºC at night. Thanks to its proximity to the sea, temperatures are milder in summer when compared to other cities in the Middle East located inland such as Kuwait or Riyadh. But sometimes the thermometer does not indicate everything. Being close to the sea makes Dubai have high humidity levels and walking around the city in these conditions is very unpleasant. The rains are scarce in summer . Although they really should never worry you, neither in summer nor in winter! However, apart from the high temperatures, the worst enemy for tourists are sandstorms. During these months there is a lot of wind and, being in the middle of the desert, it causes the sand to move to the city, limiting visibility. If you want to avoid crowds and find better prices, summer is the best time to travel to Dubai. But keep in mind that the heat can get really unbearable as can the humidity. Anyway, if there is a destination prepared for you to enjoy without going outside, this is Dubai: with its huge shopping malls and air-conditioned facilities, anyone goes outside!

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Avoid traveling during Ramadan

Ramadan is the name of the ninth month of the Islamic calendar and marks the month in which the Quran was revealed. It is the most important holiday in Islam and can fall anytime between April and August , depending on the year. During Ramadan, you will not be able to eat, drink, smoke and chew gum in public during fasting hours. And it’s no joke, as you can be punished with a month in jail or a fine of up to 2,000 dirhams (545 US dollars) (according to article 313 of the UAE Penal Code). So as a general rule, you should refrain from eating, drinking, smoking or chewing outside your room or inside permitted restaurants. Although Dubai is a modern city, many cafes or restaurants close until sunset. Although it is true that more and more restaurants are open, yes, with dark sheets covering the windows. If you want to live the most traditional experience, Ramadan is not the best time to travel to Dubai. Although today, in most shopping centers and large hotels you will find restaurants open to avoid fasting.

What is the best month to travel to Dubai?

Now that we know the characteristics of the climate in Dubai, we are going to analyze in detail which is the best month to travel to Dubai.

January, the best month to travel to Dubai

Temp. max: 24ºC
Temp. min: 15ºC

We start strong! For us, January is the best month to travel to Dubai. Why? Because it is the coldest month of the year . But as we have said, the cold in Dubai is relative. During the day, the average temperatures are usually between 19ºC and 23ºC, super pleasant! And at night the thermometer can drop to 15ºC, which is a real luxury. Just in case, take a small sweatshirt in your suitcase, which you will surely need. Not only at night, but because of the intensity of the indoor air conditioners. However it is a month with large crowds . During the first week many people will still be extending the Christmas and New Year holidays . Which by the way, the fireworks are spectacular! However, in the second half of the month, the Dubai Shopping Festival is held , which attracts more than 3 million tourists with its deep discounts. Although it is also one of the wettest months of the year, there is barely 8mm of monthly precipitation. So you shouldn’t worry! Leave the umbrella and bring sunscreen that will do you more service. Without a doubt, the best time to travel to Dubai and make the most of its good weather.

The Burj Al Arab
The Burj Al Arab, the most famous hotel in Dubai

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Dubai in february

Temp. max: 25ºC
Temp. min: 16ºC

Dubai weather in February is also very good . In addition, the prices are much cheaper! February is an ideal month to enjoy the beach, since the temperatures are somewhat higher than in January and you will not find the crowds of January on its sand. The sea temperature remains at a pleasant 22 °C. In addition, it is also a good time to take advantage of the pleasant temperatures and move around the United Arab Emirates and visit destinations such as Abu Dhabi or Al Ain.

Visit Dubai in March

Temp. max: 28ºC
Temp. min: 18ºC

With the arrival of spring, temperatures rise noticeably. It is probably the best time to travel to Dubai and enjoy the beach. Another positive aspect is that every day the days are longer and that you gain one more hour of light per day compared to January. So you can make the most of them for sightseeing!

A good month to escape to the desert before the extreme summer heat arrives
A good month to escape to the desert before the extreme summer heat arrives

Dubai in april

Temp. max: 33ºC
Temp. min: 21ºC

Dubai weather in April is still on the upswing, but it is still a good month to travel to Dubai. Of course, from May things are already beginning to change. So it may be the last chance to get to know this huge city before extreme summer temperatures and humidity hit its streets. Try to avoid Easter, as Dubai is one of the favorite destinations for this type of vacation due to its good weather.

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Travel to Dubai in May

Temp. max: 38ºC
Temp. min: 25ºC

Dubai weather in May is starting to get extreme. It is not uncommon to see how temperatures begin to exceed 40ºC. If you plan to travel to Dubai in May, especially try to avoid walking down the street at midday, when the sun is hotter. However, we would take advantage of the mornings and evenings, when the temperatures are not so high and the feeling of embarrassment is not so high.

Dubai in June

Temp. max: 40ºC
Temp. min: 28ºC

June is a good month to visit almost all countries and cities, but not especially to get to know Dubai. Together with July and August it is one of the three warmest months of the year and under these circumstances you will not like being near the desert! However, Dubai is amazing to visit at any time of the year. But we only recommend visiting it in June for its low prices on hotels and plane tickets. If you have a limited budget, you may find good deals.

Visit Dubai in July

Temp. max: 41ºC
Temp. min: 30ºC

In July things are already starting to get very serious. The minimums are 30ºC at night! We enter a month where the weather is extreme and at certain times it is not advisable to walk down the street under its scorching sun. Also, bathing at the beach in July is not the best idea either. The sea temperature is around 32°C and the sun is very violent. Without a doubt, it is not the best time to travel to Dubai.

The Burj Khalifa
The Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world

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Dubai in august

Temp. max: 41ºC
Temp. min: 31ºC

Dubai’s weather in August is the most extreme of the year. Enjoying outdoor activities can be unbearable in the heat and humidity. Although Dubai is a destination prepared for this type of temperature with its pleasant interiors (shopping malls, restaurants…) we believe that it is not the best time to travel to Dubai. If you have the holidays in August, we think it would be better to look at another destination and try to visit Dubai in winter. Otherwise, try to get up early and take advantage of the first hours of the day for outdoor activities.

Travel to Dubai in September

Temp. max: 39ºC
Temp. min: 28ºC

The weather in Dubai in September is starting to become more favourable . The temperature peaks already ended in August and from September the temperatures begin to drop, albeit slowly. Like the hours of sun. If in summer the sun sets later than 7:00 p.m., in September it already does around 6:00 p.m.

Dubai in october

Temp. max: 36ºC
Temp. min: 24ºC

October is the last month of the low season. As of November, the temperatures are already beginning to be much more pleasant and tourists will begin to arrive in Dubai. Compared to October, the averages are still high, especially the maximums, which can still reach 40ºC. It’s not fall as we know it, but temperatures are slightly cooler compared to the intense heat of summer. It is not the best time to travel to Dubai, but it is better than summer.

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Visit Dubai in November

Temp. max: 31ºC
Temp. min: 20ºC

Dubai’s weather in November is one of the best to get to know the city. However, towards the end of November, the prices of flights and hotels begin to rise significantly. In November you can enjoy excellent meals outdoors without having to suffer the extreme heat of summer. Especially at night!

Travel to Dubai in December

Temp. max: 26ºC
Temp. min: 17ºC

December is one of the best months to travel to Dubai. The weather is quite pleasant and temperatures continue to drop, reaching their lowest in January. During the day the maximum reaches 26ºC, a real privilege compared to the temperatures of the hottest months, where they would even be far from being the minimum. If you are considering spending the Christmas and New Year holidays in Dubai, it can be a fantastic option . In most European countries, December is a very cold month and having the chance to spend a few days in Dubai will be perfect for recharging your vitamin D and enjoying many hours of sunshine. We would like to have these winters! Even in December you can swim on the beach. The sea temperature is over 23ºC and, although it is low compared to the summer months, it is fine to take a dip. On New Year’s Day there is a spectacular fireworks festival at the Burj Khalifa and the Dubai Fountain. So it is a good place to enjoy this festivity!

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Ultimately, What Is The Best Time To Travel To Dubai

Now that we have seen the characteristics of the climate in Dubai and we have analyzed month by month, surely we have a little more clarity about the best time to travel to Dubai. But regardless of the weather, it will also depend on the activities you want to do or the type of trip you are looking for.

What is the cheapest month to travel to Dubai?

If your main purpose is to save, try to avoid traveling to Dubai between the months of December and February. The cheapest months to travel to Dubai are from June to September, when temperatures are extreme. Even many hotels, to attract more visitors, offer great deals, including reduced rates and sometimes even free meals in their restaurants.

The best month to travel to Dubai and do tourism

Considering the pleasant weather, January is without a doubt the best time to travel to Dubai. But keep in mind that it is quite a popular month, so expect crowds. If you’re looking for the ideal combination of fewer crowds and pleasant weather, the best time to go sightseeing in Dubai is between mid-November and early December . Even during the first fortnight of March, before the Easter holidays arrive.

Best time to go shopping

Dubai is a shopper’s paradise. If your purpose is shopping, you can travel at any time of the year as the air conditioning always works great. But the best time to travel to Dubai and shop is in January, when the Dubai Shopping Festival takes place. You’ll find huge discounts of up to 75% on just about every item imaginable, including electronics, jewelry, fashion, and more. If you can’t travel in January, you can try it out in mid-July at the DSS, Dubai Summer Surprises . Many retailers offer special discounts for 45 days!

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