Book Taxi in London with a £5 discount

Booking a taxi in London is something that we usually advise to go from the airport to the center of London and vice versa, especially if several people go, or if you go with children and suitcases.

In our previous article Taxi in London we told you about the differences between the black cabs and the minicabs in London, and this is important to know once you are in the city center, but to go by taxi from the airport to the center the best thing is book a minicab online in advance.

Booking it in advance will be cheaper than taking one at the airport and you will also know exactly what the journey will cost and there will be no surprises – being able to pay online when making the reservation or you can even choose to pay the driver in hand if that is what you want

To book a taxi in London we usually use the Minicabit website , a website where once you have entered the details of your trip, it shows you the different taxi companies in London that offer the route you have chosen and you can compare prices and choose the that you like the most. As simple as that.

Book a taxi in London: From the airport to the center of London

London Stansted , Gatwick and Luton airports are located outside the London Transport Zone, so they are not served by the London Underground or public buses. Therefore, it is necessary to use alternative transportation methods, including buses and trains to reach the city center. Here you will find detailed information to get from each of the airports to the city center: London Airports .

Normally we recommend that you make a price comparison, since if we consider that the train is the fastest way to get there, it is not usually the cheapest, and if you are traveling with 3 or 4 people, it is usually more profitable to use the service of a taxi. when you do the calculation.

Not to mention the comfort of a taxi: It takes you to the door of your hotel and you don’t have to be with your bags on the train and then on the subway… And I consider this really important if you travel with children.

How to book a taxi in London step by step

  1. Enter the web to book Taxi: Minicabit. Upon entering you will see a search box on the website homepage, where we enter the data of the route that we explain below.
  2. Enter the origin and destination: For example, enter “Stansted Airport” in the “From” field , and try to put the name of your hotel in the second field, where it says “T o” . If your hotel is not listed, simply enter the postal code of the hotel address.
  3. Enter the Round Trip Date: Choose a date in « One way » if you only want to book one journey, or « Return » if you want to book round trip at the same time. Here you can also enter the time you want to be picked up. Here I would say about 45 minutes after the arrival of the flight, for example, if you are going to ask to be picked up from the airport.
  4. Select the number of passengers and the number of suitcases (or large packages such as baby strollers, etc.)
  5. Click on « Get Quotes » to display all available options.

6. Choose your Private Taxi : Once you complete the small form that appears in the photo above, the website will show you all the different private taxi companies available along with their prices so you can choose the one you prefer.

In the image that we have added below we have used an example of “Round Trip for 2 people” with 2 suitcases from Stansted to a hotel in Marble Arch in London. As you will see, in the boxes on the right they show you the cheapest option and the ones with the best ratings. Just below you can see the list of all the different private taxi companies and their prices.

Remember that you must select one of the results for the outward journey and then the return journey if you have chosen round trip. They can be from the same company or two different ones, our advice is that if possible, choose the same company for the round trip so that everything is easier and it is only necessary to contact one of them if necessary.

7. Enter your personal and contact information: In the next step you can choose between making the reservation as a guest « Continue as Guest » or creating an account using your email. We recommend the option to create an account as it will be much easier for you to make changes to the reservation or cancel it if you need to.

In the next step enter your Name, address and flight number. Taxi drivers use the flight number to see if the flight is on time or delayed, and if it is delayed for any reason they wait for the flight to arrive.

8. Online payment with Card or Paypal: From now on, all you have to do is enter our exclusive discount code to get your £5 discount. In the ” Promotional Code ” section, just before paying, enter: qverlondon5

Ready! Your private transfer is booked. They will send you an email confirming all the details of your reservation.

Get £5 discount with QverLondon

Now you can get a £5 discount when you book a taxi through the Minicabit website , as long as you book a journey that exceeds £20. The only requirement is that you must make the payment online by card or paypal when you book the taxi.

Simply enter the promotional code qverlondon5 when making your reservation.

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