The Breakfast Club: the trendy restaurant in London

The Breakfast Club is the new trendy restaurant in London, a chain of restaurants that base their menu on typical British breakfasts and with some other American and European influences.

We say that it is the most fashionable restaurant in London because whenever we have passed in front of one during the weekend, there has always always been a queue of 4 or 5 groups of people waiting to enter. And recently someone told us that he waited an hour to get in, but he liked it so much that he would queue to eat there again… So we thought it had to be good, and last Wednesday it just so happened that there was no queue and we entered!

And exactly what is The Breakfast Club?

It is a small chain of restaurants, there are currently only 6 of these restaurants in London, but little by little they are expanding and opening new restaurants. They are easily identified by their yellow facade (in honor of the egg yolk!). The first location opened in Soho a few years ago and was very successful.

They offer a wide menu but based on typical breakfast products, so we can find a full English breakfast called “Full Monty” with bacon, sausages, fried eggs, potatoes, baked beans, mushrooms… as well as numerous vegetarian dishes, fried eggs with chorizo, hamburgers, takeaways, sandwiches and eggs cooked in a thousand different ways. The famous “Eggs benedict” stand out with their hollandaise sauce. And of course, you can not miss the dishes based on sweet breakfasts such as pancakes and other delicacies…

And well thought… a typical breakfast goes very well at lunchtime! Here you can see a photo of the Eggs Al Benny.

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