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Best Shows On Broadway: Info And Tickets

Do you dream of seeing a musical on Broadway during your stay in New York City?

Where Can I Book Tickets To See A Show On Broadway?

If you want to catch a Broadway musical while in New York, it’s often best to book your ticket in advance. And if you plan to go see one of the big shows that attract a lot of spectators, like Chicago or Aladdin, you will have to reserve your place.

Even if you do it very early (weeks or even months in advance), it is not certain that you will be able to benefit from a reduction for these shows. On the other hand, if you wait too long, you will not even be sure that there are still places available for the date you are interested in.

Some sites can be very interesting if you already know when to go to New York and want to secure your place for one of the best shows on Broadway. You can find current promotions there as well as a schedule of shows, and even receive alerts if a promotion appears.

Of course, on Broadway you can also see lesser known or less famous shows. Whether you have a show in mind or just want the experience of seeing a show on Broadway, there are several ways to find a ticket.

Broadway’s Best Musicals

Chicago, The Musical

This mythical musical, based on a play from the 1920s, had already been a great success on Broadway in the second half of the 1970s. It returned in 1996 in a modernized version, and has since been awarded numerous occasions for his performances. It is now one of Broadway’s longest-running shows.

This show immerses the viewer in Chicago in 1924, to follow the story of Roxie Hart who, after having killed her lover, finds herself in prison and meets Velma Kelly, a star of the entertainment world. The two protagonists will aim to regain freedom and become famous.

Useful Information

Prices From 77 €
Place Ambassador Theater
For who ? 12 years and +
Duration of the show 2h30

The Lion King

Today, The Lion King is probably Broadway’s most famous musical. I can only advise you to book very early if you want to attend this show which is sold out every day. Produced by Disney, this show tells the story of the young lion Simba who, after the death of his father, will have to live many adventures to reach the throne and become the king of the savannah.

In this show, the singers, actors and dancers are all dressed up as animals. Singing star Elton John, who could already be heard singing in the cartoon, is one of two co-writers of the songs in this musical. This show has been playing since 1997 at the Minskoff Theatre.

Useful Information

Prices From 100 €
Place Minskoff Theater
For who ? 6 years and + and English not necessary
Duration of the show 2h30

The Phantom Of The Opera

The Phantom of the Opera is the longest running Broadway show. Since 1988, it has been performed at the Majestic Theater, one of New York’s finest performance halls. This musical is an adaptation of the famous eponymous French novel, written by Gaston Leroux and first published in 1910.

The action takes place in Paris, at the Palais Garnier, and tells the tragic story of the talented actress Christine Daaé and the two men who have fallen in love with her, the aristocrat Raoul de Chagny and the mysterious Phantom of the Opera , a masked man living in the basements of the palace. For more details, click on the “book now” button below.

Useful Information

Prices Around 86 €
Place Majestic Theater
For who ? 5 years and over
Duration of the show 2h30


Here is another musical inspired by a great Walt Disney classic: the story of Aladdin. The version of the Hit Broadway Musical allows itself to take a little more freedom than does the animated film. You will be able to discover the story of Aladdin, Jasmine and the terrible Jafar in a new light, and listen to all the cartoon’s cult songs, as well as many other songs that have been composed especially for this show.

Performances of the musical Aladdin on Broadway last 2 hours and take place at the New Amsterdam Theater.

Useful Information

Prices Around 80 €
Place New Amsterdam Theater
For who ? The whole family
Duration of the show 2 hours

My hit musical on Broadway

The musical Six: the Musical has been causing a sensation around the world since 2017. This show was originally a graduation project, yet it has now become a Broadway staple! This is the story of the 6 wives of King Henry VIII, who sing their fed up with their lives as wives. The show is pop, composed of music inspired by great divas such as Beyoncé and Shakira. Women speak up and assert themselves in this feminist story tinged with humor.

Blue Man Group

If you are looking to attend a truly atypical show, do not hesitate and go to the show of these 3 masked men. Initially, the 3 performers performed during street shows. After being scouted, they began performing their show at the Astor Place Theatre.

Witness a series of gags, comedy, special effects and music led by these three blue characters. This show, which has been seducing audiences for more than 20 years, will amaze your eyes and ears! Young or old, everyone can enjoy the show. It is also not necessary to speak English: the show is made in such a way that it can speak to everyone. For more details, click on the reservation button in the table below.

Useful Information

Prices Around 70 €
Place Astor Place Theater
For who ? 5 years and over
Duration of the show 1h45

West Side Story

Here is probably the most legendary musical of all. It was first performed at the Winter Garden Theater on Broadway in 1957, and it was also a huge success when it was adapted for the cinema in 1961.

The story is largely inspired by Romeo and Juliet: Tony and Maria, two young people madly in love with each other, are caught up in the conflict between the two rival gangs to which they belong, the Jets and the Sharks .

In 2020, this iconic show made its return to Broadway stages, in a modern and daring adaptation, and its staging and choreography were completely revamped.

Useful Information

Prices Between 39 and 199 €
Place Broadway Theater
For who ? 12 years and +
Duration of the show 1h45
Where to book? Tickets are currently not available


Wicked is one of Broadway’s best-known comedies. Played since 2003, it still arouses great interest today. It’s hands down one of the best musicals to watch. This comedy is a true work of art as a whole. The story depicts the unlikely friendship that binds two teenage witches that everything opposes, during the period preceding the story of the Wizard of Oz. The path of these two apprentices separates and we discover their destinies.

The staging and costumes are sublime. No doubt you will be captivated by this show, which has already received a Grammy and 3 Tony Awards. The show is open to all and will appeal to both children and adults.

Useful Information

Prices Around 111 €
Place George Gershwin Theater
For who ? 6 years and over
Duration of the show 2h30

Moulin Rouge!

The Moulin Rouge show is in fact the adaptation to the theater of the film of the same name released in 2001, with Nicole Kidman. So if you enjoyed the movie, you’ll definitely like this multiple Tony Award-winning show.

The performing artists, who are no less than twenty, are very talented. They will tell you the love story between a cabaret star named Satine and Christian, a writer. The facts take place in Paris in the 1900s. The play is characterized as a show full of colors and lights, tinged with very technical performances from the artists on stage.

Useful Information

Prices Around 110 €
Place Al Hirschfeld Theater
For who ? 12 years and +
Duration of the show 2h30

Ain’t Too Proud – The Life And Times Of The Temptations

This musical, which has been playing on Broadway since February 2019, is one of the biggest hits of recent years. The story focuses on the rise to success of the Temptations, a famous rhythm & blues and soul band, founded in Detroit in the early 1960s.

To the rhythm of their biggest hits, like My Girl, Papa was a Rolling Stone and Just My Imagination , you will be able to discover their history in depth, from their meeting to their greatest victories, including all the difficulties they had to to cross.

Useful Information

Prices Around 110 €
Place Imperial Theater
For who ? 13 years and over
Duration of the show 2h30
Where to book? Tickets are currently not available.


Go see a performance of a show that made a recent (2015) and very noticeable arrival on Broadway. The Hamilton show traces the story of one of the founding fathers of the United States: Alexander Hamilton. An orphan, he arrived in the United States to play an important role in the country’s independence.

The peculiarity of this musical is that you will not find “spoken” passages, because these are sung or rapped.

History and a musical culture tinged with rap, rhythm and blues and hip hop intertwine to offer you a wonderful moment. Hamilton is the most nominated comedy at the Tony Awards to date, and it still won 11 in total.

Useful Information

Prices Around 180 €
Place Richard Rodgers Theater
For who ? The whole family / necessary to understand English
Duration of the show 2h45
Where to book? Tickets are currently not available

Mj The Musical

This comedy produced since 2021 on Broadway retraces the life of Michael Jackson through no less than 25 of his titles. It is inspired by the book by writer Lynn Nottage. The show takes us on a reconstruction of the artist’s life and the development of his famous “Dangerous World Tour”.

The choreographies are very impressive, the show is worth the detour! Myles Frost, who plays the essential star, is disconcerting as his role is precisely embodied.

He also won several times at the Tony Awards, it’s a show that I recommend to everyone, even more so if you’re a fan of Michel Jackson.

Useful Information

Prices Around 238 €
Place Neil Simon Theater
For who ? 8 years and over
Duration of the show 2h30

Harry Potter And The Cursed Child

Have you always wanted to know the rest of the Harry Potter saga? Harry Potter and the Cursed Child did it! The screenplay is written by JK Rowling, and this play is the one and only sequel to the Harry Potter story. The facts take place 19 years after Harry Potter’s victory over Voldemort. Harry is the father of 3 children and Ron and Hermione are also parents to a daughter.

The show still lasts about 3h30, so don’t be in a hurry! Despite its length, the performance is striking due to the unprecedented character of this suite. During these several hours you will dive back into the world of Harry Potter, to savor the rest of his story with magnificent staging and effects.

Useful Information

Prices Around 77 €
Place Lyric Theater
For who ? 10 years and over
Duration of the show 3h30

Other Options For Buying Tickets For Musicals

Rush-tickets And Standing Room Only

Rush Tickets are the solution to choose if you are not afraid of having to wait for hours. To see some of the biggest shows on Broadway, you will have the option of going to the theater or the performance hall at least 1h30 before the normal opening time of the box office, in order to try to obtain tickets at prices well below the normal rate.

You can indeed buy tickets for $30 or $40, while the average price is generally around $110, or even much more for the best seats! However, it is only possible to buy a maximum of 2 tickets, for the screening scheduled for the same day, and you will not be able to choose your location. The total number of tickets available is not announced, and only the first arrivals will be served!

Standing Room Only is another practice in place in some theaters. If you really want to see a show but it is sold out, you may still have one last option to attend its performance. On the day itself, a very small number of places remain available, and they are often offered from the “  Cancellation Line  ”, the queue for cancellations. These seats will allow you to attend the show while standing (usually at the very back of the theater, or on the sides), for about $25.

I advise you to consult the websites of the various theatres, or even to go directly to the box office the day before, to find out if Rush -Tickets or Standing Room Only will be available.

Broadway Ticket Lotteries

These ticket lotteries were set up on the initiative of show producers, with the aim of allowing everyone to try their luck and be able to attend some of the biggest shows on Broadway at an extremely preferential rate.

Lotteries can be organized directly on site, in the hours before the shows or a few days before, but they are now increasingly organized online.

The operation of the lottery is simple: you only have to register to participate in the draw. If you are selected, you will have the possibility of obtaining very good seats, often in the first rows, to attend the show you have chosen and this at an unbeatable price. Depending on the musicals, the tickets accessible through these lotteries cost between $30 and $50, while their original prices often exceed $200.

Tkts Kiosks

If you hadn’t planned to attend a show at all and the urge takes you at the last minute, I advise you to try your luck at the TKTS kiosks. You can find them in several places in the city, such as in Times Square or at Lincoln Center, and they will allow you to buy tickets for shows taking place the same evening or the following day.

You won’t find tickets for all Broadway shows at these kiosks, but the choices will still often be quite substantial, and you will also have the opportunity to take advantage of discounts ranging from 15% to 50% on the price of tickets .. Sometimes, preferential rates are also offered for students or those under 26 years old. To find out where the TKTS kiosks are, remember to take a good look on one of the city maps

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