Bumpkin, a highly recommended British gastropu

If you want to try quality authentic British food, we recommend making a reservation to eat at Bumpkin, one of our favorite gastropubs in London.

Although they have three restaurants in London, we usually go to the restaurant that is located in South Kensington , very close to the museum area where we find the Natural History Museum, the Science Museum and the Victoria and Albert Museum.

The decoration of the place is typical of a traditional English restaurant, but with a modern touch, with wooden tables and different chairs, with its fireplace and creaking wooden floors…

In addition to an extensive menu of starters, main courses, side dishes and desserts, it also offers an extensive cocktail menu, so it is possible to go for dinner and then have a drink. In Bumpkin you can also try the famous Pimm’s in summer or the mulled wine in winter.

So if you’re going to walk around the Notting Hill flea market on a Saturday or you’re going to be in South Kensington visiting Harrods or a museum, you know where you can go.

It is the restaurant that we usually recommend for dinner on Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve or for lunch on Christmas Day , but for these key dates you will need to book in advance as it is usually packed! As a curiosity, at the beginning of 2017 they sent us an email to thank us, because it turns out that on New Year’s Eve 2016 several groups of Spaniards who spent New Year’s Eve in London booked a table for dinner and they did not know very well why and when talking to them they found out that we recommend in Tripandtourism! We were very excited to know that many of our readers followed our advice, as it is one of our favorite restaurants!

What will you find in this article?

What to eat at Bumpkin restaurant in London

I have to say that the quality of the food is always fabulous, and according to the menu, all the products used are of British origin. Each season they usually have a different menu, since their menu is based on local products available depending on the time of year. Here you can try quality traditional British food, such as fish and chips or the traditional Sunday roast , something I recommend if you have never tried it before. They usually have a selection of traditional pies , meat pies with vegetables. It is also possible to have a typical afternoon tea.

At the end of this article you can see photos of some of the dishes we have tried at Bumpkin, such as Butternut Squash, stuffed pumpkin, a typical English dish that you don’t find very often. If you want to try a British dessert, Bumpkin is where we have tried the best sticky toffee pudding , but in addition to this dessert you will find several delicious desserts on their menu.

VERY VERY HIGHLY recommended!!!!

Location, website and reservations

There are three Bumpkin restaurants in London: Notting Hill, South Kensington and at Westfield Shopping Center in Sherperd’s Bush.

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