Canal Saint-Martin And Menilmontant Neighborhood

Walk Along The Canal Saint Martin In Paris

A walk from the Marais to the Canal Saint Martin is a must for any tourist setting foot in Paris. It’s an opportunity to get to know the most sophisticated shops in the city and discover cute restaurants and trendy shops.

The Marais is known by Parisians as “old Paris”, precisely because it is the old part of the city. In it there are still cobbled streets and ancient buildings, garages, hotels and lanterns that give the neighborhood an exquisite appearance. Visiting this corner will allow you to travel back in time and dare to discover secret and mysterious corners in Paris.

In the North area you can find the famous “golden triangle”, a figure formed by three streets that converge and where the most luxurious shops and places in the city are located. The southern part of the neighborhood has more bohemian characteristics and a more small-town atmosphere. This fusion of styles and the natural way in which tradition and avant-garde coexist in this corner of Paris give it an impressive appearance and atmosphere. Be sure to visit it when you are in Paris.

But without a doubt what most attracts the Marais is the Canal Saint Martin, an area for shopping and enjoying fun and unforgettable walks.

The Canal Saint Martin area is not only for shopping, it is also a fabulous place to stroll and watch the trendiest people in Paris walking around, enjoying the city and visiting the most picturesque fashion stores and art galleries in the French capital.

We could divide the area into two well-defined parts: one of them, next to the Marais, where the most sophisticated and cultural buildings are located; on the other, next to the canal is the bohemian and artistic area. Two sides of the same coin that every visitor must touch in Paris.

In this area, you will not only find the most fabulous Parisian fashion but also beautiful green spaces, such as the Square du Temple where you can rest after a long walk. The Canal Saint Martin is for many one of the best preserved icons of Paris, where the bohemian and the elegant coexist harmoniously, as well as a fabulous multi-ethnic and cultural atmosphere. Without a doubt one of the corners of Paris that you should not miss!

Visit The Ménilmontant Neighborhood

Ménilmontant is another of the Parisian neighborhoods that you should not miss. Formerly it was a town apart from the capital, but over the centuries and its conquest of its surrounding territories, this small town was absorbed by the city.

Until 1860 Ménilmontant was a small town that belonged to the Belleville region, but it was annexed to the capital during that year and today it is a neighborhood of Paris located in the 20th Arrondissement.

In the Ménilmontant area you can enjoy a very interesting walk in Paris. A neighborhood where diversity and good taste go hand in hand and where you can enjoy amazing views of the city.

Among the things you should not miss in this neighborhood is the Casa de los Metales, the first copper factory in Paris that currently functions as a house of culture where cultural exchange events are held.

The Edith Piaf Museum is another place not to be missed. It is the house that Edith Piaf had in Paris and where many objects and works of art that belonged to the singer are exhibited. If you are a fan of this French star, it is certainly a visit that may interest you.

In the Ménilmontant neighborhood you will find narrow and picturesque streets to stroll through while visiting artists’ workshops and absolutely picturesque little shops. Without a doubt, it is a walk that any art lover should not miss in Paris, are you going to miss it?

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