Cheap shops in London

Finding cheap shops in London is very simple if you know where to go, although we are talking about one of the most expensive cities in the world, in addition to luxury boutiques and exclusive shops, London has numerous cheap shops that cannot go unnoticed if you go in search for the best bargains.

We can find cheap shops in London for everything you can think of: the latest fashion clothes, brand clothes, sportswear, shoes, fashion accessories, furniture… And we must also not forget that during the sales season, all the London usually have some very good deals.

What will you find in this article?

Cheap shops in London to buy trendy clothes

When most people ask us about the best cheap shops in London, they refer to shops to buy clothes, shoes and fashion accessories. If you are looking for bargains, we recommend that you walk through the most famous shopping areas in London , since this is where you will find the highest concentration of shops, and where you can enter many shops in a short time and compare prices. Here we have prepared a list of cheap shops in London that we think deserve special mention:


For little money you can buy a lot of clothes at Primark, probably the best known British brand of cheap clothes all over the world. Here you can find the latest super cheap clothes, from pajamas and underwear to gala dresses, shoes, accessories, children’s clothing… Everything. At each end of Oxford Street, the most famous shopping street in London, there is a Primark, although in my opinion the best one is the one opposite Marble Arch tube station. You will be surprised by the amount of clothes you can buy with 20 pounds!

TK Maxx

TK Maxx offers us great brands at unimaginable prices. We include clothing, accessories, decoration items, shoes… In most cases, it is out-of-season clothing, and you can find real bargains. Their items are replenished very frequently, so from one day to the next you may have different things. I recommend going to the one located in Charing Cross, as it is gigantic!

H & M

H & M is a store that we can also find in Spain, but it is without a doubt where we can find very cheap clothing and fashion accessories. I also have to point out that it is one of the best stores that you can visit during the sales season, since you can get real bargains, and they usually have almost all sizes, since in some stores you only find giant-size clothing on sale… There’s a giant H&M in Oxford Circus.


Gap is without a doubt one of our favorites to buy clothes that are not of poor quality at very reasonable prices. Although some of their items sometimes go up a little in price, we can find t-shirts or jeans at very good prices. As with H&M, during the sales season it is another of the stores in London that you cannot miss, especially if you want to get a typical sweatshirt with the Gap logo, since you can find them at half price.

New look

Another super cheap fashion clothing store in London is New Look, where you can find everything from casual wear to formal wear at very low prices. If I had to recommend one, it would certainly be the one located on Oxford Street.

Topshop and Topman

Super cheap clothing and accessories for women and men. This clothing franchise is one of the preferred by Londoners to buy fashionable clothes at very affordable prices.

Forever 21

This store is the latest trend when it comes to cheap clothing stores in London, again, another giant store located on Oxford Street, where you can find everything at irresistible prices…


Japanese casual fashion store, jeans, pants, sweaters, shirts, T-shirts… I have to say that in my opinion the jeans are super good for the price they have. Also noteworthy are the winter jackets and coats that are like feathers, but weigh nothing and are great for the cold, and usually come in many different colours.

More clothing stores in London

In addition to these stores, in London we find other well-known stores such as Zara, Mango, Monsoon, Next, Dorothy Perkins, Burton, Fat Face, White Stuff among many others that in my opinion are not the cheapest you can find in London.

Cheap shops in London to buy sportswear


It is surely the most famous sports store in London, since in addition to being located in the very center of London in Piccadilly Circus and being one of the cheapest sports stores, it has five floors where you can find everything, and on top of that at incredible prices and with the best offers. It is definitely a must see if you want to see sportswear, as you will not believe the prices.

Sport Direct

This is another giant and ridiculously priced sports store in London. There are several scattered around London, the largest is surely the one on Oxford Street, but in Camden there is also one that is not bad in size. Here you can also find clothing and shoes from the big sports brands at incredible prices.

Cheap shops in London to buy cheap gifts and souvenirs

At the eastern end of Oxford Street towards Tottenham Court Road there are several souvenir shops where gift items are surprisingly quite cheap, but personally I would always recommend buying gifts and souvenirs at the Camden Town Flea Market if you have thought to visit it. If it’s Christmas, the Christmas markets are without a doubt the best place to buy Christmas decorations or gifts.

Cheap second-hand shops in London: The charity shops

One of the best ways to get cheap things in London is by visiting one of its charity shops , second-hand shops for charity. In England we find many stores of this type, and there are usually several in each neighborhood of London, such as Oxfam, RSPCA, Sue Ryder…. Being in each neighborhood, it’s a good idea to visit the best neighborhoods in London from time to time, since in the most expensive neighborhoods clothes are also donated and end up being sold in these stores, and you can find brand-name clothes without brand new… In addition to clothing they sell gift items, Christmas cards, books, toys and even furniture.

Cheap shops in London where you can find a little bit of everything

For those of us who live here, the stores that I name below are the ones that we surely visit the most if we need things for the house or some stationery, since they are the typical stores where you can find a little of everything for 1 pound.


Franchise where all their products cost 1 pound. You can find groceries, toys, cosmetics, hygiene and cleaning items, gardening, stationery… There are usually in every neighborhood in London.


It is another franchise practically the same as the one named above, and there are also in different neighborhoods of London.


This franchise is somewhat more expensive than the poundland or the 99p, but in it you will find cheap but trendy gadgets and items.

Cheap furniture stores in London

And to buy furniture we recommend the following cheap shops in London:


It is a catalog store, and they are usually in the high streets of the different neighborhoods of London. It is definitely the first store that comes to my mind if we need to buy something for the house, and you can buy online and go to pick up at a nearby store or have it delivered to your home.


Another store that we usually find in shopping centers or on the main streets of London neighborhoods,


The famous Swedish furniture store is another option we have in London to buy cheap furniture.


They are usually in industrial estates, but these stores are super cheap and you can find everything to decorate the house. If you have a car and need to decorate a house, or buy things to decorate your wedding (like we did!) look for the closest one, you won’t regret it!

Tesco direct

The giant Tesco supermarket has some larger than usual stores called Tesco Extra, where we can find more products than usual, including furniture, appliances, among other things. If you have a Tesco points card take a look at the things they have online if you don’t have one nearby, as they can always send it to your home…

Other cheap shops in London

Other stores where we can find cheap furniture and decoration and garden items are Homebase and B&Q , but these are also usually located in retail parks.

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