Christmas And New Year In Paris

The Best Christmas Activities in Paris

During Christmas is an excellent time to visit Paris , both if you go on holidays and in the days leading up to it. During Christmas, Paris is an ideal place for a getaway with your partner, friends, family or alone. This city is so versatile that no matter how you travel, you’ll always find a warm welcome and things to do.

On these important dates, the city is filled with lights, joy and color . Not only will you be able to see the beautiful lights that adorn the entire city, but you will also be able to enjoy various activities, places to go and things to visit during Christmas in Paris.

Here we show you what you can do in Paris during Christmas and New Year’s Eve . We also invite you to visit our section with the best places to visit , where the most important points of interest in the city of Paris appear so that before traveling you can organize the things you would like to see. We’ve also added an interactive map so you can use it during your visit.

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What to do in Paris at Christmas?

Visiting Paris at Christmas has a special charm that you cannot miss if you decide to travel at this time of year . From Christmas lights all over the streets, to Christmas markets where you can entertain yourself looking at Christmas objects or handicrafts, traveling to Paris at Christmas is an excellent option. Of course, the only thing you should keep in mind is to pack warm clothes in your luggage .

One of the most magical things about Christmas in Paris is its lighting and the detail that the locals put in the decoration of the shop windows, the shops and the surroundings. Traveling at this time makes us feel like children again , since illusion, colors and lights are everywhere. The most amazing storefronts are found in Lafayette , along with the tree under the mall’s dome. These windows even feature movement and music, free entertainment to watch while you stroll and shop .

Another important Christmas tree is the one that is located in front of the Notre-Dame cathedral , as well as all the surrounding decoration. In case it is to your liking, we inform you that the Christmas Eve mass at Notre-Dame is spectacular.

Strolling down the Champs-Elysées and admiring the lighting is a must-see during Christmas in Paris, as the shops and streets are decorated with very pretty Christmas motifs. On the Champs-Elysées, specifically in the Tuileries Park, there is also one of the Christmas markets . On the other side of the park, in Place Concorde , a 70-meter-high Ferris wheel is built every year, offering spectacular views of the city. Also located in the Eiffel Tower , on the first floor, a huge ice rink is built every year on which to skate with views of the city.

If you go with children, surely they will notice before the adults of the merry-go-rounds that are installed throughout the city . These merry-go-rounds, or carousels, are installed during the Christmas season and are totally free ; a rewarding experience both for children because they can climb, and for adults because it is free.

One of the things to do during Christmas in Paris is to see a cabaret show with the special Christmas scenery and the show made for this time. At the Moulin Rouge they have a Christmas show with dinner or a New Year’s Eve dinner with a show. Other cabarets also have a special show, you can find the one you like the most in our partying article .

Visiting Disneyland at Christmas is a wonderful option to do with children since it includes double magic: Christmas and Disney. During Christmas , the park is decorated and the performances focus on the Christmas festivities, even the characters are dressed according to the season!

If you are looking for something to do at the end of the year in Paris , one of the options is to attend the event on the Champs-Elysées . In this event, as in many other European cities, the new year is welcomed with a different show every year . On the first day of the year , at 2:00 p.m., the New Year parade begins on the Champs-Elysées, an event that you cannot miss.

Christmas Markets In Paris

Christmas Market In The Tuileries Park

Between the last week of November and January , in the Tuileries park, a Christmas market is set up where Christmas decorations, French crafts and regional products are sold. This flea market is elegantly decorated by a 70-meter Ferris wheel on the Place de la Concorde.

Market In Les Halles

In this Christmas market in Paris you can find everything from crafts, decoration and gastronomy cabins, to animations for the little ones. In this market, children can also give the letter to Santa Claus. The market takes place from November 24 to December 31 approximately.

Christmas Market At Notre-Dame

The cathedral Christmas market takes place from December 15 to December 24 approximately. In this market you will find everything from Christmas decorations to ceramics and jewelry. The entire environment is decorated by the Notre-Dame cathedral and one of the best-known Christmas trees in the city.

Village De Noël In La Defense

This Christmas market located in La Défense takes place from November 23 to December 28 approximately. In the market you will find more than 300 cabins dedicated to Christmas decoration, crafts and gastronomy.

St Germain Des Pres Flea Market

This small Christmas market located in St Germain des Prés is usually held during the month of December . Like all Christmas markets, here you will find Christmas decorations as well as a large number of cabins dedicated to crafts.

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