The Cronut has arrived in London

We all know that London is a city known internationally for its museums, its theaters, its architecture… but what many don’t know is that London is a paradise for the sweet tooth, since in every street you can find authentic delicacies from the world of pastries such as cupcakes, buns of all kinds, Neapolitans, croissants, etc. Well, a new guest has just arrived in the city and is currently sweeping the city, his name is “ Cronut ” and it is the fusion of Croissant + Donut (Elemental, dear Watson).

That’s right, on December 30, 2015, ” Dominique Ansel Bakery ” opened its doors in London, the home of this sweet created by the famous French chef Dominique Ansel (thank you for bringing the Cronut to our lives), and a few more hours Later it was impossible to calculate the number of diets that had been interrupted without any kind of compassion.

The newspapers even published photos of people who had waited up to 4 hours at the doors of the bakery to try the new Cronuts. The truth is that we would never think of queuing to buy an iPhone, but if you tell me that there are freshly made Cronuts waiting on the other side of the queue, maybe we would consider making an exception…

The patisserie is located at 17-21 Elizabeth Street, London, SW1W 9RP , in the Victoria area and if you decide to pay a visit, know that you will not only find Cronuts, you will also find other sweets that will surely make you sin and that They have already made this French chef famous in cities like Paris and New York.

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