Best Things to do in Doha in one day, Qatar

Visiting Doha in one day is not crazy. Many tourists decide to take advantage of the layover hours of their Qatar Airways flight to get to know this city. Qatar is a very small country, and of course you can’t see everything in one day, but in a few hours you can get to know Doha perfectly. Of course, everything will depend on the time you have. We do not advise you to leave the airport if you have less than 5 hours of layover. In this post we tell you what to do in Doha in one day. In addition, Doha airport is one of the most spectacular in the world and strolling through its shops will entertain you for a long time. But very important, they do not have lockers to leave luggage. So if you have not checked in, you must take it with you during your visit. If you don’t know where to stay in Doha, we leave you a post with the best areas and hotels.

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Until August 2017, it was mandatory to get a visa at the airport itself, which cost around €20. But the Qatari government wants to boost tourism and has created a visa waiver program for 80 countries. For Spaniards it is valid for up to 90 days in the country, while for Latin Americans it is valid for up to 30 days in Qatar. When you arrive at immigration control in Doha your passport will be stamped without the need for any additional documents.

How to get to the city from the airport?

Then we advise you to take a taxi. If you have few hours to visit Doha in one day, agree on a price with the taxi driver so that he is with you all the time and takes you to the most important places. Important, haggle as much as possible. They always put very high prices that in the end you can get it for half or less. In addition, they know very well all the corners of the city and can advise you where to eat, among other things. Of course, you have to be vigilant if you don’t want it to happen to you like it did to us in this experience. Taxis are very cheap in Qatar, as they are one of the world’s leading oil producers. A taxi driver told us that putting 10 liters of gasoline there is equivalent to putting one in Spain. During the day, a taxi to the center will cost you around 30 riyals one way (€5) and will not take more than 20 minutes, as Doha Hamad International Airport is relatively close. Without a doubt, something great if you can only get to know Doha in one day.

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Visit Doha In One Day: What To Do In 24 Hours

Browse in the Souk (Souq Waqif), the best way to start your Doha itinerary in one day

It is not a jewel, but its visit is curious, especially if you have never been in a country of this culture. It is very important that you respect the rules of their religion, they are very strict. If you are a woman, keep your shoulders covered and try to avoid shorts. Men do not wear shorts above the knees. Dry cleaners, craft shops and jewelry stores abound. You will see that the shops are another world, nothing like the western world. It is the most traditional area of Doha, it has nothing to do with the business area, located on the other side of the bay.

Get to the Museum of Islamic Art, one of the most beautiful buildings to see in Doha in one day

Museum of Islamic Art
Museum of Islamic Art

Located next to the bay of Doha, its visit is highly recommended on your Doha tour in one day. It is not necessary to enter, although many will not hesitate to do so depending on how hot it is to give you relief. The architecture and views from the museum are very beautiful.

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Stroll along the Doha Corniche

The Doha Corniche
The Doha Corniche

It is the most beautiful thing in Doha. Walking around for a while feeling the sea breeze and contemplating the modern Doha skyline is quite an experience. However, the famous sand storms can ruin your views.

Hallucinate with the luxury of Villaggio Qatar

For shopping lovers, this luxury mall is a must-see. Inspired by the Venice Hotel in Las Vegas, you can even ride a gondola down a canal that runs through the center of the shops. Of course, if you intend to buy, go with a well-filled wallet, since it is considered one of the most expensive shopping centers in the world. You can also take the opportunity to eat there as there are many restaurants to eat in Doha.

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Discover The Pearl Qatar

Pearl Qatar from the plane
Pearl Qatar from the plane

If you have time, do not hesitate to go even if it is quite far from the city. It is an artificial archipelago made for sheikhs and millionaires where the most luxurious hotels and businesses in the city and the country are located. If in our culture seeing a Ferrari on the street is an extraordinary event, in that area there is one every 50 meters. Porto Arabia, the marina in the area welcomes yachts and spectacular boats. It does not leave indifferent.

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