Form to get 2×1 discounts in London

To get the 2×1 discounts in London , which are valid for different attractions, you need to fill out a form, and many people have asked me several times how to fill out the form, so I have decided to include detailed information on how to fill out this form. form.

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Form for 2×1 discounts in London

Below you have the images of the form that you must fill in with explanations, although the design of the page has changed since I wrote this article, the steps to follow are the same.

1. Main page of the daysoutguide website: After clicking on the 2FOR1 London tab at the top of the page, the image you see below will appear. Here, click on « list of 2FOR1 London attractions » (red circle) and you will get a list of all the attractions that are included in the offer.

2. Choose the attractions that interest you: If you only want to choose one attraction, you can hit « instant download » (red circle), and it will take you directly to the form, but if you want several attractions choose « add to basket » (red circle) . You will see at the top of the page the number of coupons you have chosen in «Voucher basket». When you have chosen all the attractions that interest you, click on voucher basket.

3 . Voucher basket: This is your basket, with the attractions you have chosen. Here you can delete them if you have changed your mind. When you are ready to continue, click on « download vouchers » (red circle)

4. Form:
Here you must register, if you already have an account created you can directly click on LOGIN to enter your password. If not, simply enter your data: Name, Surname and address. You will see that under Postcode it says: Do you live outside the UK? Change. If you hit change, you can choose your country.

Then it asks you the day you are going to travel, and you really should not worry too much about the date you put in since they really give you several months of validity, you do not have to put the exact day you want to visit the attraction. And in any case, you can always repeat the process and print more coupons with another date if it comes out in the conditions that exact day, since the validity they give you depends on each attraction

5. Continuation of the form: Next, it asks you to enter the station of origin, from which you are going to travel: Here you can enter the train station of the airport you are going to travel from, Stansted for example, if you are coming from the airport in train and the return train ticket is the one you will use to validate the 2×1 offers. But here you can really add any train station in London, for example, the station from which you are going to buy the travelcard for the 2×1 discounts. Some stations you can put in are Paddington, King’s Cross, Charing Cross. It is not necessary to go to this train station if you are going to buy the travelcard online or to get to the attraction in question.

Then it will ask you for the number of adults and children traveling, your email, and password to register, and it will ask you to repeat your password. Then click on “ continue registration ”, in the yellow box. If it does not give you the option, as it happened to me when I did the test, you must enter an English address. So you can enter the hotel data for example. Just by entering the number and the postal code, you will get the entire address.

6. And here’s a little information about coupons, and two options: Print your coupons and view coupons. print them!

7. Example of the coupons: With your data and information about the validity of the coupon and conditions of use. Here it is very important that you look at the validity date of the coupon! If you see that the date is not the one that suits you… repeat it!

You must print these 2×1 offers and present them at the attraction ticket office with a valid travelcard or train tickets for that day, and it is not a bad idea to carry identification just in case since your detailed name is on the offers. They can be printed in black and white.

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