French way of Santiago de Compostela

37 939.7

The Camino that connects Saint Jean de Pied de Port (Donibane Garazi) with Santiago de Compostela is the most important and popular axis of Jacobean pilgrimages.

Since the discovery of the tomb of the Apostle Santiago in Compostela, in the 9th century, the Camino de Santiago became the most important pilgrimage route in medieval Europe. The passage of the innumerable pilgrims who, moved by their faith, headed to Compostela from all European countries, served as the starting point for an entire artistic, social and economic development that left its traces along the entire Camino de Santiago . In 1993, the Jacobean Year, the pilgrimage revival took place. The mixture of sporting challenge with religiosity, with the search for the authentic and for oneself, all escorted by Romanesque and Gothic styles, between Knights Templar and Benedictine monks, between beeches and wheat, between chestnut and oak trees, between legends and miracles make the Camino de Santiago a unique experience.

Table of Contents

Information on the 37 Stages of the Camino Frances

  • STAGE 1

    Stage from Saint Jean Pied de Port to Roncesvalles

    Distance in KM: 25.7

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  • STAGE 2

    STAGE from Roncesvalles to Zubiri

    Distance in KM: 21.5
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  • STAGE 3

    STAGE from Zubiri to Pamplona/Iruna

    Distance in KM: 20.4
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  • STAGE 4

    STAGE from Pamplona/Iruna to Puente la Reina/Gares

    Distance in KM: 24.0
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  • STAGE 5

    STAGE from Puente la Reina/Gares to Estella/Lizarra

    Distance in KM: 22.0
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  • STAGE 6

    STAGE from Estella/Lizarra to Torres del Rio

    Distance in KM: 29.0
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  • STAGE 7

    STAGE from Torres del Rio to Logrono

    Distance in KM: 20.0
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  • STAGE 8

    STAGE from Logrono to Najera

    Distance in KM: 29.6
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  • STAGE 9

    STAGE from Najera to Sto. Causeway Sunday

    Distance in KM: 21.0
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  • STAGE 10

    Sto stage. Sunday from the Causeway to Belorado

    Distance in KM: 22.7
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  • STAGE 11

    STAGE from Belorado to Ages

    Distance in KM: 27.4
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  • STAGE 12

    STAGE from Ages to Burgos

    Distance in KM: 23.0
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  • STAGE 13

    STAGE from Burgos to Hontanas

    Distance in KM: 31.1
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  • STAGE 14

    STAGE from Hontanas to Boadilla del Camino

    Distance in KM: 28.5
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  • STAGE 15

    STAGE from Boadilla on the Camino to Carrion de los Condes

    Distance in KM: 24.6
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  • STAGE 16

    STAGE from Carrion de los Condes to Terradillos de los Templarios

    Distance in KM: 26.6
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  • STAGE 17

    STAGE from Terradillos de los Templarios to El Burgo Ranero

    Distance in KM: 30.6
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  • STAGE 18

    STAGE from El Burgo Ranero to Leon

    Distance in KM: 37.1
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  • STAGE 19

    STAGE from Leon to San Martin del Camino

    Distance in KM: 25.9
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  • STAGE 20

    STAGE from San Martin del Camino to Astorga

    Distance in KM: 24.2
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  • STAGE 21

    STAGE from Astorga to Foncebadon

    Distance in KM: 25.9
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  • STAGE 22

    STAGE from Foncebadon to Ponferrada

    Distance in KM: 27.3
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  • STAGE 23

    STAGE from Ponferrada to Villafranca del Bierzo

    Distance in KM: 24.1
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  • STAGE 24

    STAGE from Villafranca del Bierzo to O Cebreiro

    Distance in KM: 28.4
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  • STAGE 25

    STAGE from O Cebreiro to Triacastela

    Distance in KM: 21.1
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  • STAGE 26

    STAGE from Triacastela to Sarria

    Distance in KM: 18.3
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  • STAGE 27

    STAGE from Sarria to Portomarin

    Distance in KM: 22.4
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  • STAGE 28

    STAGE from Portomarin to Palas de Rei

    Distance in KM: 25.0
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  • STAGE 29

    STAGE from Palas de Rei to Arzua

    Distance in KM: 28.8
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  • STAGE 30

    STAGE from Arzua to Pedrouzo

    Distance in KM: 19.1
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  • STAGE 31

    STAGE from Pedrouzo to Santiago de Compostela

    Distance in KM: 20,0
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Complementary Stages

  • STAGE 1 for support

    STAGE from Somport to Jaca

    Distance in KM: 30.5
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  • STAGE 2 for support

    STAGE from Jaca to Arres

    Distance in KM: 25.0
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  • STAGE 3 for support

    STAGE from Arres to Ruesta

    Distance in KM: 28.7
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  • STAGE 4 for support

    STAGE from Ruesta to Sangüesa

    Distance in KM: 21.8
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  • STAGE 5 for support

    STAGE from Sanguesa to Monreal

    Distance in KM: 27.2
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  • STAGE 6 for support

    STAGE from Monreal to Puente la Reina-Gares

    Distance in KM: 31.1
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