The Luxembourg Palace and Gardens

Visit the Luxembourg Gardens Paris

The Luxembourg Gardens represent one of the most popular green areas in Paris, with a long and heterogeneous history, which any traveler must know when visiting the French capital .

One of the most striking things about this place is that the garden was designed based on an octagonal artificial pond that is located right in the center, in front of the palace.

With a Byzantine style , this land occupies about 25 hectares full of trees and flowers where many people go to enjoy a beautiful afternoon in Paris.

This corner is characterized by a beautiful palace surrounded by an extensive field where grass and flowers of all kinds offer an explosion of color and unusual perfumes. A walk through the Luxembourg Palace and its splendid gardens is something you should not miss when visiting Paris

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Brief history of the Luxembourg Palace

The Luxembourg Gardens surround the palace of the same name, which was built in 1612 . María de Médicis, the then queen consort of France being married to King Henry IV, greatly missed the typical spaces of her country, Italy, and ordered the construction of a small palace where she could be more comfortable. That is the starting point of this beautiful corner in Paris.

The Luxembourg Palace has characteristics similar to the buildings built in Florence during the fifteenth century and for ten years it was the residence of Maria de’ Medici.

However, the history of the palace is even more complex. When the French Revolution broke out, the palace was left empty and began to be used as a prison.

During World War II it would be the main headquarters of the Nazis in Paris, who built a bunker excavating part of the garden. A wound in the French heart.

Currently the Luxembourg Gardens are one of the places in the city where people go to find some peace and break the routine of the hectic life of the urbanization.

What to see in the Luxembourg gardens?

What to see in the Luxembourg gardens?
What to see in the Luxembourg gardens?

The Luxembourg gardens are full of trees, some hundreds of years old, plants and flowers. Small shaded spaces where you can rest on a hot day, and sunny areas where you can sunbathe on cold Parisian days. There are also sports areas, where you can practice tennis and other activities. On the other hand, if you want to know a little more about the nature of this place, you can sign up for an arboriculture course and return from Paris with a mind full of ideas and leaves.

A good plan may be to go to the Luxembourg Gardens and sit in one of the many chairs and armchairs that are spread out on the lawn and rest while you watch the imposing palace that opens before your eyes like a photograph that does not change. Enjoy this unique moment!

You should also not miss visiting the pond that is next to the palace; an ideal place for boating: an activity that you should not miss if you travel to Paris with children . And precisely, with the little ones you can also visit the puppet theater that is installed in the park and that usually attracts an interesting public.


The Luxembourg Gardens are located in the 9th Arrondissement of Paris . About a twenty minute walk from Notre Dame Cathedral . They can be accessed from Rue de Guynemer or from Boulevard St-Michel.

Hours and price

You can visit the Luxembourg Gardens every day from 7:30 a.m. to sunset (April to October) and from 8:00 a.m. to sunset (November to March). Admission is free.

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