Paris Neighborhood Guide

Best Neighborhoods To Visit In Paris

Paris is a vast city full of interesting corners. Its main neighborhoods are four (those that appear first on this list) but it has other less popular ones that are also beautiful and we recommend you visit.

Here is a summary of the most interesting neighborhoods in Paris and at the bottom of the page you will find an interactive map so you can easily locate them. Shall we start?

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Saint Germain

It receives this name because it houses the church of San Germán, which is the oldest in France and around which there are a large number of picturesque houses and bars . We recommend you visit this corner of Paris where you can discover buildings dating from the 6th century onwards.


It houses the oldest observatory on the continent and a large number of historic buildings . Although today it has grown and modernized, for many it continues to be one of the most fascinating points in the city, where you can breathe its history and art. Here you can check which places to visit in Montparnasse .

Latin Quarter

For many this is the most beautiful neighborhood in Paris. Its name is given to it because it houses the Sorbonne , the university of Paris, which was originally the only institution that taught Latin. It is currently one of the most important neighborhoods in the center and in it you will be able to discover a cheerful and student atmosphere. Learn more about the Latin quarter of Paris, here .

Saint Honore

If you want a luxurious place, this neighborhood is the right place in Paris for you. In it are the most luxurious clothing houses on the continent. It is also an area full of elegant mansions and residences that have made it the aristocratic part of Paris .


They call it the neighborhood of the painters because in its origins it was a space in which artists of this discipline resided. It is also home to the homonymous hill (you can read more about the Montmartre neighborhood here ), which is visited every day by numerous tourists in search of the Sacre Coeur church .

Ile De La Cite And Sant-Louis

They are two small islands that are surrounded by the Seine river . The Île de la Cité is believed to be the birthplace of the city, it is located right in the heart of Paris and is a lovely space to visit. Île de Saint-Louis is smaller, but no less picturesque, and offers a quiet spot from which to get a different point of view on Paris.

The Defense

Many consider this to be the most important neighborhood in Paris. Without a doubt, its tall skyscrapers and its architectural structure make it an important neighborhood where you can breathe business and good life.

Elysian Fields

It bears the name of the avenue and is one of the arteries of the city. An extensive mall that makes up one of the most famous avenues in the world. You can read more about the Champs-Élysées in this article .

Le Marais

If you want to know a cosmopolitan and multi-ethnic neighborhood in Paris, that is Le Marais. Among other things, it houses the oldest square in the city, called Place des Vosges.

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