Dinner at the Ritz Hotel in London

Well… it’s not that we usually go to places like this for dinner, but we saw an offer to go to dinner at the Ritz at half price, and we couldn’t resist, which is once in a lifetime!

So yes, last night we had dinner at the wonderful Ritz hotel, and well, what to expect from the Ritz… you know that I am very positive about everything and I like everything, so I am not going to be able to say anything bad about the Ritz!!! So I’ll tell you: as soon as you enter you find a very long corridor with chandeliers and flowers in the center and on the sides… The restaurant was located at the end of the corridor, and we passed in front of the “Palm Court” room where everyone was. world having the famous Afternoon Tea (at 8.30 pm)… In front of this room, there was a pianist playing a grand piano. On both sides of the aisle there are also glass cases with jewelery for sale, and with prices, like this to give you an idea, a pendant with a colored stone at the end, 5,500 pounds. The restaurant where we dined, a medium room, What am I left with? With all the little details: the silver cutlery, the plates and glasses with the Ritz symbol, the green and pink colors and the piano in the background… and the great food of course! Canapés, starters, main course, champagne, dessert and coffee… all exquisite…!

But hey, I guess the most important thing for this post are the photos, so here they are!

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