Hidden Gems in London

If there is one thing that we like to reveal through our articles, it is those little-known places, the corners that seem to be hidden and the non-tourist places in London that we think everyone should know about.

If you already know the most important places and want to venture out to discover a different London, corners of the city that not even many Londoners know or those places that do not appear in tourist guides, you have found the perfect place. Here we share with you all the non-tourist places in London that we are discovering, the hidden London.

What will you find in this article?

Non-tourist places in London

You will find our articles divided into the following categories:

Secret Corners of London

Here we tell you where the London Cemetery of the Forgotten is, the Banksy graffiti tunnel, where to have a coffee in an old London Victorian bath, what it is and where the Hampstead Heath pergola is located, how to find the tea room secret in soho… Among many other secret corners of London that we have been discovering.

Visiting London

In this section we talk about different neighborhoods rarely visited by tourists but frequented by locals, such as the beautiful neighborhoods of Hampstead, Richmond or Greenwich, and in each site we have pointed out the places that you cannot miss and we have designed a small route so that don’t miss a thing. You will also find information about all the markets in London, including the best known such as Camden Lock, Notting Hill and the not so well known such as Brixton or the charming Maltby Street market. We talk in this section about different places that we have visited in London and that we thought deserved mention in our blog. In many of our articles we include routes and maps of the area, to make it easier for you.

Curiosities of London

And , if you like the unknown and interesting, I would also recommend you take a walk through our Curiosities section, where we tell you things such as why people drive on the left in the United Kingdom, the legend of the ravens in the Tower of London, the truth behind the statue of Peter Pan… among many others!

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