Khao Sok Hotels

How much time do you need in Khao Sok National Park?

2-3 nights

How many days should I spend in Khao Sok National Park?

2-3 nights

Are there tigers in Khao Sok National Park?

There have been tigers in Khao Sok, there may still be a smaller population inside the inaccessible areas, but no one has seen one in the park for decades, not even the camera caught. Most wildlife viewing advertisements should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Where can you find tigers in Thailand?

At present, WWF-Thailand’s key tiger conservation sites include Mae Wong National Park, Khlong Lan National Park, Khlong Wang Chao National Park and Umphang Wildlife Sanctuary, 13-17 tigers are known wild. roam freely.

How can you do Khao Sok National Park?

If you are traveling by air or riding the rails, the closest place to Khao Sok is Surat Thani. You can get flights or trains here from various places in Thailand. From Surat Thani, it’s about a 2-hour bus ride to the park. You can also catch a minibus from Krabi, Phuket or Khao Lak.

Are there any tigers in Thailand?

There are an estimated 160 Indochinese tigers left in the wild in Thailand. They are also found in Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and southwestern China. The total population may only be around 350, according to the World Wildlife Fund.

How do I get to Khao Sok?

By plane: Surat Thani airport is the closest, but you can also choose Phuket airport. By train: Surat Thani railway station is the closest. Be warned: the southern line is very busy, advance booking is highly recommended. By night bus: There is only one night bus per day stopping at Khao Sok.

What do you wear to Khao Sok?

What should I bring when I visit Khao Sok? Bring cool, quick-drying clothes, a swimsuit, a hat, good walking shoes that you don’t mind getting wet (water shoes are never a bad idea!), a flashlight, sunscreen, personal medications, and toiletries. dresser.

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