How to go from Barcelona to Andorra with or without a car

If you have a few days in Barcelona and you want to change the environment, Andorra is the ideal getaway. There, nature is the protagonist and you can breathe a lot of peace. In addition, it is a top destination for ski lovers. We tell you how to go from Barcelona to Andorra by car, by bus or even by helicopter! If you have little time in the Catalan capital, we suggest an itinerary to discover the coolest places in Barcelona in one day . If you want to get to know the Pyrenees from Barcelona but you only have one day , we recommend an excursion to the Ripoll monastery and the spectacular Núria Valley .

How To Go From Barcelona To Andorra

Car, to have greater freedom when moving around Andorra

The best way to go from Barcelona to Andorra is by car (own or rented). Basically to be able to move around comfortably once you arrive in the country of the Pyrenees. There is public transport there but only between the main towns and ski slopes. So it is difficult to reach many points without your own vehicle . Also, traveling by car is faster than by bus . It takes just under three hours to go from Barcelona to Andorra by car , as long as there is not much traffic. The fastest route is via the C-16, which has a toll of €5.70 . If you want to go from Barcelona to Andorra by car in winter, you should be prepared with snow chains . For the rest, you don’t have to worry about anything because the road is good . You just have to be patient at the border if you are traveling during rush hour, as queues tend to form. To find the best rental car offer you will have to pick it up at Barcelona airport. But the best-known companies also have offices in the center of Barcelona. You can find cars for around €30 a day if you search well in advance .

Bus, a practical way to go from Barcelona to Andorra

There are also buses to go from Barcelona to Andorra if you don’t have a driving license or you just want to go more calmly. There are several companies that offer this route, with departures from different parts of the city, including Barcelona airport . Once in Andorra, the bus station is close to the center of the capital, Andorra la Vella.

From the bus station or Estació del Nord

Barcelona’s central bus station is next to the Arc de Triomphe. From there the buses of the Alsa company leave . There are between two and six buses a day . When booking your ticket online, take a good look at the number of stops each route makes . There are buses that only make one stop and others make 30! Travel time ranges between 3 hours 15 minutes and 4 hours . The ticket for any of the lines costs €38.5 . You can easily reach this station by train from Plaza Catalunya getting off at the Arc de Triomf stop. You can also take the metro line 1 (red) from anywhere in the city.

From Sants station

Another central point where you can take the bus to go to Andorra is the Sants station. It can be reached by train from Plaza Catalunya getting off at the Sants Estació stop. You can also take lines 3 (green) or 5 (blue) of the metro from any station in Barcelona. The Directbus buses pass there, which do not make any stops until they reach Andorra . The trip lasts 3 hours and the ticket costs €30.5 . It is recommended to buy the ticket online and take it printed, although they also have an office at the station.

Buses to go from Barcelona airport to Andorra

If you land at the Barcelona-El Prat airport and want to go directly to Andorra, it’s very easy. The Directbus company covers the journey in 3 hours and 45 minutes . There is only one intermediate stop to pick up more passengers at Sants Station. There are nine daily departures from the airport’s two terminals . The ticket costs €34 one way or €59 round trip .

Shared taxi, an alternative to the bus

A collective taxi is the perfect mix between the speed of the car and the comfort of the bus. There are various taxi companies to go from Barcelona to Andorra sharing a vehicle with other passengers . In fact, this is an option widely used by Andorrans who need to go down to Barcelona. The easiest way to book this type of transfer is through Andbus . You can select the starting point in Barcelona and the destination in Andorra (they have more than 100 stops!). It is a little more expensive than the bus, but it is a door-to-door service . It can pick you up at the door of your accommodation in Barcelona and drop you off at your hotel in Andorra . There are also small companies that have their own hours for shared transfers . You must call to check availability and reserve.

  • Taxi Simorra : +34 609 26 28 55
  • Early Taxi: + 34 609 33 46 46
  • Month Taxi: +376 828 000

Helicopter, a luxury journey from Barcelona to Andorra

If you want to treat yourself to go from Barcelona to Andorra, there is the option of traveling by helicopter. Of course, the prices are almost prohibitive. A flight with capacity for 5 people costs €2,650 with the Heliand company .

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