How to go from Barcelona to Tarragona

Going from Barcelona to Tarragona is a great idea. Many people are content to get to know the Catalan capital and forget other cities during their time in Catalonia. Tarragona’s main attraction is its fascinating Roman past. Tarraco was the first Roman city in the Iberian Peninsula and gained great importance. We tell you how to go from Barcelona to Tarragona by train, bus or car so that you can discover its charms for yourself.

How To Go From Barcelona To Tarragona

Go from Barcelona to Tarragona by train, the most practical transport

There are trains to go from Barcelona to Tarragona every half hour , it couldn’t be more practical! Tickets cost €7 for the regional ones (1 hour 30 minute journey) or €8.05 for the regional express , which make fewer stops and take about an hour. There are also high-speed trains between Barcelona and Tarragona. The trip lasts half, only half an hour. But the price is multiplied by 4, since tickets cost €30. We believe that it is not worth it, although it is one more option to take into account to go from Barcelona to Tarragona. Book your train ticket All trains depart from Sants station in Barcelona , where you can easily get to on lines L3 and L5. All commuter train lines also arrive. Once in Tarragona, the train station is very close to the center, it takes 5 minutes on foot.

Bus, an alternative to get to Tarragona

The train seems to us the most practical way to go from Barcelona to Tarragona, but if you stay near the Estación del Norte, perhaps the bus is better for you. For you to have a reference, it is right next to the Arc de Triomf, a 15-minute walk from the central Plaza Catalunya. Discover the best areas and hotels to stay in Barcelona From there there are about 5 daily buses that cover the journey to Tarragona in approximately an hour and a half. As you can see, it is slower than the train, but you save yourself going to Sants station. Tickets cost €10 and we recommend booking them online to save time and secure your place.

How to go from Barcelona to Tarragona by car

Finally, we suggest you go from Barcelona to Tarragona by car. It is the simplest if you have your own vehicle, otherwise it is not worth renting a car just to cover this journey. You have already been able to verify that the two cities are perfectly connected by public transport. The 100 kilometers between the two cities are covered in just over an hour by the C-32 motorway. It is a road with tolls , which have a price of about €13 to go from Barcelona to Tarragona. The biggest advantage of having a car is that it will allow you to make stops along the route. You can take it easy and explore the beautiful city of Sitges or the Penedès wine region . Even stop to take a swim in one of the best beaches in the area.

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