How to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi by bus, car or taxi

Are you visiting Dubai but don’t want to miss the charms of Abu Dhabi? Moving between the two main cities in the United Arab Emirates is very easy. There are only about 150 kilometers between the two. So you will have no excuse to leave the beautiful Sheikh Zayed Mosque for another occasion. We tell you how to go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi by bus, car or taxi. There is even a free option! Although there are plans to make an ultra-fast train that will reach 1,000 km/h and will link the two cities in just 12 minutes , for now we have to make do with more traditional means of transport.


Free shuttle from Emirates or Etihad airlines

The two airlines of the United Arab Emirates offer a free bus service to connect the two cities. Of course, it only works for passengers who have a ticket with Emirates or Etihad, since you will have to show the plane reservation to get on the bus. Although it is most likely that if you are there you have arrived with one of these two giant airlines. Remember that with either of the two companies you must reserve your seat on the bus at least 48 hours in advance. Obviously, to make the return trip with these buses, you will have to have a second flight booked from Dubai or Abu Dhabi.

How to go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi with the free Emirates shuttle

The Emirates shuttle departs from Dubai Airport Terminal 3 and drops you off in front of the Emirates offices in Abu Dhabi. There you will have to find a taxi to take you to the first place you want to visit. There are six departures a day and the return stop is the same point where the bus will drop you off.


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How to go from Abu Dhabi to Dubai with the free Etihad shuttle

If you are traveling with Etihad, we understand that you will have landed in Abu Dhabi and want to get to Dubai. Buses depart from the arrivals terminal at Abu Dhabi Airport and drop you off at Mazaya Shopping Center. This shopping center is next to the Burj Khalifa and its corresponding metro stop. The departure point to go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi airport is the same. Etihad makes more trips than Emirates, about 10 a day.

Excursion with guide in Spanish

If you want to go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi and back in the same day, we recommend hiring an excursion. This way you won’t have to worry about bus schedules and you’ll have transportation around the city of Abu Dhabi solved. In addition, it includes the explanations in Spanish of an official guide. You will visit the impressive Sheikh Zayed Mosque , one of the most impressive buildings in the world. Stops are also made at the waterfront, the imposing Etihad Towers, and the Emirates Palace luxury hotel. To end the day, it’s not bad to learn a bit of history at the Heritage Village and the Abu Dhabi Museum.

The great mosque, a good reason to go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi
The great mosque, a good reason to go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

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By bus, the most common way

The most common way to get from Dubai to Abu Dhabi on your own is by bus. The trip takes about an hour and a half , depending on traffic. There are two different routes with frequent departures. You can check the detailed schedules online.

  • E100. It departs from Al Ghubaiba bus station.
  • E101. It leaves from the Ibn Battuta bus station.

Both lines operate daily with very long hours : from 5 in the morning to 1 in the morning. It is easy to get to either stop by metro. Regardless of your starting point, both routes terminate at the Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station. The ticket costs 25 dirhams (about €5). It must be paid using the NOL transport card. You can get this reloadable card at the ticket offices or ticket machines at either of the two stations in Dubai. If once in Abu Dhabi you want to go directly to visit the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, you can take bus number 54 from the same station. You will also find taxis easily.


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Rent a car to go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi

Renting a car is not a bad idea at all. They are two huge cities with very scattered attractions. The public transport system is still very green. So if you don’t have a car you will have to get around mainly in taxis. If you prefer to go on your own without depending on anyone, you can rent a car. It hardly takes an hour and a half to go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi. The roads are brand new, you just have to watch the speed limits to avoid fines. You will see that there they drive very fast, do not follow their example. If you have a Spanish driving license you do not need an international driving license. On the other hand, for American drivers, an international permit is necessary.

The roads in the United Arab Emirates have a lot of lanes, so going from Dubai to Abu Dhabi by car is comfortable
The roads in the United Arab Emirates have a lot of lanes, so going from Dubai to Abu Dhabi by car is comfortable

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The taxi, an expensive option

As a last option to go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi, we suggest you take a taxi. A taxi to go from Dubai to Abu Dhabi costs around 300 dirhams (about €70). It is undoubtedly the most practical option, since it will take you from door to door. But it is clear that comfort comes at a price. If you are interested in a taxi, you will find plenty at Dubai airport. You can also book a private transfer online if you want to pack it all up.

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