Save Money Traveling In Paris

Save Money: Travel Cheap To Paris

Many times we have heard that traveling is very expensive and that you must save a lot of money to be able to take a vacation outside your country. This will depend on each person: what they like to do, the activities they enjoy the most and the quality of the trip they want to take or can afford. Traveling saving money is possible if you really like to adjust the budget and enjoy small moments that are much more valuable than money. For example, we anticipate that to make a special and unique romantic evening you do not need to go to one of the most luxurious restaurants in Paris; during the summer period, you can have an evening picnic bathed in the lights of the Eiffel Tower. If you are a traveler who would like to save a few euros during your trip to Paris, in this section we are going to give you a series of tips to avoid spending a lot of money in Paris.

Tips And Tricks To Save Money

Save On Accommodation And Flights

In addition to making the reservation in advance, trying to find a well-priced accommodation that suits your needs and comparing prices is essential. Traveling on a low cost airline also reduces the price, especially if you live in Spain and go for four days, since you can save billing costs by traveling only with a carry-on bag. We warn you not to look for hotels with few stars or little valued in Paris to save money, since the quality is different from what you are used to, for example, in Spain. The system of rating hotels with stars works differently in each country, so it is more advisable to trust the opinions. A good way to save money on your trip to Paris can be by looking at to compare prices. We recommend that you choose an apartment to save money because that way you can cook. It may be that you are lazy to cook when you are traveling, but we assure you that going to the supermarket, exploring the many new products, buying local food and cooking it is, possibly, a different way of experiencing the city. Having a kitchen does not mean spending your holidays cooking, you can alternate going out to eat in a restaurant with trying different flavors in the kitchen of your apartment. Here you will find the complete list of apartments for rent in Paris. We also leave you a link with accommodations type hostels and hostels(which are much cheaper than hotels and most have shared kitchens).

Book Your Trip In Low Season

Although Paris is usually visited all year round by tourists, there are months in which the influx of tourists skyrockets. During the summer, especially in July and August, is when the number of tourists is higher and, therefore, prices increase. We recommend that you choose a low season month to save money on your trip to Paris. The best months to travel cheaply to Paris are May, September and October. If you want to find the cheapest flights, you should travel in February and March. In the weather section you will find information about the tourist seasons.

Markets: Eating Good And Cheap

Possibly you like to explore different places in Paris gastronomically, if so, apart from the restaurants, do not forget to visit the markets. In them you will find local food and fresh products to cook in the apartment or you can buy prepared food to take away and eat it in a park. If you prefer to sit down and taste homemade dishes, you can go to the Marché Les Enfants Rouges, located at Rue de Bretagne 39. In this market you will find restaurant stalls where you can eat a good menu for less than €20 with drinks included; this is important as drinks are not usually included.

Ask For Tap Water In Restaurants

To save money in Paris at lunchtime, one of the things that is often overlooked is asking for tap water. Although in different regions of Spain it may sound strange, in many countries asking for tap water is very common. When you go to a restaurant, don’t ask for “l’Eau” since you don’t specify and they will bring you a bottle of water (normally with gas) that will cost you an arm and a leg. To order a pitcher of water, pronounce “carafe d’eau” or “kagafdo”; in some places they will even serve it fresh or with ice. By the way, don’t forget the “excusez-moi” at the beginning and the please “S’il vous plait”; manners are very important in Paris.

Have A Picnic

Another way to spend little money is to have a Picnic. In the months between June and September it is very common for Parisians to have picnics on the Champs-Elysées or Les Invalides at the weekend. Having a picnic at night, by candlelight and under the lights of the Eiffel Tower, can be a romantic evening that is hard to forget. The best of all is that you are not going to spend a lot of money, you can buy some French cheeses and a good quality wine in a supermarket accompanied, yes, by a good baguette.

Save Money On Paris Transport

A good way to save money is to buy a transport voucher for the days you visit the city or buy a voucher package of 10 single trips. The 10 ticket + bonus is a wad of 10 tickets that you can share with the people who accompany you on the trip. Remember that the number of tickets that you must present increases according to the areas through which you travel. There are also other transport bonuses that you may find interesting to spend less money on travel. In our article on how to get around you will find information about transport zones, prices and tickets.

Spend Little On Purchases

A good way to save a few euros when visiting well-known brand stores is to buy at outlets or take advantage of sales periods. You will recognize the outlets in the center of Paris by the name of “Stock Boutique”. You can find more information about the outlets in the shopping section. Sales periods work the same as in Spain. You find the first sales from the end of January to the middle of February, after Christmas, and the second ones start from the middle of June to the end of July.

Take Advantage Of Free Museum Days

Throughout the year, on the first Sunday of each month, museums such as the Pompidou Center or the Musée d’Orsay open their doors free of charge to the public. If you visit the city during those days, you can take the opportunity to enjoy a free visit and save a few euros during your trip to Paris. If your obsession is to visit the Louvre, you can make a free visit on the first Sunday of the month between October and March.

Stay Outside Of Disney

If you are traveling with children thinking of visiting Disney, one way to save money is to stay around the park. Staying inside the park plus the tickets can be a prohibitive plan for many families, if this is the case, in the surroundings of Disney you will find well-priced accommodation where you can stay without spending a lot of money. In our article on staying near Disney you will find ideas and alternatives so that visiting Disney is better value for money.

Save A Few Euros Inside Disneyland

One of the things that parents who go with children to Disney recommend the most is to bring the costumes and personalized notebooks with Disney motifs bought outside the enclosure. Most children want to dress up as their favorite characters while walking in the park, so buying the costume inside can be very expensive. Inside the enclosure, the Disney characters sign autographs for the children, for this reason it is recommended to bring a notebook already purchased beforehand, since buying a notebook there can raise the price quite a bit.

Get A Tourist Pass

If you are going to travel to Paris for several days, and you are interested in seeing many museums and points of interest to which you must pay admission, you can consider buying a tourist voucher. Tourist vouchers include visits to museums and points of interest, as well as some discounts in stores. Some of the vouchers also include transportation within zones 1 to 3. If you need information on this, you can visit our section on Paris tourist vouchers.

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