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Overview Of The City Of Paris

Paris is a city of about 110 square km that has a beautiful 130-meter hill, Montmatre, which is one of the points of reference and interest for tourists. Broadly speaking, we could say that Paris is divided into four large neighborhoods and has a wonderful transport network, which you can read about here . It is home to one of the most prestigious universities in Europe, the Sorbonne , and is home to the main haute couture clothing firms.

Brief history of Paris

Paris was founded by the Celts around 259 BC as a fishing settlement. For several centuries it functioned as a small town that lived from fishing. However, when it was invaded by the Romans in 52 BC, it became war territory; partly because the natives resisted domination and defended their territory, and partly because it was a strategic point on the map for the Romans to plan their conquests.

Paris was just that—a little dot on the map—for a long time. Its name, however, would begin to grow during the 11th century, when it became a place of passage and meeting place for silver merchants . Little by little it grew demographically and economically until it was considered an important city on the continent.

The creation of the university , in the 12th century, was another point that contributed to the growth of the city. Students from all over the globe traveled to it in search of knowledge. This would forever change its destiny, by becoming a university town.

Also, throughout history, major uprisings have taken place in Paris ; among which the Merchants’ Rebellion (in 1358, within the framework of the Hundred Years’ War) and the French Revolution (in 1789, which would lead to the abolition of the monarchy) should be highlighted.

Paris was also devastated during the world wars and, although during the First World War it knew how to defend itself and resist enemy bombing, during the Second World War its armies were unable to defeat the Nazis, who invaded the city and persecuted a large part of the population. its population.

Another important year in Parisian life was 1968 when a group of students paralyzed the economic and cultural life of the city. Known as the French May (the name given to the student group that led it), this event was characterized by massive strikes and protests by students, in which they demanded responsible political action in the face of the salary gap, the military position and the education. Its repercussions were important not only in the country but throughout the continent, also being a fact taken on many occasions to the cinema and to the literary field.

In recent years, it has not been left out of the violent tragedies that have shaken the world. In 2015 two shootings carried out in Saint-Denis, claimed the lives of more than 130 people. Two years later, in 2017, another attack claimed the lives of 2 people. However, it could be said that today, Paris is a big, quiet, safe and clean city, and a good vacation destination for any travel lover.

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