3 day itinerary for Paris

What to visit in Paris in three days?

Visiting Paris in three days may not be enough time to be able to see the entire city, calmly, and enjoy every corner. In this three-day itinerary through Paris, we recommend you visit the most important tourist attractions in the city . Keep in mind that to make this tour it is advisable to use public transport to move from one place to another. Going by subway is one of the fastest ways to move around the city, shorten distances, and therefore go faster between the monuments.

This three-day route through Paris is designed to be carried out calmly and with the idea of being able to enjoy a visit to the city. For this, as we have mentioned, it is advisable to take advantage of public transport. Remember that the itineraries through Paris that we provide you can be modified to your liking, for example changing the visit to a museum for a different one. In our museum guide you will find alternatives to modify the itinerary according to your preferences.

Here we propose a 3-day itinerary through Paris, where you intend to visit the most outstanding points of interest and monuments of Paris . Throughout the itinerary you will find links to the different neighborhoods and points of interest where there is detailed information on the places to visit.

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DAY 1: walking tour of the center of Paris

On the first day of the tour of Paris, we propose to visit the emblematic Eiffel Tower. You can photograph yourself from below, walk along the Champ de Mars, or you can choose to climb the monument to see the views from the tower.

From the Champ de Mars you can walk to Les Invalides , see the church and stroll through the gardens. Opposite Les Invalides is the Rodin Museum with the famous work of “Rodin’s Thinker” , a stop you can make if you are interested in the artist’s works. Walking through the Parc de l’Esplanade des Invalides you can reach the banks of the Seine, from where you can go to the Musée d’Orsay .

After visiting the museum, you can cross the river to eat a picnic in the Jardin des Tuileries , and if it’s Christmas , take the opportunity to see the Christmas markets . From Les Tuileries you can walk along the Seine River towards the Louvre Museum, which we will leave for later or delete the previous museum for a visit to the Louvre. Close to the museum, we find the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral. You can end the day of the tour by returning to your accommodation from the metro stop located near the Cathedral.

After the fire that broke out on April 15 in the Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral, its treasury and its towers are closed and reconstruction and repair work is being carried out. The security perimeter of the Ile de la Cité has been reduced since April 21. However, it is still impossible to access the immediate surroundings of the cathedral, as well as the Petit Pont and the Pont au Double.

DAY 2: Louvre, center pompidou and montmartre

The second day of the route through Paris we will start the day visiting the Louvre Museum . When you leave, look for the entrance to the shopping center that is located below the museum, from where you can see the famous pyramid of the museum , but this time inverted . Then you can go to visit the Pompidou Center along Via Rivoli and take the opportunity to do some souvenir shopping .

In the afternoon you can go by metro to the Montmartre district , known as “the painters’ district”. This area of Paris is known for hosting picturesque sites , some older than others. The star of the neighborhood is the Basilica of the Sacred Heart , located on top of a hill , from where you can appreciate wonderful views of the city. Going down the neighborhood, about a 15-minute walk away, you’ll find the famous Moulin Rouge . During the night of this tour of Paris you can go out to dinner in the area and enjoy a cabaret show .

DAY 3: Excursion to the palace of versailles and champs-elysées

On the third day of your Paris tour you can start the morning by heading to visit the Palace of Versailles . As you can see, the palace is not located in the center of the city, so it will take us a while to get there, specifically an hour or so. Visiting the Palace of Versailles can easily take up half a day , or even a whole day , everything will depend on the detailed visit you make on this excursion.

If after this excursion to Versailles you have time left over, you can end your trip to Paris by visiting the Arc de Triomphe and the Champs-Elysées . The Champs-Elysées are famous throughout the world for being one of the largest shopping avenues in Europe.

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