The most famous London markets

Each market is different and has its particularities, so you will be right with the one you choose for sure! It is simply important to take into account what day each one opens, so as not to make the mistake of going on a day when there is no market! Visiting one of the London markets is one of the things we recommend when planning the perfect trip to London.

The most famous London markets

Portobello Road, Notting Hill

Most of the antique shops are open every day, but the flea market itself is open on Saturdays. The first part of the market is the antiques part, then we can find clothes and everything worthy of being in a market and at the end there are food stalls, vegetables and fresh fruit, and takeaway food stalls, where we can find everything from sandwiches and pastries, even paella and churros!

Useful information about Portobello Market in Notting Hill

  • Tube stop: Notting Hill Gate (red line)
  • When: Saturdays all day
  • Where to eat: There are many restaurants in the area and numerous takeaways.
  • Route through Notting Hill: Notting Hill

Camden Town

One of the most visited places in London. Although it also has a part of antiques, it is a very curious market that I recommend going to see, if you have a gap in your agenda, you have to see it! All our friends who have come to visit us have agreed that camden market has been one of their favorite visits. It is a market that seems to have no end, and after walking for a while you arrive at the Stables Market, which is the part of the market that is inside an old horse hospital from 1854, and each stall is inside what would have been been a horse box. All made of wood and with figures related to horses, it is something that I recommend seeing, even to buy gifts and souvenirs from London, since it is most likely that you will find everything much cheaper here.

Useful information about the Camden Town Flea Market in London

  • Tube stop: Camden Town
  • When: Every day
  • Where to eat: In the area you will find numerous restaurants and pubs, as well as the famous international food stalls of the Camden market.
  • Camden Route: Camden Town

Spitalfields, Brick Lane and Petticoat Lane Market

I have grouped these 3 markets because they are practically next to each other, and if you visit one you can approach the other two without problems if you want. Spitalfields Market is huge, with stalls selling everything you can imagine and plenty of places to eat. Brick Lane is something totally different… where you can breathe a totally different atmosphere from what you have known in London, with markets hidden behind a small door in a building, and above all antiques, but you can really find everything… It also stands out the street art that we find in the area of East London, a place frequented by the famous Banksy.

Useful information about Spitalfields Flea Market, Brick Lane and Petticoat Lane

  • Tube stop: Liverpool Street Station
  • When: Spitalfields Monday to Sunday; Petticoat Lane and Brick Lane on Sundays
  • Where to eat: There are plenty of restaurants and pubs around Spitalfieds, and Brick Lane has plenty of food stalls from all over the world.

Columbia Road Flower Market

The most fragrant flea market in London. Here the vendors put all their flowers on display, and we can find from a geranium to the most exotic flowers and plants in the world, and also various trees such as orange trees, lemon trees… It is a small market, on a not very wide street with lots of stalls on either side with cut flowers ready to put in a vase, plants and trees to plant in a garden or pot, and lots of varieties of bulbs and seeds. Small, authentic garden shops line the street with everything you need to care for your plants and decorate your garden. This market is a demonstration of the interest and time of the British to take care of their gardens.

Borough market

Impressive market with more than a thousand years of history. This market is one of my favorites, and it shows the growing interest of the British in good food, and it is also where the famous chef Jamie Oliver goes to shop… this market is now full of lovers of good food. The site, the atmosphere and the things that can be seen usually attract a lot of attention. They are generally food stalls where we can find: fresh fruit and vegetables, organic meat, honey, different types of homemade bread and a couple of plant stalls.

Useful information about the Borough Market

  • Tube stop: London Bridge
  • When: Wednesday to Saturday until 5pm.
  • Where to eat: Numerous takeaway stalls will whet your appetite for sure, and you’ll also find numerous restaurants in the area

Covent Garden Market

Covent Garden Square is one of the places that cannot be missed on your visit to London. In Covent Garden we find the famous Apple Market and the Jubilee Market, as well as numerous shops and restaurants.

Maltby Market

Maltby Street Market is one of our secret corners of London, and although it is a very small market, it is one of the ones we like the most in London, due to the variety of stalls and shops that we find.

Brixton Market

Brixton Market is undoubtedly one of the most multicultural places you can visit in London, and it is a place worth visiting, especially for Brunch on Sunday.

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