London with children: 30 things to enjoy as a family

Visiting London with children is an unforgettable experience, since the British capital has many places, restaurants, attractions and events designed only for the smallest of the family. And what better than planning a few days with the family in the British capital with the sole objective of seeing the illusion it makes them and the smile on their faces.

That’s why we’ve put together a list of the 30 best things to do in London with kids, some of which can also be done for free.

30 things to do in London with children

Visit Hamleys, the most famous toy store in London

FREE. No matter how old they are, surprise them with a visit to the most famous and largest toy store in the United Kingdom, in the heart of London. Located on Regent Street, one of the most important shopping streets in London, the 7 floors of this toy store will awaken your senses, and you will not be able to leave empty handed! It is not possible to visit London with children and not enter this store.

Go to the Princess Diana Memorial Playground in Hyde Park

FREE.  The Princess Diana Memorial Park is a place you should take the kids to for some entertainment as it is the most impressive children’s playground in central London. Here you will find a giant wooden pirate ship surrounded by sand, with numerous corners to play, perfect for having a good time! In addition to the children’s playground, we recommend taking a walk through Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, and  on the way see the statue of Peter Pan and see the famous squirrels of the park, who will surely come if they hear a plastic bag!

Take them to a museum

If you are going to visit London with children, visiting a museum is a must! Although at first it may sound like something boring, the truth is that some of the museums in London are spectacular to take children, and I can assure you that they will love the experience. The Natural History Museum is a must, and they will love the idea if you tell them that you are going to see the dinosaurs, which is one of the most popular things in this museum. Visiting the entire natural history museum can take a full day, so I usually recommend going inside to admire the beautiful building and take the kids to see the  dinosaur section, which is just inside on the left. The Science MuseumIt is right next to the Natural History Museum, and this other museum is without a doubt one of the best to visit in London with children, since it is very interactive and children usually leave it fascinated. In the basement of the science museum you will find a space called “The Garden”, a space to entertain children from 3 to 6 years old (although younger and older children will enjoy it too). In both museums you will find picnic and rest areas for families. Admission to these two museums is free.

Another museum that I love for children is the transport museum located in Covent Garden, in my opinion one of the best places to take children, especially if they like cars and buses.

Visit Kew Gardens

The Royal Botanic Garden in London, although it may sound boring to children, the truth is that it has numerous playgrounds, and a route to walk among the treetops, being a paradise of fun for the little ones and one of the places preferred by Londoners to take their children when the weather is good. In addition, children under 17 enter free.

In winter there is also an event called Christmas at Kew, a tour that takes place after dark (which in winter happens at 4pm in London!), with the botanic garden illuminated with a trail of lights and different shows of lights that make it an unforgettable afternoon, highly recommended to go with children.

HMS Belfast

Anchored in the Thames is the HMS Belfast, a World War II ship that is now a museum ship. It may not be the most suitable place if you go with a baby stroller or very small children, since there are many stairs and very narrow areas, but it is perfect for slightly older children, especially if they like boats since it is impressive. I have to say that HMS Belfast is one of the attractions that we visited one day almost by chance after living in London for several years and it is one of the visits that has impressed and liked me the most, so I highly recommend it.

Visit the Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of the most important attractions in the British capital, a place that you should visit when traveling to London, and it is one of the places that I also recommend visiting with children. Tell them stories and let their imagination run wild when you see the royal armor collection, tell them about the bloody tower, the Queen’s jewels and don’t forget to mention the legend of the Tower’s ravens …

Go to the theater

Make an evening unforgettable by taking them to one of London’s best musicals. Many of London’s famous musicals are great to go to with children, and I would personally recommend The Lion King , Matilda or Wicked musicals , which are perfect for the whole family to enjoy. I can assure you that it will also leave adults with their mouths open.

Climb the London Eye

At 135 meters high, the London Ferris Wheel is another of the most famous attractions in London that they will surely want to climb as soon as they see it… Tell them that it is the largest Ferris Wheel they are going to ride, and enjoy with your family the impressive views it offers over the British capital. For the Noria there are usually quite long queues, so I recommend buying tickets in advance as you will save some time and money, since tickets are cheaper if you buy them online.

Shakespeare’s Globe

Shakespeare’s Globe Theater is located on the south bank of the River Thames, and usually offers activities for children, and can be a very entertaining visit after a pleasant walk along Southbank, the walk on the south bank of the Thames that runs from the London Eye to Tower Bridge in London.


Legoland London theme park is located in Windsor, about 15 minutes from central Windsor and Windsor Palace. It is a theme park in which the gigantic Lego figures are the main protagonists, and it is aimed at children from 3 to 10 years old. It is definitely one of the best options to spend an unforgettable day with the children in London, and if you go in summer and the weather is good, I recommend bringing a swimsuit and a change of clothes! The only problem is that it is a bit complicated to get there with public transport, so it is not a bad idea to take the tickets with transport to Legoland included.

Visit the Harry Potter studios

Are you fans of the Harry Potter movies? A visit to the  Warner Bros studios  will leave you speechless as you walk through movie scenes, ride the Hogwarts Express and walk away with a wizard diploma!

London Dungeons

If they like passages of terror… take them to London Dungeons, the dungeons of London. Perhaps not for the little ones, but for children who already like to feel the adrenaline, it is a spectacular place, since it is based on the history of London and they will sit in Sweeney Todd’s barber’s chair as well as having to run away from Jack the Ripper…

KidZania London

KidZania is one of the most popular activities for children in London among London families, and one of the places that schools often organize excursions to, as it is a spectacular experience for children. Here children can become whatever they want for a few hours, being able to explore more than 600 different professions, and become firefighters, surgeons, dentists, airplane pilots… Without a doubt, a day that they will never forget, and one of those places that few tourists know!

Visit Greenwich

The Greenwich area offers us the possibility of spending a fantastic day on the banks of the Thames, with a walk along the riverbank, the center of the neighborhood with a market worth visiting, and the famous Cutty Sark ship-museum that can be seen to visit. We will also be able to enter the maritime museum and the Greenwich Observatory, where they will discover the Meridian Zero as well as being able to enjoy impressive views of London.

Visit the London Aquarium

Next to the London Eye is the Sea Life London Aquarium, where you can admire one of the largest collections of marine life in Europe, including sharks, turtles and clown fish. The London Aquarium is perfect to go with children of all ages, since it can be explored with a baby stroller without problems and there are numerous activities for the youngest members of the family throughout the entire route.

Go to London Zoo

London Zoo is located in Regent’s Park, one of the most beautiful parks in the city. Here the children will have a great time, and it is good to know that it is possible to carry out the entire route with a baby stroller without problems. Children will also be able to leave the Zoo with the painted face of their favorite animal and you will be able to spend a day among tigers, penguins, giraffes, elephants…

Visit the Richmond area

FREE. Surprise them with a walk through one of the most beautiful neighborhoods in London, and stroll through Richmond Park in search of deer… Take them for a boat ride or for a real adventure rent a boat for hours to take a ride through the park. family river.

Stroll through Covent Garden

FREE. This central London square is usually filled with street artists and live music, being a very entertaining place for the whole family. Also here is the famous London Transport Museum with a collection of old double-decker buses that will surely leave you speechless. And I must mention the many shops, ice cream parlors and pastry shops in the area…

Eat at Rainforest Cafe

In London there are numerous recommended restaurants to go with children , but if you really want to surprise them, take them to eat at the Rainforest Cafe, a restaurant that simulates a jungle… where they can eat among butterflies or elephants and where suddenly there are storms…

Visit the M&M’s and Lego stores

FREE. Both are located in the famous Leicester Square, and with one in front of the other it is impossible to enter only one of them! From the M&M’s store it is clear that they will not leave with their hands (or mouths) empty! The Lego store in London is the largest in the world, and the truth is that it looks more like a museum than a store!


FREE. South Bank is the promenade along the south bank of the Thames, from where the London Eye is to the Tower Bridge in London. You can walk from one end to the other without steps and almost without having to cross a street, so walking here with children or even with a baby stroller is one of the best things to do in London with children. It is included in our route 4 .

In the area closest to the London Eye there are always street shows, as well as a merry-go-round, and it is not uncommon to come across a flea market. Here we find the Royal Festival Hall, where you will find on the first floor a restaurant with views of the river frequented by families and free public toilets, which is always good to know when you go with children!

Winter Wonderland

FREE. If you are going to visit London with children at Christmas , a visit to  Winter Wonderland is a must . Here you will find a giant fair, with attractions for all ages, as well as an ice skating rink, a circus, Santa’s cabin, a giant Christmas market and several restaurants and bars as well as takeaway stalls. Definitely a must visit!

Shrek’s Adventure

The new attraction in London allows you to take the children to a world far, far away (next to the London Eye!) and live the best adventures accompanied by the characters of Shrek.

Ride the London tour bus

If you are going to visit London with children, one of the best ways to see the most important parts of the city is by taking the whole family on the tourist bus. Riding on a typical London double-decker bus is already an experience for both adults and children, but if we can also see the most important things in London comfortably, it is already a perfect plan. With the tourist bus you can get on and off as many times as you want, and with the ticket they give you a free boat cruise on the Thames, an experience that I recommend.

Regent’s Canal Cruise

Dedicate a morning to discovering the area of ​​Little Venice in London and take a boat that will take you to Camden Town, or enter the Puppet Theater Barge , a fantastic theater boat to see a puppet show.

Ride rental bikes

If they are over 14 years old, you can take a rental bike and ride through one of the many parks in the British capital. Without a doubt, the most famous park for cycling in London is Hyde Park.

Thames Cruise

Riding a boat is something that all children like, so why not take advantage and take a cruise seeing the most emblematic buildings of the city.

Free workshops at Somerset House

FREE.  On Saturday afternoons there are free workshops for children aged 6-12 at Somerset House.

Ride a cable car

Cross the Thames by air with the London Cable Car for a different and unforgettable experience.

Visit an urban farm

London has several urban farms spread throughout the city, and they are dedicated to teaching children the importance of animals and farming. They usually have workshops and activities for the little ones, and although they are places more visited by locals, I recommend taking them into account. For example, there is  Hackney City Farm ,  situated very close to Broadway Market .

Combined tickets for attractions in London

If you are going to visit London with children and want to visit several attractions, it is best to buy one of the London tourist passes or buy combined tickets, for cheaper. One of the most famous tourist passes if you travel to London as a family is Merlin’s Magical London , a ticket that includes admission to the London Aquarium + London Eye + Madame Tussauds + Shrek’s Adventure.

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