Maggie Jones´s and La Poule au Pot: Two ideal restaurants for a romantic dinner in London

One day we were lucky enough to find Maggie Jones’s restaurant, which is located in the Kensington area of ​​London, and we have to say that this restaurant, and its sister restaurant, La Poule Au Pot, have earned a Ranked very high on our list of favorite restaurants in London.

The owners of both restaurants are of French origin, and they are very particular restaurants. As soon as you enter you realize that it is not the typical restaurant that we are used to. Both have the same style, and it is a very cozy atmosphere, lit only by the candles on the tables and with an extravagant decoration in a rustic style. We definitely recommend either one for a romantic dinner in London.

We find wooden tables, benches and chairs, and decorative elements related to the rural world hang from the ceiling and walls.

Maggie Jones ‘s restaurant is located in the Kensington area, and here they offer us British cuisine but in which the French influence can be appreciated. If we had to recommend it, we would say that you go on a Sunday, to eat a typical roast and a British dessert, such as apple tart or bread and butter pudding. In addition to the menu, they usually have a daily menu at a more affordable price. Official website: Maggie Jones’s.

La Poule Au Pot restaurant is located in the Sloane Square area and in this restaurant we can enjoy authentic French food. They also offer a daily menu and a wine list. Official website: La Poule Au Pot

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