The Natural History Museum

Visit The Natural History Museum In Paris

The National Museum of Natural History of France is an institution created for research purposes to explore facts and elements of autochthonous nature and collaborate with its preservation.

The Ministry of General Education, the Ministry of Higher Education and the Ministry of the Environment are the bodies in charge of managing and coordinating the various investigations and events that are carried out in said environment.

We are, then, in front of a museum that is not only dedicated to exhibiting jewels of the natural history of the country but also works intensely for the preservation of the environment, and for the development of research within this sector.

Without a doubt, it is an institution that carries out impressive educational work and that we recommend you visit when you are in Paris.

A little history

Under the name of Casa de Fieras del Jardín de Plantas, this is the second oldest zoological park in the world. Throughout the centuries, fundamental milestones in natural history have been discovered and investigated, and this institution has made a powerful contribution to the preservation of the environment.

It was under the mandate of Louis XIII that the Royal Garden of Medicinal Plants was founded in 1626, which would later become the Museum of Natural Science. It is worth mentioning that it was one of the oldest scientific institutions in the country.

In its beginnings, its function was research to create natural medicines that were useful for certain ailments, but over time it became an institution dedicated to the study of natural history.

What to see in the natural history museum?

The Natural History Museum is, together with the Washington and London Museums, the one that has one of the most varied and prestigious collections in the world. In it you can discover interesting gems of paleontology, mineralogy, botany, chemistry, ethnobiology and prehistory.

Among the things you should not miss on this visit is the Paleontology and Comparative Anatomy Gallery where you can see fossils of large extinct mammals and specimens dating from the Jurassic period.

The Great Gallery of Evolution is another corner that you should not miss, where you can find a large collection of endemic animals and their evolution over the years.


The French Natural History Museum is located at 57 Jardin des Plantes, rue Cuvier.

Hours and price

The entrance price ranges from €7 to €11, depending on the rooms you wish to visit. It is completely free for children under 4 years old.

It can be visited from Wednesday to Monday from 9:00 to 17:00.

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