Northern Way of Santiago de Compostela

Northern Way of the Camino del Norte
32 814.7

This route is as old as the French Way, the European kings of the Middle Ages used it to reach Santiago

As the Reconquista progressed and the southern lands regained peace, the Camino del Norte gradually lost prominence. For centuries it was barely used by pilgrims, however, the rise of walking to Santiago has restored its status as a route and it is beginning to be very popular again. The distance it covers is the second longest, behind the Vía de la Plata. The landscape and the terrain make it a very special option, but on the contrary, the network of pilgrim accommodation is somewhat scarcer, although there are hostels throughout the route and it is very well signposted.

Information on the 32 Stages of the Camino del Norte

  • STAGE 1

    Stage from Irun to San Sebastian-Donostia

    Distance in KM: 27.6
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  • STAGE 2

    Stage from San Sebastian-Donostia to Zarautz

    Distance in KM: 20.3
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  • STAGE 3

    Stage from Zarautz to Deba

    Distance in KM: 22.0
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  • STAGE 4

    Stage from Deba to Markina-Xemein

    Distance in KM: 24.3
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  • STAGE 5

    Stage from Markina Xemein to Gernika Lumo

    Distance in KM: 25.0
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  • STAGE 6

    Stage from Gernika to Lezama

    Distance in KM: 21.8
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  • STAGE 7

    Stage from Lezama to Bilbao

    Distance in KM: 11.2
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  • STAGE 8

    Stage from Lezama to Bilbao

    Distance in KM: 19.7
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  • STAGE 9

    Stage from Portugalete to Pobena

    Distance in KM: 12.3
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  • STAGE 10

    Stage from Pobena to Castro Urdiales

    Distance in KM: 23.5
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  • STAGE 11

    Stage from Castro Urdiales to Laredo

    Distance in KM: 30.6
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  • STAGE 12

    Stage from Laredo to Guemes

    Distance in KM: 29.5
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  • STAGE 13

    Stage from Guemes to Santander

    Distance in KM: 20.5
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  • STAGE 14

    Stage from Santander to Queveda

    Distance in KM: 41.4
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  • STAGE 15

    Stage from Queveda to Comillas

    Distance in KM: 26.4
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  • STAGE 16

    Stage from Comillas to Unquera

    Distance in KM: 26.6
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  • STAGE 17

    Stage from Unquera to Llanes

    Distance in KM: 25.1
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  • STAGE 18

    Stage from Llanes to San Esteban de Leces

    Distance in KM: 33.9
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  • STAGE 19

    Stage from San Esteban de Leces to Sebrayo

    Distance in KM: 27.8
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  • STAGE 20

    Stage from Sebrayo to Gijon / Link to Oviedo and Camino Primitivo

    Distance in KM: 34.3
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  • STAGE 21

    Stage from Gijon to Aviles

    Distance in KM: 22.7
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  • STAGE 22

    Stage from Aviles to Soto de Luina

    Distance in KM: 38.0
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  • STAGE 23

    Stage from Soto de Luina to Cadavedo

    Distance in KM: 23.9
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  • STAGE 24

    Stage from Cadavedo to Luarca

    Distance in KM: 16.3
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  • STAGE 25

    Stage from Luarca to La Caridad

    Distance in KM: 29.3
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  • STAGE 26

    Stage from La Caridad to Ribadeo

    Distance in KM: 22.3
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  • STAGE 27

    Stage from Ribadeo to Lourenza

    Distance in KM: 29.5
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  • STAGE 28

    Stage from Lourenza to Abadin

    Distance in KM: 24.8
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  • STAGE 29

    Stage from Abadin to Vilalba

    Distance in KM: 20.6
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  • STAGE 30

    Stage from Vilalba to Baamonde

    Distance in KM: 20.7
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  • STAGE 31

    Stage from Baamonde to Sobrado dos Monxes

    Distance in KM: 41.3
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  • STAGE 32

    Stage from Sobrado dos Monxes to Arzua

    Distance in KM: 21.5
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