30 things to see in London

things to see in London

Planning very well what to see in London is key to making the most of a getaway to the city of Big Ben. London has many things to see and attractions to visit, including parks, museums, markets or famous streets and squares. What will you find in this article? What to see in London If … Read more

15 best destinations to travel in October

15 best destinations to travel to in October 2022

Best October Vacations If you don’t know where to travel in October, you are in the right place! After your summer vacation, surely you want to enjoy an autumn getaway. Traveling during the fall can be very special: you won’t have to deal with the crowds, high temperatures and price premiums of summer. In addition, … Read more

Oxford from London

Oxford University

Visiting Oxford from London is something that can be done in a day without problems, since this magnificent city is less than 100 km from London, so it is possible to reach it in approximately 1 hour and a half or so if you leave from central London. Who has not heard of Oxford? That … Read more

What to see in London at night

What to see in London at night

Seeing London at night means seeing the London skyline lit up, giving us a different perspective of the British capital. There are numerous buildings and key tourist spots in London that I recommend seeing illuminated at night, such as Big Ben, the London Eye, Saint Paul’s Cathedral or the famous Tower Bridge in London. In … Read more

London or Paris: which destination will dazzle you the most?

London Vs Paris

London or Paris? These European capitals are neck and neck to have the best place in the hearts of city-trip enthusiasts. Here is their match! Which of London or Paris is the preferred destination for its cultural attractions and the activities to do, whether you are alone, as a couple or as a family, for … Read more