Opera Bastille

Visit The Opera Bastille Theater

The Opera Bastille theater is located in the 12th arrondissement of Paris and is a modern-style building that offers shows of classical works and works from other periods for music lovers.

It is also known as “The People’s Opera” and although it does not have a long history, it has been forceful and intense enough to place it on a par with the world’s great opera houses.

A little history

The Ópera de la Bastille theater was inaugurated on July 13, 1989, on the bicentennial of the Taking of the Bastille, and the architect Carlos Ott, of Uruguayan origin, was in charge of its design. Its true importance is given to it because it proposed a new architectural line in the theaters dedicated to this discipline throughout the world, focusing on a modern style that caught the attention of lovers of this type of place throughout the world.

The objective of its creation was linked to the creation of a theater for the people: where class differences were left aside. The idea was to democratize academic music and make lyrical art a common space for all, which is why many nickname it “The People’s Opera”.

It is a building with capacity for almost 2,800 people and has a functional and sober structure. Undoubtedly one of the most striking things is the glass roof, almost unique in its kind. It has five mobile stages and an impressive breadth. It is without a doubt the opera house that combines technological advances, good taste and modernism.

What to see at the Opera Bastille

Among the things you should not miss in the Opera Bastille is its modern and well-kept style. The sober decoration, the wooden floors, the combination of black and white and the fabulous glass ceiling.

Visiting the five mobile stages is an excellent alternative to get to know the building in depth.

If you like opera you shouldn’t miss out on the experience of going to a show at this venue. You can choose between operas, classical ballet and modern dance shows, and other similar events.

The Opera Bastille Theater Location

You can visit the Bastille Opera House in the square with the same name.

The Opera Bastille Theater Price

If you want to visit the interior of the establishment you must pay an entrance fee of €12. If you want to enjoy a show you must pay separately for the event.

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