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Visiting Oxford from London is something that can be done in a day without problems, since this magnificent city is less than 100 km from London, so it is possible to reach it in approximately 1 hour and a half or so if you leave from central London.

Who has not heard of Oxford? That wonderful city known for its prestigious university… its elegant buildings and its beautiful gardens… The truth is that Oxford has a special charm, and in one day it is possible to visit the whole city, simply going to walk through its streets is worth it.

Visiting Oxford colleges is possible, but depending on the time of year, access is sometimes restricted to a couple of hours a day, so this is something to keep in mind. Oxford’s main street and buildings are unique.

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Visit Oxford from London

How to get to Oxford from London

To get to the city of Oxford from London we basically have two options, go by public transport or through an organized excursion.

By public transport

  • Bus:

From London Victoria station there is a bus to Oxford which leaves every 10 minutes. It takes about 1 hour 45 minutes, and if you buy tickets in advance it can be quite cheap. The bus companies that I would recommend for the London – Oxford route are: National Express and Megabus .

  • Train:

It takes about 1 hour to arrive. It leaves Paddington railway station in central London. The price varies a lot, if you buy well in advance it is cheaper. The website that I like the most to buy train tickets in the United Kingdom is The Train Line . Here I explain how to buy train tickets step by step: Guide to buy train tickets .

Organized excursion

The organized tour just makes your life a little easier, as you hop on a coach in London that takes you into Oxford city center and you do a guided tour of the city seeing the key sights.

The best thing about doing an organized excursion is that you can make the most of the day, and in addition to Oxford you can visit other cities or places in England, so in my opinion it is one of the best options.

I would recommend the following excursions to combine Oxford with another site:

  • Excursion to the wonderful castle of Warwick, Stratford and Oxford.
  • Excursion to Oxford, Stratford and the Cotswolds.
  • Excursion to Oxford and the Harry Potter Warner Bros Studios.
  • Excursion to Oxford, Windsor and Stonehenge.

What to see in Oxford in one day

You can join one of the Oxford walking tours or ride the Oxford sightseeing bus. You can see all the activities or reservations that can be made to visit Oxford.

We have also designed a walking route to see the best of Oxford in one day, and this route goes through the most important sites and colleges in Oxford.

Hotels in London

If you are considering spending a few days in Oxford and you are looking for a hotel, here are some of the best located hotels in the city of Oxford and with good opinions:

  • The Buttery
  • Museum Hotel Oxford
  • Vanbrugh House
  • 4 Golden Cross Bed and Breakfast

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