Partying In Paris

Paris Night Life

The city of Paris is known for being large and free, so nightlife is one of its strengths: with a diverse scene, for all tastes and ages, going out in Paris ranges from nightclubs and cafes to being able to see a show in the mythical cabarets .

In recent years, the possibilities of going out at night in Paris have diversified considerably, the party no longer only takes place in bars and clubs, but also, in the summer season , the city’s parks and gardens are filled with young people. having a picnic dinner outdoors .

Partying in the city has also been diversified by neighborhood, which means that there are more options for partying in Paris. In recent years, the Marais area has become fashionable, specifically between Rue de Bastille , République and Oberkampf. The Bastille area, next to the Latin Quarter , concentrates younger people, usually university students and Erasmus people. The Montmatre neighborhood is known for having a wide range of bars, cafes and entertainment venues such as the well-known Moulin Rouge . The Champs Elysées area presents a more VIP atmosphereand possibly access is more restricted .

In this section we are going to give you a few options to party in Paris, in this way, you will have an idea of ​​where to party in the Parisian city.

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Best Discos And Clubs In Paris

La Feline

This music bar is located at Rue Victor Letalle 6. Every week the bar offers live concerts, DJ’s and exhibitions. This small bar with a rock atmosphere is a good option if you like an alternative atmosphere . It is recommended to go early on concert days to find a seat.

I Balajo

Le Balajo is located at Rue de Lappe 9. Every day of the week the place offers a different music session and you can even find Bachata and Salsa dance classes . If you are one of those who like to move the skeleton, this can be a good place to learn to dance and spend a different night.

The Duplex

This nightclub, located on Avenue Foch 2bis, is known for its university atmosphere and for being the epicenter of Erasmus students. On the premises you can find, in addition to the dance area, a restaurant and a bowling alley . If you want to enjoy a young night, until the wee hours of the morning , Le Duplex can be a good option for partying in Paris.

Lou Pascalou

In this small bar, located at Rue des Panoyaux 14, most nights you can enjoy live music . The place offers good drinks and small dishes to snack on while enjoying a good evening. During the summer you can have a drink on the terrace, located in a small square.

Le Nouveau Casino

The Nouveau Casino concert hall is located at Rue Oberkampf 109. In addition to being an alternative concert hall , this hall is also a nightclub focused on underground music. Famous artists such as Diplo and Lana Del Rey have performed at the venue .

The Carmen

What fascinates about this place is its atmosphere and its decoration; from red velvet to large crystal chandeliers that recall a Parisian era of excess and sensuality. Le Carmen is known for acoustic concerts, small shows and some DJ sets . Although access seems to be quite strict, going in to see the decorations and have a drink can be a good option.

The Pachamama

This restaurant-nightclub is located in the Latin Quarter, specifically at Rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine 46. If you only want to go to the nightclub, you can do so without having to stay for dinner. The local music, in general, is Latin.


The UFO bar, with a rock and alternative atmosphere , is located near the Bastille and Oberkampf, specifically at rue Jean Pierre Timbaud 49. This place is a good place to have a drink before a long night of partying, a place with good beer and cocktails to enjoy partying in Paris.

Lounge Club

One of the most popular nightclubs is Salò, it is located near the Eiffel Tower and has wonderful views of it. You probably won’t stop dancing all night, as the venue has three dance floors with different types of music on each.

Chez Moune

Chez Moune’s venue is located in a basement located at Rue Jean Baptiste Pigalle 54. This nightclub, being free , always has long queues, but it’s worth it for an alternative evening . The music of the place is usually electro-rock , so a beer in this Parisian place can be a good idea to go out partying in Paris.


If you are looking for a different way to party in Paris , visiting the Batofar can be a highly recommended option. This nightclub is located inside a boat on the waters of the Seine. If you are a lover of doing different activities, it is an experience that you cannot miss; apart from moving the skeleton inside the nightclub, you can have a drink on the terrace while enjoying the scenery of the river. This experience is, without a doubt, a different option to do as a couple, combining the romantic atmosphere with the party.

Caveau De La Huchette

In this place you can enjoy a night of jazz while having a drink and having a pleasant conversation. Being in one of the capitals of jazz, you should not miss the opportunity to enjoy this musical genre in an environment as welcoming as the Caveau.

The Machine Du Moulin Rouge

The famous Moulin Rouge not only has cabaret shows ; the place is divided into different areas and has a party room. La Machine nightclub is a nightclub with several ambient zones. Within one of these areas there is a dance floor, located specifically in the old boiler room of the Moulin Rouge. You can also have a drink at the Bar à Bulles.

The Best Cabaret Shows In Paris

Moulin Rouge

One of the most famous cabarets in Paris is the Moulin Rouge, best known after the movie with the same name. One of the ways to enjoy the night can be to see a cabaret show at the Moulin Rouge and party at La Machine nightclub, located in the same building. To access the Moulin Rouge show it is required to be properly dressed , so shorts, sportswear and sports shoes are not allowed. If you want to spend a different night, at the Moulin Rouge you can also book an evening show with dinner , we invite you to visit their website for more information and details to book the option that you like the most.


Another alternative to see cabaret in Paris can be to visit the Lido show, created and directed by the artistic director of Cirque du Soleil : Franco Dragone. This show is located on the Champs-Elysées, near the Arc de Triomphe, and also has reservations with dinner.

Le Paradis Latin

This cabaret is located in the Latin Quarter , specifically at Rue du Cardinal Lemoine 28. Together with the previous two, this cabaret is one of the best known in Paris. It also has a show with dinner and, in addition, it holds special theme nights at Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Madam Arthur

If you want to see cabaret in Paris, and combine it with a night out in the same place, you can go to Madame Arthur. This place with a young atmosphere performs drag queens that give a different touch to the conventional and tourist cabaret. The premises are located in the Montmartre district, known for its wide range of leisure activities.


This historic theater with art deco architecture is located at rue Richer 32. In addition to occasional cabaret shows , in this theater in Paris you can also find different plays with which you can complete your visit to the city of light.

Other Places To Party In Paris

Although it is not about going out to dance in a disco or have a drink in a pub, another way to enjoy the Parisian night is to have a picnic in the gardens along the Seine . During the spring and summer season it is common for Parisian youth to take their dinner and tablecloth to have a picnic outdoors , with the views of the city illuminated at night. This activity is usually carried out on Fridays and Saturdays and there is usually a calm and civilized atmosphere. One of the most striking options is to have a picnic at the Camp de Mart , near the Eiffel Tower ., where a romantic dinner at the foot of this famous icon can lead to an unforgettable evening. You can also have your little dinner in front of the dome of Les Invalides , less crowded than the previous one .

During the summer season , specifically from June to September, the gardens of Versailles open their doors every Saturday . During these nights the gardens are illuminated in a special way that, together with the water from the fountains, creates a unique atmosphere. At the end of the night there is a fireworks show .

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