25 Places To Visit In Pathum Thani, Travel To Pathum Thani, Good Weather, Not Far From Bangkok

whole holiday Finding somewhere to go on a day trip without a rush Pathum Thani It is another province that has a very interesting tourist destination. Pathum Thani Something that’s not as cool as other places, including amusement parks, temples, museums, agro-tourism is complete. We can arrange trips. Pathum Thani attractions Definitely get all the flavors Pathum Thani attractions Whoever comes must be wow like add for sure. How good is it, how cool is it?

Don Yai Temple

Don Yai Temple
Don Yai Temple

Pathum Thani good start Start with worshiping sacred things, Don Yai Temple, a beautiful temple near Bangkok. It is another beautiful temple. with a silver chapel It is located in a prominent place. The only one in Pathum Thani province as well. This chapel has both white and silver colors that represent purity. The lotus petals surrounding the chapel are golden, hence the origin of the name. Silver Ubosot in Pathum Thong inside the ubosot will be enshrined Somdej Phra Suwan Pathum Phutthapojavaraporn Big white Buddha image or Luang Phor Jaidee Mong Mee Sri Suk believed that Whoever comes to make a wish making success in life, besides the silver chapel that is the highlight There are many sacred things at Wat Don Yai. Let us go and worship each other. At the viharn will enshrine Buddha images, Ganesha, Phra Brahma, Thao Jatukhamramthep, Thao Thep Thanjai, Mother Earth, Phra Sivalee, Phra Upakhut, and there are also important monuments of the King such as King Naresuan the Great, King Tak Sin the Great, Piya the Great Another very interesting temple Friends have a chance, don’t miss it. Let’s come to visit. Very good.

  • Google Map: https://goo.gl/maps/fET2dozqZDwm1ESJ8
  • Location: No. 7, Village No. 9, Rural Road, Pathum Thani 3006, Lam Luk Ka Subdistrict, Lam Luk Ka District, Pathum Thani Province 12150

Wat Chedi Hoi

Wat Chedi Hoi
Wat Chedi Hoi

Pathum Thani attractions Admire the exquisite art of pagoda sculptures at Wat Chedi Hoi It is a temple with spectacular beauty. Which was built in 1995 by Phra Kru Sunthon, Khun Thada or Luang Pho Thong Klueng Suntharo, this temple is a temple built with fossil shells of eight million years. The only one in Thailand Inside the temple is decorated in Mon art style. full of shells along with the atmosphere of the rice fields that gives peace suitable for coming A lot of sightseeing It is believed that whoever comes to worship Will be successful as you wish about fortune, soldiers, police, so this temple There are people in uniform who come to pay respects and worship. without a lack of lines Sai Mu don’t miss it.

Wat Panyanantaram

Wat Panyanantaram
Wat Panyanantaram

Pathum Thani Wat Panyanantaram A temple full of peace best suited to practice Wat Panyanantaram a famous temple and is known as the temple Reverend Father Panyananthaphikku Former abbot of Wat Chonprathan Rangsarit Founder and created with the aim of being a Dharma Heritage and place of meditation The outstanding building is a replica of the Bodhgaya Pagoda. India And another important highlight is the only 3D Dharma puzzle in the world. Displayed below the Bodhgaya pagoda, each picture has a connotation of moral morality in the story of the 4 Noble Truths, Escaping the Chaos. relax your mind peace of mind begins Beautiful things, I recommend it.

Wat Pa Khlong 11

Wat Pa Khlong 11
Wat Pa Khlong 11

Pathum Thani Worship the serpent near You don’t have to go as far as Kham Chanod. For anyone who worships the Naga You don’t have to travel far to Kham Chanod, Udon Thani, because this place is known as Kham Chanot 2. The highlight is a wooden church in the middle of a pond. surrounded by statues The carved serpent is very beautiful. Wat Pa Khlong 11 has a serpent. serves to protect Likewise at Wat Pa Kham Chanod, locals and tourists come to pay their respects. Let’s wish each other uninterrupted Most of the people come to pray for blessings in trade, work, disease, and fortune.

Wat San Chao, Sian Pae Mill

Saiboon Sai Chill, which travels near Bangkok , enhances the auspiciousness at Wat San Chao, Pathum Thani, Pathum Thani, a tourist attraction who is interesting If you visit, you will surely be delighted. Wat San Chao is located at Ban Klang Subdistrict, Mueang Pathum Thani District. Pathum Thani Province an old temple another temple in Pathum next to the Chao Phraya River Close to Khlong Khiang Rak, this shrine was built at the end of Ayutthaya by Chao Noi Mahaprom. Of the northern lords, inside Wat San Chao, there are many important Pathum Thani attractions. both the ubosot at Chao Noi Maha Phrom Constructed to offer in the reign of Phra Achan Ru, is a chedi in the Raman style. hard to find including a Buddha image at Chao Noi Maha Phrom built and enshrined at the sacrament hall and also have to pay homage Sian paste mill A person who is good at physiognomy and feng shui. It is said that if you ask for blessings on work, finance and doing business, you will be prosperous. Very good. Don’t miss it.

Wat Singh

Wat Singh
Wat Singh

Pathum Thani attractions Wat Sing, the temple of the city of Pathum Thani Valuable old temple, Singha temple, old ancient temple Located at Ban Sam Khok Pathum Thani Province It is considered a temple of the city of Pathum Thani. The villagers come to pay their respects. and called It is a place to study Thai history. that has been around for a long time Wat Sing was built since In the Ayutthaya period, inside the temple there were The Buddha image of Luang Pho To, stucco, lacquered and gilded, in the attitude of subduing Mara, is popular for worshiping people. and the presiding Buddha image in the temple along with 3 more U-Thong Buddha images, about 300 years old, here is Another well-known archeological study site of Pathum Thani Province, Saiboon and is interested in history Coming here is guaranteed to be enjoyable. as if to worship And visit the museum at the same time, very impressed.

Ing Nam Sam Khok Market

Ing Nam Sam Khok Market
Ing Nam Sam Khok Market

Pathum Thani A collection of delicious food and a lot of folk Ing Nam Sam Khok Market It is located on the Chao Phraya River, Sam Khok District, Pathum Thani Province. A market that can be touched simple way of life of the villagers in the community who come out to trade There are restaurants products of local wisdom and agriculture It is also a gathering place for people. from many nationalities, whether it’s Thai, Raman, Chinese or Muslim, reflecting the charm of the culture different but living together peacefully There are many delicious things that you have to try. Many shops, friends will definitely get a lot of things to stick with.

Nakhon Rangsit Floating Market

Pathum Thani one that should not be missed for Nakhon Rangsit Floating Market It is a famous tourist destination. Boat Noodle There will be a raft of shops that are arranged in a long row. Located along the Rangsit Canal, Khlong Nueng Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Road within the floating market There will be many famous boat noodles. Including food, OTOP products from Rangsit and an exhibition on the way of life of the coastal communities. Khlong Rangsit Prayoonsak to visit and study as well

Uncle Chon’s Hut

Pathum Thani attractions Suitable for tree lovers There are a lot of people to choose from. It’s very beautiful. Who is the type of tree raising? cactus Come this way urgently, at Pathum Thani and Uncle Chon’s cottage. I must say that there are many beautiful and chic photo spots in the cactus garden. And of course, you will definitely get a tree back in your hand. Heaven for cactus lovers. Because here is a cactus garden that is considered very large. And there are more than 2,000 species of cactus ever. whether all species Go to what we see in the market Or is it a rare and strange species, there are also to watch. Amazing, very pleased

National Science Museum

Pathum Thani attractions where both knowledge and fun start at the National Science Museum Science Museum located at Techno Thani, Liap Khlong Ha Road, Khlong Ha Subdistrict, Khlong Luang District Pathum Thani Province inside the Information Technology Museum There will be exhibits that provide insight. about information technology and communication There will be a main exhibition that provides knowledge divided into early communication Modern communication, computing, computers, IT applications. There are also many fun activities to enjoy. There are IT show activities, walk rally activities, bag screening, and IT workshops. Let’s join in fun games such as Mini robots, programming. Simple robot control, 3D pop-up modeling, graphic design, Relay robot, cargo robot, I can tell you that I have gained a lot of knowledge. I can live all day without getting bored. Knowledge coupled with true fun

Rama IX Museum

Pathum Thani Visit Rama IX Museum Pathum Thani Knowledge Center Rama IX Museum Located in Khlong Ha Subdistrict Khlong Luang District Pathum Thani Province New attractions near Bangkok under the supervision of National Science Museum Organization The Rama IX Museum is divided into 2 floors, comprising a total of 3 zones. Part 1 presents the story of the origin of the universe, the solar system and the world, to the evolution of life until the birth of the human race that can adapt to different environments in different areas of the world. Part 2 shows the environment. and the adaptation of living things, including humans, within the ecosystem. Part 3 shows the working principle. vision and the process of studying problems in nature This is the source of more than 3,000 royally-initiated projects, Rama IX Museum. It is considered as one of the new museums of Thailand. which combines both knowledge and fun that comes with new, interesting presentation techniques and answers the questions for the younger children as well


Travel to Pathum Thani, pay homage to Luang Pho To, a large, beautiful, majestic Buddha image. Wat Bot or Wat Luang Pho To is a tourist attraction in Pathum Thani. That has been popular with a lot of tourism. because of the beauty of Somdej Puttajarn (To Phromrangsi) is enshrined. which looks like large statue causing people from many different places to worship Worshiping each other uninterrupted In addition, this temple is also a temple with Holy Buddha image like Luang Pho Lue which is considered the priceless monk of Pathum Thani city as well. Anyone who visits will definitely be happy and satisfied.

100 years market

Pathum Thani Even if anyone doesn’t come to the market 100 The year of the Rift is considered a huge miss. The 100-year Rift market is a market caused by Preserving the Old Market which will open to tourists to visit During the holidays, Saturday – Sunday for the market will have Shops selling various products, restaurants, traditional Thai dessert shops. local dessert shop including agricultural products There is also an ancient house of Mr. Kiatkun Sutthapirom, the mayor of Rahaeng sub-district. which is made into a museum displaying ancient utensils Open, which allows free admission as well. Enjoy walking, peaceful atmosphere. In an ancient atmosphere for more than 100 years, admin is very happy.

Thung Nam Mon Ban Bo Thong

Pathum Thani Experience the way of life of the Mon people Ban Bo Thong is located at Ban Bo Thong, Khu Kwang Sub-district, Lat Lum Kaeo District. Pathum Thani Province Thung Nam Mon Ban Bo Thong Experience the atmosphere of fresh green rice fields with a long wooden bridge corner for sitting and taking photos. Purpose created by the owner Pathum Thani attractions this place came up It is for the purpose of presenting the simple way of life of the Mon people in the community, with food and beverages available for sale. can sit and eat at the raft by the water Or you can lie down and relax.

Dream World

land of fun Pathum Thani Have fun with a variety of players Dream World is an amusement park and resting place in Pathum Thani. that gathers various kinds of entertainment get together In an area of more than 160 rai consists of various territories. which the amusement park is arranged into 4 territories that provide many entertainment such as

  1. Dream World Plaza
  2. Dream Garden
  3. fantasyland
  4. adventureland snow city

There is also an international parade. Roller coasters, whirlwind mice, super splashes, tornadoes, the Grand Canyon and many more. with a variety of players Add the ultimate taste in life.

Golden Chedi Temple

Pathum Thani attractions with the Golden Chedi Temple Unique and beautiful ancient temple Wat Chedi Thong is located on the west bank of the Chao Phraya River, Pathum Thani. The identity of the temple is the golden chedi built in the early Rattanakosin period by the Mon people is a Mon architecture imitated from Burma’s Chittagong Pagoda some golden chedi some white pagodas, the sacred Buddha image is White jade Buddha, Lanna art, besides the golden chedi There is also a Buddha image in the attitude of subduing Mara. Made with white jade It is revered by the Thai Raman people, Thai houses, Panya cloisters. The prayer hall is decorated with patterns and carvings. Sema stone, red pie, Ayutthaya style Phra Prang Chedi Chinese porcelain glazed tiles You should not miss visiting the Mon Temple. with a long history and full of value and beauty

Wat Phut Udom

Pathum Thani Pathum Thani attractions Wat Phuet Udom, Lam Luk Ka, Pathum Thani Province Visit Hell Thailand’s first artificial paradise Wat Phuet Udom is located on Lam Luk Ka Road, Klong 13. Inside the temple there is a large viharn. construction design beautifully It is a worthy Buddhist art. for excursions to visit by the ground floor and decorated as hell suffering as a result of different evil deeds with puppets of hell that moves with a mechanism that has the only sound effect of Thailand And the upper floor shows the heavenly landscape and the Brahma Phum with beautiful, beautiful light paintings.

Four Corners Market

Wow market Because they have everything, plus the lowest shipping price. with another place Pathum Thani More than a market than shopping, enjoying the most and enjoy traveling Four Corners Market It is a large fruit and vegetable wholesale market. including other products Located on Phaholyothin Road, Lam Luk Ka District, Pathum Thani Province, here has collected a variety of products. Suitable for merchants who need to find products to sell without middlemen, divided into several sub-markets, such as general vegetable markets. The local vegetable market is really crowded. Besides the merchants general customers who want to buy retail Can come in and buy as well. There is a retail service shop. You will get a good product at a cheap price that will definitely be liked by many people.

  • Open: 24 hours

The idle Hotel and Residence SHA Plus

Traveling to Pathum Thani, looking for a good accommodation in Pathum Thani . The Idle Residence is located on Phaholyothin Road, Khlong Nueng, Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani. Khlong Luang, Pathum Thani is ideal for both business travelers. and relax in Pathum Thani complete facilities Guaranteed quality up to 4 stars. If friends want ︎ convenience And excellent service, I recommend it. The Idle Residence (SHA Certified) is worth more than the price. Sleep well and be happy

Hop Inn Hotel Rangsit

Convenient hotel Value for money, low quality, overpriced Travel to Pathum Thani, there are many good hotels, including HOP INN Hotel Rangsit , convenient to travel, close to shopping centers such as Future Park, near Major, all levels of service. is most impressive The decoration looks clean, perfect, ample parking. Plus, if you are a member of HOP INN REWARD, there is an additional discount. sleep well, sleep well, wake up fresh in the morning Ready to continue working for sure.

Sky Walk Lam Luk Ka

Pathum Thani Dee Dee can see the nature, get the cool breeze at the Sky Walk, Lam Luk Ka , a green area with an open atmosphere. people are not crowded Suitable for breathing fresh air and relaxation. Sky Walk, Lam Luk Ka, Khlong 6, Pathum Thani is located within the area of Bueng Kham Phroi Subdistrict Administrative Organization The area is organized into a public park. for rest and exercise Quite organized with a highlight “Skywalk” for walking around the garden and also arranges beautiful photo angles around the garden, including the Bali bird’s nest arch, stylish rickshaws, and duck boats for cycling in the middle of the swamp including a playground with a variety of players in the evening, stop by to relax, sit and watch the atmosphere, walk and take photos around the garden Inside the garden, the space is organized and very clean. The trees are magnificent. look and feel comfortable The atmosphere is quiet and very open, with a beautiful photo angle. Especially the Bali bird’s nest arch. Among many green trees Come to exercise and relax. It’s very good.

1000 wooden house

Pathum Thani attractions Agricultural learning resources Chill out Experience the good atmosphere by the river , 1000 wooden houses, agricultural learning center for young people It is also opened as a restaurant and cafe, Cafe & Farm under the shade of a giant Chamchuri tree. and arrange space and a stylish seating area It serves beverages, coffee and a la carte dishes. with fresh vegetable salad from vegetables on the farm And there is also a salad dressing made by the shop. is another place Pathum Thani when entering the store like a kingdom of children played by The front area is Activity zones for children, including farming, egg collecting, gardening, planting trees, salted egg making, painting, kayaking, playing in the sand, as well as various animal farms, including ducks and chickens, can be called a tourist attraction in Pathum Thani. which is suitable for family trip Bring children to learn how to live with nature. Children have fun and parents are happy.

Kru Thani’s house

Pathum Thani attractions with experiencing the way of life of the villagers, learning things from nature at Kru Thani’s house add friends Let’s take the role of a farmer and learn the process of farming. Ban Kru Thani is located at Bo Ngoen Subdistrict, Lat Lum Kaeo District. Pathum Thani Province Teacher Thani built a learning center that can promote Practical tourism for students Tourists have experimented with activities in a farmer’s way with 25 rai of rice fields to cultivate for students. tourist get to know the way of life of the villagers and the value of each grain of rice, students or tourists Those who visit Ban Kru Thani will get to know every step of the farming process. have tried the color of rice including village life By scraping coconuts, milling flour, riding a buffalo, gaining happiness along with gaining knowledge to create a really good life experience.

lotus museum

Pathum Thani Not to mention the lotus flowers, I wouldn’t be able to add them so I brought my friends to visit the Lotus Museum. lotus museum Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi established as a royal project Her Royal Highness Princess Maha Chakri Sirindhorn Inside there are more than 400 species of lotus, with many species both Thai and foreign. including hybrids that the museum has mixed The area is allocated into 3 parts, namely, the first part introduces various lotus varieties, the second part is the lotus planting in the canal, planted in the swamp, the third part is the kindergarten. Lotus flowers are beautiful all year round. You can come and watch anytime.

Strange stone museum

Pathum Thani See the strange stone hard to find included and available to view at strange stone museum The Museum of Strange Stones was founded by Mr. Banyong Lertnimit (Zhou Zhenyong), who is fascinated by strange stones. And is a famous stone collector across the country. Mr. Banyong has invested more than 10 million baht in order to own a strange stone. from many places around the world until finally it was born into Southeast Asia’s Largest Exotic Stone Museum So that people can come to see the beauty of strange stones. that have accumulated strangely shaped stones The exhibits in this room are all there. open shape very imaginative One point of view is one thing. But when you change other angles It miraculously turned into another form. Some of them looked like different kinds of animals. who are in a role that is almost unbelievable that It is a rock formed by The craftsmanship of nature indeed. most amazing

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