Ping Pong restaurant in London: Dim Sum and cocktails

The “Ping Pong” restaurants in London are some of the first that come to mind when you think of Dim Sum, Cocktails and even if you feel like it, some of the most creative teas in London.

There have been many nights that we have dined at one of the Ping Pongs that are scattered around London, but perhaps the one we go to the most is the one in St Katharine’s Dock , more than anything because we like the area a lot. We also sometimes go to the one on the South Bank.

Ping Pong restaurant in London

Ping Pong is a restaurant based on traditional Chinese food “Dim Sum”. Dim Sum means “touching the heart” and the food is based on small bites that were traditionally taken with tea. That is to say, they are more or less like Spanish tapas but in their Chinese version.

But exactly… what are they? Well, they are small “packages” of a very light dough, usually rice, that contain different ingredients inside, steamed, although there are some that can be fried. In our photo you can see some rolls similar to the spring rolls of a lifetime and some bamboo containers that contain the steamed dim sum. There are very varied, vegetarian, meat, seafood… And they usually come accompanied by sauces.

They also have a very extensive drinks menu, and they serve cocktails, natural juices… And the price, we didn’t find it expensive at all, each plate of Dim Sum that contains 3 portions varies between 3.50 pounds and 4.50 pounds, although the lobster for For example, it is more expensive, but to give you an idea, the average is between 15 and 20 pounds per person with drinks included, but it really depends on what you order and the quantity.

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