Place Of The Concorde

The Place De La Concorde In Paris

The Place de la Concorde is located next to the avenue des Champs-Élysées and is next to the Quinconces square, the largest in France.

The first brick of this square was laid in 1748 with the aim of paying homage to Louis XV. Although at the beginning it was a large esplanade almost bare, little by little monuments were built and a project of gardens and plants was elaborated to beautify the place.

This square gained great relevance during the French Revolution, as it was a place of obligatory passage, where revolutionary groups met and the best ideas of the revolution arose. It was also the place chosen to execute Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, along with some two thousand people who fought for the monarchy, against social changes. At this time the square was renamed “of the revolution” and was a scene of bloody struggle. When it began to be reformed in 1800, its name was changed to the one it now has.

Among the things you can see in this square are statues of Jacques Necker and Felipe de Orleans and a huge obelisk in the center that was donated by Egypt and dates back 3000 years. Two Roman-style fountains accompany this impressive monument.

On one side of the square you can admire the Hotel de Crillon and the Ministry of the Navy, of exquisite taste. Also, from this square you can get fabulous views of other iconic points of Paris, such as the Tuileries Gardens and the Louvre Museum.

Without a doubt, the Place de la Concorde is a corner of Paris that you should not miss, to understand a little more about the history of the city and enjoy one of the most relevant places for the development of French independence.

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