Best Things to Do and Best Places to visit in Railay Beach Krabi: A Complete Travel Guide

In Railay Bay, in the province of Krabi, you can enjoy quiet and charming beaches, with white sand and turquoise water. We explain everything to see and do in Railay

Railay Bay in southern Thailand is one of the most popular places among travellers. It is not only a good place to enjoy the sea, but also the rocky and wild environment of Krabi province. So Railay is a perfect place to relax but also to enjoy sports activities, both water sports and climbing.

In addition, from Railay you will be a short distance from other places that are worth visiting, such as the Phi Phi islands, which you can go through tours or excursions that start at Ao Nang beach (Krabi).

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Railay’s Beaches

Railay’s beaches are only a 10-minute drive from Krabi town – they can also be accessed by sea. Once in Railay you can enjoy its four main beaches: East Railay, West Railay, Tham Phra Nang and Ton Sai.

East Railay

When you visit Railay Beaches you may access them via East Railay Beach. It is an island where it is common for boats to arrive with travelers or commercial boats from Krabi. The trip from Ao Nang to Railay costs approximately 100 baht (approximately €2.50) each way.

It is not the most attractive island of Railay, since in addition the tide fluctuates with intensity every day. So if you want to enjoy relaxation and everything that the Bay has to offer, we recommend you visit the other beaches.

Eastern Railay
Eastern Railay

West Railay

Railay’s fame from the west is very different from that of his sister from the east. In West Railay you can fully enjoy the attractions of Thai beaches: white sand, turquoise water and stunning views. West Railay Beach or Railay Beach is the largest in the area, with a long coastline.

In this area there are many karst formations, so when you are resting on the sand you will have attractive views towards the sea. These views are combined with the most exotic and wild part, with a lush and green jungle.

West Railay
West Railay

Where to stay?

West Railay is not lacking in amenities either. It is an area that has resorts and hotels with all kinds of facilities that will make your stay on this beach perfect. One of the most exclusive hotels that we definitely recommend is the Hotel Rayavadee (5*, has a Booking score of 9.4 ). This resort stands out for its natural, exotic and tropical environment and its amenities.

What to do in West Railay?

Around Railay beach you will find shops and restaurants where you can taste typical Thai food or buy a souvenir. Finally, on West Railay Beach you will find kayak rental companies, if you feel like taking a walk around the place. The price of renting a kayak is 200 baht (approximately 5 euros) for one hour.

Phra Nang

Tham Phra Nang Beach is one of the jewels of Railay. Its landscapes and its extensive beach are very worthwhile, although it must be said that it is an area with an influx of travelers and, at peak hours, you can find quite a few tourists. Despite this, the excursion to this beach does not disappoint.

Tham Phra Nang, the jewel of Railay
Tham Phra Nang, the jewel of Railay

How to get to Phra Nang Beach?

To access the beach you can only do it in longtail boats or boats, since access is through the water. There is also a small path, if you prefer, through which it can be accessed and which you will find when you are on East Railay Beach. To go from East Railay to Phra Nang it will take about 10 minutes on foot.

One of the attractions of Phra Nang is the Phra Nang Cave. It is a curious place, where the fishermen carry wooden carvings in the shape of a penis to ask for luck in fishing and to keep away the dangers. Fishermen believe that Princess Phra Nang, a mythological princess of the sea, resides in the cave. The figures that are taken to the cave are also believed to be an offering to ask for fertility. The place is totally picturesque and in it you can also observe the morphology of the walls, full of rock formations in the form of stalactites.

On Phra Nang beach you will not find many restaurants or shops, although sometimes there is a food stall on a boat where you can get a typical Thai dish for a very cheap price.

Ton Sai

Ton Sai is a 450 meter long beach. It is a quiet beach where you can enjoy relaxation without large crowds. As in other Railay beaches, in Ton Sai you can practice climbing since its rocky environment is perfect and prepared for it. In fact, the possibility of climbing is one of the main attractions of this beach. There you will find climbing schools, such as Basecamp Tonsai. The best time to enjoy this sport is during the winter, when temperatures are more pleasant. In summer the temperatures cause some of the places where climbing is practiced to close.

Ton Sai
Ton Sai

If you are thinking of traveling to the beaches of Railay from May to October, we recommend you avoid this beach as there can be strong waves. The rest of the year the waters are absolutely calm and calm.

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Things to do in Railay Beach

Railay View Point

What to do in Railay? We start with its best views. The place where you will find the best views in all of Railay is at the Railay View Point, which is located near Phra Nang Beach. The path to the View Point is through the jungle and the journey on foot is about 30 minutes. You must go well prepared with footwear, since the path is ascending and is done through the jungle. If it has previously rained or notice a very humid environment, it is recommended to go with absolute caution or avoid going to the viewpoint since the path can be a bit slippery.

How to get to the Railay viewpoint?

From Phra Nang beach there is a path that links this beach with East Railay. In the middle of the path there are some ropes and, from this moment, you must follow them until you reach the viewpoint. Once at the top you can enjoy the best views to see in Railay.

Once you have observed the panoramic views from the Viewpoint and on the way down you will find a sign towards a lake. The road to the lake is not easy, there are steep slopes, so it is recommended to go carefully and well equipped, with mountain shoes.

Climbing in Railay

If there is a sport practiced par excellence in Railay, it is climbing. Railay Bay has an excellent morphology to practice this sport, since the environment is full of steep cliffs, some of which reach 300 meters of altitude.

The best area for climbing in Railay is in Ton Sai. There are from schools where they will teach you to climb to material rental companies, which will mean that you do not have to take all the equipment from home. They are also a perfect place to ask for information and in which they will indicate the best areas according to your level and how and where to practice climbing in Ton Sai safely.

Railay Bay Map

On this map you can see all the places that we recommend the most in the Bay of Railay:

Railay Bay Map
Railay Bay Map

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