Recommended fast food restaurants in London

As in all European cities, in London you can find many fastfood restaurants, sometimes healthier than others .

Among these restaurants we will always find the famous Mc Donald’s, Burger King and KFC. But if what you want is to eat fast, cheap and healthier… or even take something to take away because you don’t want to waste time sitting down if you’re visiting London, or you’re just looking for something a little cheaper, why not try something different? In London there are plenty of places to eat something fast, since it is what most of the people who work in the city eat, and we can find great restaurants that offer a cheap and healthy alternative to the traditional burger joints.

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Fast food restaurants in London

In the Soho area especially you can find lots of options, you just have to wander around a bit and you will find many places that offer fast food. In the markets they always have food stalls, in Camden and Portobello (Notting Hill) there are many international food stalls. In Camden they will give you free food spoons to try, so between stalls and stalls if you get almost eaten…!

Here is a list of the fast food restaurants in London that we have tried and that we recommend. They are restaurants that are located in the center of London, perfect for when you come to visit the city:

Five Guys

A (relatively) new trendy fast food burger joint from London, well known and famous in America is proving over the last few years to be quite a hit amongst Londoners as well.


Healthy fast food to eat in the restaurant or take away, highly recommended.

i sushi

Fast food sushi. Surely, if you decide to stop to eat in one of its restaurants, there is little that we can explain to you at this point about sushi. Yo sushi is one of the best known chains in London. Good dishes and above all healthy.


In its restaurants you will find all kinds of fast food, but 100% healthy, there are portions of ready-made food among which you can find sushi, salmon with salad, chicken wraps with vegetables and salad, salads of all kinds, with pasta, with rice etc and many other fresh products prepared on the same day. They usually offer a free soup with every course almost every day. It is one of the favorite restaurants for those who work downtown and go out to eat at noon. You can see their website here: Itsu .

Pret A Manger

Selection of sandwiches, sandwiches and others to eat there or to take away. As well as coffees and teas. For my taste a little expensive, but rich rich… It is a fast food chain and you will find several along the way.


Many of you will have already tried a Subway sandwich, since they are also in many cities in Spain…freshly made bread…fresh ingredients…fast and cheap. You will find many along the way.


The name says it.. ;-)! It is a fast food restaurant similar to Pret a Manger where you can find sandwiches, sandwiches, salads, cut fruit, yoghurts, cookies, juices, coffee… and everything prepared to take away or to have it in the restaurant. Every day they usually also prepare some hot dishes such as soups, or chicken puff pastries or “cheese and onion”… very good and not as expensive as Pret a Manger. It is also a chain and you will find several.


British bakery that has specialized in the sale of freshly made sandwiches, fajitas and baguettes and pastry products as well as breads of all kinds. They also have a selection of hot food, among which we can find, among other things, soups, toasted croissants, mini pizzas… For 3 pounds you can buy a sandwich, some chips and a drink.


The best fish and chips in London, to rise or take in the restaurant. A true British classic that is worth trying if you visit the city. The downside is that there are only two in London: One at Spitalfields Flea Market and one at Camden Town Flea Market .

West Cornwall Pasty

Try another British classic quickly, easily and cheaply at this well-known chain of fast food outlets from the Cornwall area of the UK. These are typical Cornish Pasties, a kind of dumplings with different fillings that are eaten hot. They also have coffee and sweets.


Another ideal place to eat sushi, you can enter, choose the Sushi tray that most convinces you and that’s it!

Fast food in London: Street Food and Food Markets in London

In addition to chain or independent fast food outlets and restaurants, in London the number of markets and street food that we can find stand out, being possible to eat and dine from stall to stall for days and being able to try food from any corner of the world.

In practically all the markets in London you will find an area dedicated to takeaway food stalls, and in some cases you will find an area with chairs and tables where you can sit down to enjoy the food without having to eat while you walk or sit in Sidewalk. The food area of the Camden Town market and Brick Lane and Spitalfields stand out , where we can find food from any corner of the world.

And in many of the free events in London we can find street food stalls.

Supermarket takeaway food

The Tesco and Sainsbury supermarket chains have smaller outlets around the city where we can find a takeaway menu section, where for example we can get a sandwich, a bag of crisps and a drink for £3. In addition to the sandwiches, they have other options, such as salads, sushi, pasta, prepared fruit…

In our Restaurants in London section you can see photos and our opinion on recommended restaurants.

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