Bill’s restaurant in London

Today we are going to talk about Bill’s, a restaurant that you should definitely have on your list of places to eat in London.

When visiting one of Bill’s restaurants in London, you will find a cozy, relaxed and modern atmosphere. With peppers hanging from the ceiling, jars of different products decorating the walls and blackboards hanging from the ceiling that recommend some of their best dishes, the experience at Bill’s is usually very positive.

It has a varied menu, in which we can find everything from salads to hamburgers, risotto or pasta. They offer everything from breakfast to cocktails, where you can enjoy a fantastic meal or a typical English afternoon tea… And it is also possible to buy some of their products right there if you want to take something home with you.

What will you find in this article?

Bill’s story

Bill’s is not only a recommended restaurant to visit in London, but also has a unique history that makes its success known. Bill Collison (owner of Bill’s) decided one day to open the garage of his house to the public to sell the vegetables and fruit he grew in his garden, and after being very successful he decided to open a fruit and vegetable store on the main street from his small town in the south of England. In the year 2000, this store was flooded after heavy rains, and such was the degree of destruction that it had to reform it from scratch. When reforming it, Bill added an area with a couple of tables to serve dishes cooked only with the products he sold, as a demonstration of the quality of his products. He had so much success that Bill had no choice but to open a restaurant on the same street, and little by little he has been opening several restaurants, until arriving in London. The best thing is that the principles of the owner of this restaurant have not changed: All the food served is cooked with local products and in a traditional way.

The best thing is that today we have several restaurants in London, including one in the heart of Soho.

Personal recommendations

For those who want to try something authentic English, if you like fish I recommend the Fish Pie, and if you are a fan of good burgers do not hesitate to ask for one. For a different drink, order a Pink lemonade , sparkling lemonade but with a touch of strawberry.

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