Great 6-Day Paris Itinerary

5-Day Itinerary For Paris + Disneyland

This six-day itinerary through Paris is designed to be done by public transport but, in addition, you must reserve at least two accommodations. The itinerary begins with a visit to Disneyland Paris , as it is closer to the airports and is a good way to make the most of your visit if you find accommodation in the area . For this reason, for the first two nights (the one upon arrival in Paris and the day of the visit to the park) it is recommended to reserve accommodation near Disney or in the park itself. After the visit to Disney, the itinerary continues with a fairly complete visit to the city of Paris, where it is recommended to have accommodation within the city , to make the most of the time of visits. The tour does not include the transfer time from the airports , so you must take this into account when you decide to use this route. You can copy or modify this itinerary according to your tastes and priorities. It includes visits to museums , but you can always modify it and choose another museum from our museum guide . If you prefer to fill your visit with different places, you can take a look at the secret places of Paris .

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DAY 1: Disneyland Paris

On the first day of this six-day Paris itinerary, we recommend you enjoy Disneyland Paris . To be able to fully enjoy the park, we recommend you stay in the surroundings of the park for two nights , that is, the night before the park and the night of the same day. This is ideal to be able to be at the attractions first thing in the morning and have the hotel close by in the evening to rest better. Remember that the closest airports to this area are Orly and Charles de Gaulle . It is essential that you choose one of these to get to Paris, as they are located closer to the park and are more comfortable regarding transfers . The night of this first day is advisable to spend it in the hotels in the park or in the surroundings to maximize the enjoyment in the park and thus be fresher to continue the route the next day.

DAY 2: Eiffel Tower, Les Invalides, Place Concorde And Champs-Elysées

The second day of the tour we will move from the accommodation in the surroundings of Disney to the center of Paris , where we can have the accommodation during the following days of the route. Once we have checked in, or deposited our belongings in the hotel locker, we can make the route through the center of Paris. The first stop of this six-day route within the city, we suggest you make it at the mythical Eiffel Tower . From this monument you can visit Les Invalides and the garden area that goes from the point of interest to the Seine. You can cross the river to the Place de la Concorde and stroll along the famous Champs-Elysées street until you reach the Arc de Triomphe .

DAY 3: Notre Dame Cathedral, Louvre Museum And Center Pompidou

On the third day of the Paris itinerary, we suggest you start the day by visiting the famous Notre-Dame Cathedral . Access to the cathedral is free , however, if you want to climb the towers , you will have to pay a supplement . From the Cathedral you can stroll along the riverside promenade until you reach the Louvre Museum . We suggest you visit the museum and enter through the entrance that is located inside the shopping center, so that you can see the famous pyramid of the museum but in an inverted way. If you don’t like museums , you can visit the gardens of the Palais Royal and Les Halles . After a visit to the Louvre Museum, or the alternatives that we have mentioned, you can stroll down Rue Rivoli where you can go shopping . Close to the street is the Center Pompidou , known for its architecture . If you still have a day to spare, and you still want to visit something else, you can hop on the metro and head to see the famous Galeries Lafayette .

DAY 4: Excursion To Versailles

On the fourth day of this tour of Paris, we recommend you take an excursion to visit Versailles . The Palace of Versailles is one of the most important historical buildings in Paris, declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. This entire monumental complex is located about 35 minutes from the center of Paris by public transport. Both the building and its huge garden area are a unique experience that you should not miss. This excursion usually lasts a full day or half a day, depending on the time you arrive at the monument and the time you spend visiting it. If you have time left over at the end of the day , when you return you can get off at the La Defénse area and visit the area.

DAY 5: Montmartre Neighborhood And The Moulin Rouge

On the fifth day of your itinerary through Paris, you can go to visit the Montmartre district , the famous bohemian district. We recommend you stroll through its streets with authentic personality and beauty. The neighborhood is dominated by a hill, where the Basilica of the Sacred Heart is located and where you can find the Montmartre funicular . From the funicular, you can take a guided tour in Spanish to discover the best kept secrets of the neighborhood. The Basilica of the Sacred Heart has a free audio guide to tour the building and visit its surroundings. From this monument, you can have magnificent views of the city . In the streets adjacent to the church, there are several streets full of shops and restaurants . Close to the neighborhood is the famous Moulin Rouge , where you can see a cabaret show. If you prefer, you can complete the day with an activity such as making your own perfume at the Perfume Museum. At night you can go out to dinner and party to end almost the last night of your stay in Paris.

DAY 6: Latin Quarter, Luxembourg Gardens, La Sorbonne And The Pantheon

On the last day of this six-day tour of Paris, we suggest you visit the Latin Quarter . This neighborhood acquired this name because in the 13th century, La Sorbonne was one of the few universities in the world where Latin was taught. The first stop to visit may be the Luxembourg Gardens . In these gardens is the Luxembourg Palace , the former home of Marie de Médicis, which in the years of World War II ended up being the Nazi headquarters in Paris. Close to the gardens you can visit the Pantheon and La Sorbonne . You can end the day walking around the Seine, from Notre-Dame Cathedral to the mythical Eiffel Tower, symbol of the city.

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